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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 10, 1962
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Approved For Release 2OQ S 29 : CIA-RDP79-015AA00010006 SECRET OFFICE OF CCMMUNICATIONS ORDER NO. SUBJECT: Equipment Board RESCISSION: CC MEMO 18-59, dated 25 May 1957 10 September 1962 ONHDENTIA1 1. The Equipment Board is responsible to the Director of Communica- tions for the following: a. The establishment of Office of Communications systems concepts in support of Agency objectives to include equipment requirements and time tables and the subjecting of these require- ments and time tables to continuing review and report. b. Recommending equipment research and development programs as well as procurement and distribution program requirements as they pertain to the Office of Communications. c. Continuing review of the CC Research and Development Program. d. Reviewing equipment priorities, production, and inventory quantities. 2. The Equipment Board will consist of the following membership: a. DD/CO Chairman b. Chief of Operations Member a,. Qhief, P1.sn8.'Staff Member d. Chief, Engineering Staff Member e. Chief, Security Staff Member f. Chief, Supplemental Programs Staff Member g. Chief, Telecommunications Staff Member h. Chief, Operations Support Staff Member Group 1 Excluded from automatic downgrading and declassification DOC Z 0' REV DATE BY SLR! /7- OHIO COMP -- DPI TYPE ~~.----- @RfA D_ K9-Nj8_ 00M6Wq 9-o -C..-- JUST ___ NEXT REV _1 _ RUTH. iii 1D-1 Approved For Release 20 , 29 : CIA-B19) ~A0001000 3. Secretarial service shall be provided by the Operations Support Staff. 4. Additional members may from time to time be appointed to the Board at the direction of the Director of Communications. 5. Alternate members shall be selected by the regular members as necessary except that the alternate chairman will be the Chief of Operations. 6. Non-voting participants to the Board-maybe appointed by the regular members as necessary for advice and consultation. 7. The OC Equipment Board will hold regularly scheduled meetings the first Wednesday of each month at 1400 hours. Meetings will normally be held in the Conference Room, 2 D 0 leadquart;ers Building. 8. Items for consideration by the Board are welcomed from any employee of the Agency. Such items should be in written form addressed th:rnu;h appropriate channels to the Board Chairman, and should follow this outline: a. Statement of the problem b. Facts pertinent to the problem c. Discussion d. Recommendations Distribution: #3 S E tT Approved For Release 2000/08/29: CIA-RDP79-01578A004t000906.2-0