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December 12, 2016
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July 11, 2000
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August 1, 1969
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Approves r Release 20Q2108/9,6is CIA-RDP79B 73A000200060026-1 OFFICE OF THE VICE PRESIDENT. WASHINGTON Meeting of Invited. Contributors to the President's Space Task Group August 1, 1969 AGENDA 10:00 Convene. Welcome - Dr. DuBridge. 10;05 Review of Mariner 6 and 7 missions - Mr. Milton Rosen, NASA Review of Apollo 11 mission and future Apollo lunar missions - Gen' 1. Samuel C. Phillips, NASA - 11:00 USIA and other data reflecting the evaluation of foreign reaction to U. S. Space Program, NASA - Mr. Henry Loomis, Deputy Director, United States Information Agency - 11:30 Assessment of the Soviet Space Program - David S. Brandwein - (Secret Briefing) 12:30 Lunch (catered in the Conference room) 1:30 Discussion of Issues 4:30 Adjourn Approved For Release 2002/08/06 CIA-RDP79BO1273A000200060026-1 Approver Release 2002/08/06 : CIA-RDP79B73A000200060026-1 SPACE TASK GROUP MEETING - AUGUST 1, 1969 Invited Contributors Dr. Jaime Benitez University of Puerto Rico Mrs. Shirley Temple Black Dr. Albert A. Campbell Dr. C. Stark Draper Mr. William C. Foster Dr. T. K. Glennan Dr. Peter C. Goldmark Mr. Najeeb E. Halaby Mr. Frederick R. Kappel Mr. Foy D. Kohler Dr. Willard Deming Lewis Governor John A. Love Dr. Raymond Bauer .Dr. Richard Meyer Mr. Henry S. Rowen Mr. Dan Seymour Mr. Frank Stanpon Housewife University of Michigan Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Former Arms Control & Disarmament Agency) (Former Administrator of NASA) CBS Laboratories Pan American AT&T (retired) .University of Miami Lehigh University State of. Colorado Harvard School of Business Harvard School of Business RAND Corporation J. Walter Thompson Company Approved For Release 2002/08/06 : CIA-RDP79BO1:273A000200060026-1 Approved F Release 2002/08/06 : CIA-RDP79B0`1W3A000200060026-1 SPACE TASK GROUP MEETING - AUGUST 1, 1969 Members and Observers: Mr. Jerome B. Wolff Dr. Lee A. DuBridge Dr. Russell C. Drew Dr. Robert C. Seamans Mr. Nevin Palley Mr. Milton Rosen Gen'l. Samuel C. Phillips Capt. Lee Scherer Mr. Henry Loomis Mr. Robert F. Packard Dr. James R. Schlesinger Mr. Milton Klein Mr. David S. Brandwein Dr. Arch Parks Dr. William Thurson Mr. William H. Close Mr. David S. Johnson Mr. Donald Derman Mr. Donald Crabill Office of Science & Technology Office of Science & Technology Department of Defense Department of Defense NASA NASA NASA USIA Department of State Bureau of the Budget Atomic Energy Commission Department of Agriculture Department of Interior Department of Transportation Department of Commerce Bureau of the Budget Bureau of the Budget Approved' For Release 2002/08/06: CIA-RDP79B01273A000200060026-1