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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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IYb Li1iALse ~o0/08/2 ? C - 79-0157 Agenda Ikuipreat Board Meeting No. 1-63 {)[.D BVSS8 : 1400 t OC Conference Root 2D03 Eqs. Building GROUP I Excluded fret automatic downgrading and declassification. NEW BUSIMM Agenda Itet No. 1: Procurement of BP-12 Reproducers Spotmaster reproducers are now in use at stadium speed base installations for playing back recorded medics speed transmissions. These reproducers have no rewinds fast forward, or variable forward speed capability and are, therefore, unsuited to the task. It is intended that these rep odueers be replaced and additionally, to provide computability between the guard and contact positions; that the $1.'-7 recorders be replaced with car- tridge recorders/rtproduaero. In order to accomplish this and to provide reproducers for fut ewu speed installations, the profit of ~i >12 Re. producers and t t associated CA-12 cartridges is recoa. mended. Agenda Item No. 2: Procuremaxit of CO-11 Coders The CO-11. is a typewriter coder which allows the rapid placement of traffic on magnetic tape cartridges for later transmission via medium speed. It is intended for use at installations where medium speed transmissions are used as part of the emergency staff co unieations capability and where traffic volume my be high. For this purpose, the procurement of 40 CO-11 coders is re- D00 4Z REV DATE ---lr- - BY Lwtsi. AZT: 0CM-63.105 ACM: February ORdG CLASS PAGES REV CLASS EXT BEY .&,Q 1_ AUTHi HR 10.2 1