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November 16, 2016
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March 10, 2000
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Approved For Release 2000/05g0;;;IAzaDR7Q-01590A000300150001-7 raluENTIAL MEMORANDUM FOR: VIA: FROM:� SUBJECT: Director of Training Chief, Intelligence Institute Orientation Coordinator Course Report: Preparing for Overseas Assignment, No. 3-77 (9-10 May 1977), and Special Overseas Orientation, No. 3-77 (12-13 May 1977) Preparing for Overseas Assignment 1. Preparing for Overseas Assignment (POA) was conducted on 9 and 10 May in the Headquarters Building. The third day, lectures on Department of State's missions and functions, was conducted at the Chamber of Commerce Building. 2. Based on student evaluations, the stated objectives were achieved reasonably well. On a scale of 1 (slight) to 7 (highly satisfactory), they assigned an average rating of 4.41. Approximately 50 percent of the class has served overseas with the Agency, and they were happy to offer suggestions to their classmates. Many of the wives, and in particular a wife of Japanese origin, shared experiences that had enabled them to adapt quickly to living in a new culture. The reason that so many veteran travelers were enrolled in this class was because Training Officers mis- takenly believed persons required to take the mandatory Drug Abuse Seminar had to be enrolled in POA of which the Seminar is a part. Class Evaluations and Recommendations 3. The segments on "Legal Responsibilities" by 25X1 and "Living in a New Culture" by 25X1 received the highest praise. The small group sessions with the respective support officers were not as successful as in the April class. These area division representatives will be asked to give more specific information on each station in future runnings. Approved For Release 2000105/MR9111AL CIA-RDP79-01590A000300150001-7 25X1 Eat_ltel PIDtT Ct. Pre-014637 Approved For Release 2000/05/1cogi NRAL590A000300150001-7 SUBJECT: Course Report: Preparing for Overseas Assignment, No. 3-77 (9-10 May 1977), and Special Overseas Orientation, No. 3-77 (12-13 May 1977) Special Overseas Orientation 4. This two-day orientation program was conducted on 12 and 13 May in the Headquarters Building. Due to the influx of overseas rotational assignments at this time of year, this running was oversubscribed and all applicants were accepted. There were no major changes in the course content. Some segments were rearranged on the schedule to ensure a smoother transition from one topic to another. Office of Medical Services, was on TDY, and the premier ot his film, "Dealing with Terrorism," was shown. The film was well received. All questions following the film were answered by other speakers in the program. Class Evaluations 5. The majority of the participants indicated that the course objectives were satisfied. On a scale of I (slight) to 7 (highly satisfactory), they assigned an average rating of 5.21. One participant, Chief, Instruc- tional Development Branch, Training Services Staff, was in attendance to observe what redundancy, if any, existed between this colq-se and the Course taught at His con- clusion was that, "The amount of repetition was found to be. negligible, considering the different student populations involved." Many participants stated their pleasure in having dependent spouses briefed before going overseas and attending such a program is reassuring for the spouses. No constructive suggestions for additions, deletions, or changes in the course content were offered. Attachments: 1 - POA Schedule 2 - POA Roster 3 - POA End-of-Course Data Sheet 4 - POA Evaluations 5 - SOO Schedule 6 - SOO Roster � 7 - SOO End-of-Course Data Sheet 8 - SOO Evaluations AppmedForRelease2000/05M22 CIA-RDP79-01590A0003001500011ANFIBENTIAL 0 UtiCli*gfAMor Re-I _,-2-165 12 : CIA-RDP79-015rAi AND RECORD �CONE Tall Ai7 11 SECRET o�����........1011ft0I ROUTING 'Ille SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) Course Report: Preparing Soecial Overs_aas Orientation_ for Overseas Assignment, No 3_-77 (12-1'i My EXTENSION 2351 No. 3-77 (9-10 May 1977),and 1977) FROM: NO. Orientation Coordinator OTR/II/IMB 926 C of C DATE 27 May 1977 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE OFFICER'S INITIALS COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) RECEIVED FORWARDED 1. C/IMB 926C of C 421 , c -- l 0 i,1 e_.4._../ /tzie .1-, DPS'i---J .9 ;t4/ -ekt--6,- --e-A-eireiki-em, (A X .,, ,e p DA 1,a4.4.41-144,e3.,} . 2. C/II 926 C of C A 3. C/TSS 826 C of C -. qCc 6, C/PRS 1016 C of C 3/ ell" 5. DD/OTHIp 1025 C of C 6. EA/TRI 1026 C of C ' 2 JU11977 ' 2.- 7. DDTR 2 JUN 1026 C of C 1977 4 19Y7 . , /3 8. DTR 1026 C of C 1411 ' '� 9. le? CM 926 C of C 10. C/IMB 926 C of C 60 ' , 11. Orientation Coordinator 12. File 13. 14. 15. FORM 61020 utTgancrY tiltH ie � 3-62 CIA-RDP-t-v-01 oA'A 1010030. iti 500.1_1DENTI AL USE EERNty 1::] UNCLASSIFIED