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December 23, 2016
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June 26, 2013
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January 17, 1968
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, , Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/06/26: CIA-RDP740752A000300100001-4 UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO BOULDER, COLORADO 80302 DEPARTMENT OF 'PHYSICS AND ASTROPHYSICS 202 Woodbury Hall 17 January 1968 Dr. J. Thomas Ratchford Headquarters, AFOSR (SRPS) 1400 Wilson Boulevard Arlington, Virginia 22209 Dear Tom: Attached, so you can discuss it, if you wish, with Art Lundahl, is correspondence between Cdr. Alvin Moore and myself concerning his 1952 experience\and subsequent findings of stones, which he thinks are related in some way to the UFO problem, although I haven't been able to find out yet what the supposed connection is. There is a good deal that is strange about Moore's experience. In the first place, the report of the sighting, which he says he sent to Wright-Patterson, is not on file there now according to Sgt. Jones. Second, it turns out (that is to say, Moore states) that the analysis of the artifact found in Virginia in 1952, which he says was done by the National Bureau of Standards, was never written down. So there is not, contrary to Art's impression, a written analysis in existence, and there would be no record at all, I suppose, unless Dayton ends up finding the report Moore says was sent to them. This, of course, may be another grain of evidence - I don't know - that Ruppelt made off with some of the files of sightings. You know that I visited Ruppelt's widow and was not able to find out anything, although one might possibly judge her assertion that she didn't have anything, that, "Ed would never take any Air Force files," was a little too ready and a little too vigorously asserted to carry total conviction. In any event, either Moore never sent his sighting to Dayton or Dayton never received it or they did receive it and subsequently, in some way or another, lost it. I don't think it is going to be terribly useful to follow up further with Moore. If he can give me an explanation as to why we should look into the stones and they appear to have a real relationship to the UFO problem, then we will follow up with it. Otherwise, so far as I am concerned, the matter is closed. Sincerely yours, Robert J. Low RJL:mla cc: E. U. Condon Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/06/26: CIA-RDP79B00752A000300100001-4 flTy- ? , . ? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/06/26: CIA-RDP79B00752A000300100001-4 , - , . ? ,74, ? Commander LivIn Edward Moore 916 Beach Bouldvard .Weveland, Missistippl 39520 Dear Commander Moore: January 12, 1968 ? Thanks very much for your letter of January 5th. I hove checked with Wright-Patterson APB, ond they report that they do not have a Vile on your heavy' stone. Hence I would be very gratefullif, as you offered, you would send me a copy from your own files. I would very much like to see this, but unfortunately, as I say, It looks as if it, Is not available In Dayton. With respect to your coming to Boulder, I would like to discuss the matter . with Dr. Condondto get his reaction. It would help a great deal In presenting the case to him, however, if you could tell me why you think your stones are re- lated to the CFO problem. 1 would like to have a sort of working hypothesis th that you would be operating on, at least at the inception Of your proposed work, so that we can maks a judgment as to whether there seems to be ? reasonable be- ' sis for supposing that the work, If performed, would contribute to the objectives of our study. Thanks again for writing. 11J1./cur Sincerely yours, Robert J. Low Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/06/26 : CIA-RDP79B00752A000300100001-4 -1,1;:;.7: ? ? . ',!iisrort 0.1.1 Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/06/26: CIA-RDP79B00752A000300100001-4 COMDR. ALVIN EDWARD MOORE PATENT ATTORNEY 9I6 BEACH BOULEVARD WAVELAND. MISSISSIPPI 29110 ' TELOPHom 4167.667-7 Mrs* Coos ROI 4,?.? . I- 8 January 1968. Mr. Hobert J. Lowe, Care of The University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado, Dear Mr. Lowe; In view of your remark about a possible "blank check" in our.: conversation today, I believe I didn't mtke clear my idea of possibly working with you-for a while., -What I had in mind was: (1) my search here thxu the large collection of notes, journal 'entries and clippings I have made over the last fifteen years on the flying-saucer problem, and sorting out those pirtaining to stones of the standard-angle pattern that is in all of them - of all sizes collected or drawn or photographed - and especially those that are accompanied by other, standard-type flying-saucer phenomena; (2) selection of a substantial number of stones or the like from the large number I have collected, and selection of other types of materials I have found to be somewhat frequently associated with ? them; (3) bringing these to you at Boulder and working there under your general direction and guidance and at your offices in makingi ? brief, scientific report .and hypotheses about the stones and related phenomena; (4) you to have the privilege to stop my work : there and consultant's pay at any time. I estimate that in a month or so (including a day or two here) I could complete the report (to be edited by you with credit for its work to me if you use the data and with my privilege of later publication of the writing if you don't use it in the final report of the Committee). If the project would supply my round-trip railroad fare (the stones could go as rail-travel baggego)and pay any:-reasonable consultant's pay for the workII would drop my patent activities here for the necessary time at boulder. I am listed, with biography, in Who's Who in the south and Southwest; and my qualifying experience for research and wriing includes edmatlion and experience in Engineering, History and Law.' / have finished sufficient oourse work for a Ph.D. degree (American University, University of Florida, L.8.U. and Tulane University; and 1 have written and published two non-fiction books. I certainly hope the Committee does a good, thorough, open- ? minded job on this problem. For I agree with U. Thant and othere. that it is about the most important situation now faq_lag mankind: It's been wits us thousands of years, but in more ao4A4 now that ' we are about to journey tar in space. 4K-44A.2.., 4-- yrx. 8/merely, it ? / //'.411 .6? Declassified and Approved For Release 2013/06/26: CIA-RDP79B00752A000300100001-4 ?