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December 9, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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February 1, 1963
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Approved- For Release 2000/08/29. CIA-RDP79-01578A0 WW"W ,,sM-63 - F.."} w.a j.'4}an'eu t Board FROM ? Chief, "Teratio.:,s Support Staff, OC Std 5 P-ocuremeut :of BP-12 Reproducers and CA-12 Cartridges 1. Six pr t typ BP-i2 Reproducers for media speed base positions have been :.t a :wed from the aanufas urer and era.1ua ee . After the MA and Operational Zvaluation, five units we-:e ret+4r:.e.i the manufact rer for a~difi atioa aiued at eliainat .a , : : ain undesirable or anneedel features. These recorders will be returner: to us by the ssnu aoy:zrer for further testing during the week of 1 February. The request for procuressnt of these receivers is being brought before the Board at this time - rather than waiting until the units have been re-eatslusted :berme of -lbir this recorder. Because of this it is hoped that, it the reUxnod waits are satisfaaa?c*ory, a itre.ct can be let immediately after the forth- a uatiar. of ?.ie modified units. 2. The manuf etauer advises that production aodels will becoaee available 120 days art : it a c ntrac't is let. The manufacturers unit cost estimae. es for the BP-12 are as follows : in lots of 25: 1,314.00 each In lots of 50: 1,150.00 each Aiditioa;aZ,.l.yj, tie manufacturer has provided the 'eliowing unit cost estimates on the CA-12 tape cartridge 'which Is used with ?he BP-12: In lots of 200: $2.95 Brach in lots of 1-00: each 3 . Board approves. for the procuressent of 50 W-12 reproducers and 1K)O CA-12 ca. tridg3s is requested. Intended distribution of BP-12 reproducers is a; follows : 25X1A * Pius one prtatotype Approv d'i t' Qr_iase` 2000/0 79-01578A000100070 Approved For Release - 600/0 P79-01578A090 0076 -7 Page 2 BPS has Iveen -;r7e{tied infor tion on the W-12 and has been ~,. t pr,aeurem o .A of this egei viii be on the Board agenda for 6 7 br ez r. Any q aatities SPB my require trill be in a 4it: o=a to those shove &wTe . 25X1A Distribution: Orig. & 2 - Addressee Approved For Release 2000/08 `'I ~P79-01578AOIOa 924-7