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July 17, 2000
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February 27, 1976
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Approved For Release 2000/01f59 - Ik -DP79-01 A000400010001-1 ADMINISTRATION DIRECT0fllA.TE REVIEW: TRENDS AND HIGHLIGHTS Course #3-76 (Fifty-fifth Running) 21+ - 27 February 1976 25X1A Intelligence Institute OFFICE OF TRAINING Training Assistant : OFFICE: Room 926 Chamber of Commerce Building, Extension 2452 Approved For Release 2000/08/'15 CIi~: DP -&~5&02APP B4g911 01-1 25X1A Approved For Rel a 2000/08P tg-: A f~DP79-015964000400010001-1 ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORATE REVIEW: TRENDS AND HIGHLIGHTS Objective The objective of the course is to update DDA careerists' knowledge and understanding of current activities, problems and trends in the Directorate and its various offices. Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP79-01590A000400010001-1 S-E-C-R-E-T S-E-C-R-E-T Approved For Rel~ase 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP79-01 SMA000400010001-1 ADMINI,~Ti 1TI0~T DIRECTORATE REVIEW: 'fnENDS AT1D Fi:IGHLIGHTS #3-76 2~+ 27 February 1976 Tuesday, 21+ February 0930 - 1000 Readings: DDA/History and Functions DDA/Personnel Management Handbook 25X1A 1020 - 1050 Course Administration 25X1A a.nd Instruction Office of Training 1100 ~ 1200' Training Agency Personnel Alfonso Rodriez' Director of Training l es of hat t yp earn w .One of the major concerns of DDA careerists is to training are available to Agency officers. Mr.. Rodriguez will describe new training requirements and what is being done to meet them. 1200 - 1300 Lunch 25X1A 1300 - 11+00 Overview of the Agency Intelligence Institute, Office of Training Approved For Release 2000/08/' 5E ~IMt~P79-01590A000400010001-1 - C-R-E-T ~- Approved For Release 2000/08~1~v-: CIA-RDP79-0151 000400010001-1 Tuesday, 24 February (continued) 1+15 - 1515 Developments in our 25X1 A Medical Services Chief, o es3ion& Services3, ON1S This will be an open forum on-the features of the Agency's medical program. Our speaker will cover the various facets of this program from both the headquarters and overseas standpoint. 1530 - 163o Erlual Employment Opportunity in CIA rec o:r o Equal Employment Opportunity, CIA 25X1A The Director of Central Intelligence is firmly commi{;ted to achieve equal employment opportunities for all CIA employees. During this session, our speaker will present the record.of minority employment in'CZ~, discuss the goals and problems established by the DCI for raising the level: of"minority employment, indicaae the progress toward the goal of equal employment op- portunity, and finally, describe the role all Agency supervisors have in helping the Agency reach the goals. SOCIAL HOUR AND DINNER 1;'00 - 2030 The Agency and Its People in the 70s pu y rec or o Personnel The Agency is using new tools .for personnel management -- Annual Personnel Plan (APP) s.nd Personnel Development Program (PDP). Our speaker will des- cribe these and offer his views on trends which affect personnel management in the Agency. 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP79-01590A000400010001-1 S-E-C-R-E-T S-E-C-R~ -T Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CI~-RDP79-01 S4~A000400010001-1 Wednesday, 25 February OB30 - 0930 Agency Financial Operations Thomas Yale' Director of Finance Agency financial operations are quite complex. Our speaker will describe some of them. to you, He will also cover-new streamlining techniques and the increasing use of`:computers which have been adopted by Finance to per- form routine tasks. 0~~-5 .- 10+5 CIA's Computer Systems Harry Fitzwater Director, -0ffice of Joint Computer Support The computer is here to stay in the Agency -- as an information processor, as an analytical tool, and a.s an aid to managers and management. As you have probably already discovered, the computer is increasingly affecting your workiri~; lives in-CIA. The ,Director of OJCS will acquaint you with current-Agency uses of computer systems and will describe the role a.nd responsibilities of his Office. He will discuss his views on future use in the Agency, and will explain how to get computer support and assistance f'rorn his Office. 1100 - 1200 Managing the Agency's Records: Problems and Prospects Deputy hief, Records Administration Branch The Information Systems Analysis Staff (ISAS} performs a wide range of Agency funci~ions: managing the Agency records (including classification and de class:Lfication} and micrographics pro~;ra,ms, providing for the tem- porary and permanent storage of official Agency records, coordinating word processing and copy machine acquisitions, and the editing and control of Agency regu:Lations. Our speakers will highlight significant trends. 25X1A --3-- Approved For Release 2000/08/1 ~`~C~i4EF~pP79-01590A000400010001-1 Approved For Release 2000/081~'v~"OC~A~RTDP79-015000400010001-1 Wednesday 25 February (continued) _ 1200 - 1300 Lunch 1 00 11 00: O d i f th R 25X1 A 3 + - verv ew o e . ecor s, Center and .Tour Chief, .Agency Archives and ie,gency Records Center 25X1A Our presence at - affords us the opportunity to visit the Agency 25X1A Records Center and Archives. Following a brief introduction in the class- room we will have a chance to see this at first hand. 1415 ~. 1515 The Problems of Cover Chief, Cover & Commercial Staff 25X1A What is the meaning and rationale of cover a.nd how do we maintain cover? Our speaker will address these questions and discuss ways in which ,you can overcome cover problems. Present conditions and future trends for cover wilt also be outlined. -1530 -_ 1630 The Freedom of Information Act, the Privacy Act and Their Chief, Information Impact on CIA and Privacy Staff The Freedom of Information Act and the more recent Privacy Act have al- ready had considerable impact on the workinn methods and procedures of Government agencies, including CIA. P+Ir.~ wi11 examine these acts, noting CIA's reaction to them. He will explore some of the problems raised for future rnane~ement and personnel. SOCIAL HOUR AND DINNI~R 25X1A 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/15 :CIA-RDP79-01590A000400010001-1 S-E-C-.R-E-T Approved For Rel~se 2000/0$s/1~v c G~i~-F~DP79-015~40A000400010001-1 Wednesday, 25 February {continued) 1900 - 2030 Support 'to Station Operations 25X1A A panel of senior Agency officers chosen from the DDA and the DDO will explore the support provided by the Administration Directorate a.t-both the headquarters and the overseas station level. The Deputy Special Sup- port Assistant will provide an overview of DDA support describing his role in assuring adequate and timely support to the DDO a.nd in serving as a fecal point for the DDO and the DDA in resolution of problems~of mutual concern.. 'A, second panel rner>zber who is -Chief of Support fora large axea. division wi7.l survey the many functions a,nd activities of the headquarters element in, support of overseas .~ta,tions and discuss those which .most occupy his ettentitisi :and time. --5-- Approved For Release 2000/081 ~~cCF~pP79-01590A000400010001-1 Approved For Rele'se 2000/08~~'v~"CC~AE'I~DP79-015000400010001-1 Thursday, 26 February 0830 - 0945 Communications in the 70's 25X1A Deputy Director of Communications 25X1A Your visit 'to - will begin with a:n~ overview of the. 0:E'fice of Com- munications by the Deputy Director. Our-speaker will describe some very interesting-new technologies being employed to meet the rising demand for vital communications during; a period of declining resources, . 25X1A 0945 - 1000 Travel 1000. - 1145 Training in Agent and Staff' Communications 25X1 A 25X1A The Chief of the will briefly describe the activities of this modern and technically advanced eomulex and its 25X1A neighbor, the Following his remarks, the training facilities. 25X1 A 1145 - 1200 the class will be divided into groups and will tour 1200 - 1300 Lunch 1300 - 1400 DDA Management and To Be Announced Advisory Group In 1973 the Deputy Director for Management a.nd Services established the Management and Services Advisory Group (MSAG). Now called the Administra- tion Directorate Management Advisory Group (ADMAG), its purpose is to identify-and study issues and problems effecting plans, programs a.nd ac- tions of the Administration Directorate and to make recommenciations. 1400 - 1430 Prepare Questions for the DDA --6-- Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIAEF~P79-01590A000400010001-1 S-E-C-R- - Approved For Rel~se 2000/08~~ v~~~li~-F~DP79-015~pA000400010001-1 25X1A Thursday, 2E> February (continued) 1430 - 1530 The Office of Logistics Michael J. Malanick' Director of Logistics As the world situation has changed in the last two years, and as CIA's role has changed to match, the Office of Logistics has had to modify its opera- tions to meet these changes. Our speaker will describe some of these modifications and will identify significant factors that he believes will influence future logistic activities. 1545 --1645- Emergency Support. in A Case Study Chief, Logistics Branch, EUR 25X1A 25X1A The Administration Directorate provides many types of support to 'the Agency. One, of the most critical occurs durin~;~ an emergency `such as the 25X1A was involy e recovery of 25X1 A the personal. effects of station personnel i after they were 25X1 A eva.cua#ed,use of the He will descri e some of the obstacles, problems, and incidents.fa.ced by the recovery team. 100 - 2030 The Office of Security, fart 1 Deputy Director of Security The Office of Security touches our lives in many ways because we work in a. nationaa security organization. Our speaker will present a broad overview of the missions and functions of the Office of Security, touching on new developments and current trends in all branches of security -- personnel, technical axid physical. He will examine new challenges and the changing; .nature of.tYie security threat that faces the Agency today. 25X1A --7-- Approved For Release 2000/08~1~_~C~~ I~,DP79-01590A000400010001-1 Approved For Reba a 2000/08t~1'~'~G~7~'F~DP79-015A000400010001-1 25X1A Friday, 27 February 0830 - 0915 Film: "Damage Report" 0930 - 1030 Polygraph Operations Research Officer, Polygraph Branch 25X1A of the Po3,y- graph Branch will describe the technique and how ,it is applied in the Agency and will also discuss research and development in thiES field of~ activity. 25X1A 1040 - 1200 Technical Counter Measures Chic f, `L'e cnn~,ca1 Securit;;r ,Division 25X1A Hostile intelligence services constantly strive to penetrate U:S:~instal- lations overseas -- one method is by audio ~penetra.tion --these attempts become increasingly skillful, will demonstrate countermeasures 25X1A used in the effort to prevent, detect, or neutralize these pEenetration attempts. 1200 - 1300 Lunch 1300 - 1330 Preparation of Evaluations 1330 Overview of tkie Admini'stration 3?hn F.' &7.ake Directorate ~ Deputy Director for Administration Most of this week has been spent in learning the detailed trends and high- lights of the operations of the compori~nts of the Directorate: It is also necessary to examine the broad trends. Mr. Blake will survey current issues and problems which confront the Directorate and its operations. He will identify those factors which are likely to influence or change the future course of DDA activities. Wrap Up 25X1A --8-- Approved For Release 2000/08/15: CIA-RDP79-01590A000400010001-1 S-E-C-R-E-T