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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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Approved For Releas`e6%rA'RUOW-0900400020006-5 STATINTL ADMINISTRATION DIRECTORATE REVIEW: TRENDS AND HIGHLIGHTS In order to enhance the usefulness of the Trends and Highlights Course to you and future participants, a continuing process of evaluation is necessary. We ask your cooperation in assisting us in keeping the course responsive to the needs of the participants. COURSE OBJECTIVE The objective of the course is to update Deputy Director for Administration careerists' knowledge and understanding of current activities, problems and trends in the Directorate and its various offices. A. Please indicate on this numerical scale how well in your estimation, the course has met its objective. (Number 1 is the lowest, number ,7 is the highest.) B. What was the most useful segment of the program to you in your present assignment? The least useful? Please describe how you see the program benefiting you. TFtr iMCIVT USCcJL 5 C.(*MrnJTS A: TNoSC. TWAT THG SPzAKCR(S) CPtrc r Tr~C NTC(?LZsT ANA A1TCkJ1'(1 J d~7 TuC AvQIG.JcC, PCGAAc DLGSS eF' SusSecT iiwc secs sun rr CAS ii . ~F,C MQ,T USC~GSS ~CC-C mq-wl w1-64 lki(Z WOatT S6 VC-(L 1S('~:.~sN CeS~f~~cs"G.nPCA`~tala~ A+~S1 +1 FLY. CAC4i SuG~GCT Am) NQT "AISIG ~`t\t u/4 tbG `t,ulC +?+ A StalSSCcT 1F '14G SSG l+G2.~p Cgc u4A'Fcu~J cols to ~,cR~ VsCPE. T1~+t Sf-,QV (,j ln.tE7CS?I"+C. 5P~A1 $ Awo pee SCE+Tr ZroNS tJ/Ii.L DjcTArC IQ Ct C SC,'D ?P PAPATMO CY Tkl . ~ C!;s iurc2ceTiu~, SKa.,uta% AO i gave 49NZI"CiAL -its crr( Z~~r. ~u~i we k-0 -VOC T P.e.Air C. 11 (See Reverse Side) Approved For ReleasggM,1A CIAIlF~pffg-IML$Q00400020006-5 Approved For Release 2MINIM P ' IA- ft-'O v98 QA0400020006-5 STATINTL C. Did you feel the session on the Administration Directorate/ Management & Advisory Group (AD/MAG) was beneficial? Why? i CL TN 2G. ARC 'A ' 'r qtr L + t"i rr ' N G 1 ~.- ~ G {Z. s T `OP "Awpco r02It ECC NDIKAGr 'STS -tEiAck ner-ccrtr i ht-AD PAPTICIPATtc.JA3 'PIS CouOAGCab D. ? Other Comments: OV f, At L- r Vou NI~ Tf1 C. e-Gv c ~-~ ~ INTGG2GST-NG A-ui~ !+J Cv2r~AT-vE IT wow t- uSTFCL IV 1H euvf~ C r~ 'tGf~I+4t.~ oe t l~s N~s ~ q" hlt~Tu2~. '~ ~ FV~tt-ttC j " Ct~~,b0 1 E. RvA\L/1 Etc ~o ? iir, ~n,. Z~tIS iM o2v-,Pr cnJ It Orr }tvTG( cr d