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November 2, 1965
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Appr4 ved For Relea2005/0 / C B01709A000500020018-7 MCGWG-M- Y\ 8 COMOR MAPPING, CHARTING AND GEODESY WORKING GROUP Minutes of Meeting Held in Room 5B2830 Central Intelligence Agency, Langley 1100-1230, 2 November 1965 PRESIDING 25X1A a~ 1 MEMBERS PRESENT Deputy Chairman Cdr. H.C. McClaugherty, ONI Mr. D.R. Holben. AFNIN 25X1 r. W. Matthews, Army CONSULTANTS PRESENT Schedulin of COMOR MCGWG Meeting dated 28 October 65, Other items on the agenda (see OPCEN 8255, 29 October 65) were determined after di scussions with 25X6 25X1 25X1 25X1 DIA review(s) completed. GROUP I E..IVd.d from .,,rom.~ic dawn9. ding and ..... li..~I proved For Release 2005/04/22 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A0005000 TOR-SECRET 25X1 ved For Relea 2005/04/2"1 P CfA PT9B01709A000W020018-7 Report on Missionsi 3. AMS, provided the information describing results of these missions as folio IS* 0 This mission was a search-surveillance mission primarily devoted to coverage of the Sino-Soviet area. Areas of mapping, charting and geodesy requirements covered for the first time totaled 312, 000 square miles which included approxi- mately 100, 000 square miles over Africa, 78, 000 square miles over South America, 99, 000 square miles over Eurasian areas plus miscellaneous other areas, including test areas in the ZI. MCGWG-M- 7 Mission This mission was launched on 10 October 1965 as the second special KH.-4 mapping, charting, and geodesy mission at an apogee of 228 miles and a perigee of 113 miles. Some flare occurred in the stellar cameras, however, steller photography was generally usable. All photography meeting 90-100% cloud free criteria was accomplished at altitudes below 150 nautical miles. Some. photography in very low latitudes was accomplished at higher altitudes but was cloud covered. The resolution of the panoramic cameras was 178-183 lines per millimeter. Generally good weather, especially during the second half of the mission, permitted very extensive coverage of 90-100% cloud free photography to be obtained, grossing approximately 5, 000, 000 square miles. Net coverage was approximately 3, 000, 000 square miles, including 166, 000 square miles inside the Sino-Soviet area and providing over 2, 800, 000 square miles net coverage of MC&G priority areas outside the Sino-Soviet area. Both parts of Mission were successful as pertains to the operation of the panoramic cameras and the SI; 11, 000 frames of photography were accomplished. Committee members discussed the extensive coverage as displayed on the Approved For Release 2005/04/22: CIA-RDP79B01709A0005 TOP-SECRET 25X6 25X1 25X1 25X1 ved For Relea 005/04/22 CIA MB01709A0005QR020018-7 MCGWG-M-7 index, Even though weather denied significant coverage to be obtained over the tropical belt, committee members noted the generally outstanding success of Mission) Stereo panoramic coverage meeting established criteria was completed over 8 mapping, charting, and geodesy targets inside Sino.Soviet area and 13 outside totaling 21 completed objectives. In addition, partial coverage, some of which was mono, was obtained over 135 additional MC&G targets, ReVised-criteria had been established for certain groups of targets and minor modifications for other groups of targets would soon be included in the MC&G requirements list. With respect to the independent operation of the 1 1/2" index camera of this mission (free wheeling) coverage meeting established criteria, requirements was obtained to the extent of 1, 000, 000 square miles gross and 745, 000 square miles net. Progress on KH-4 Coverage stated that the net coverage of KH-4 photography meeting established criteria for MC&G requirement areas outside the Sino=Soviet area now totals 8, 000, 000 square miles. With respect to the total MC&G requirement area outside the Sino-Soviet bloc totaling 24. 4 million square miles, as established in previous COMOR MC&G meeting of 11 October 1965, there remained a 160 4 million square mile KH-4 coverage requirement. with the progress in the acquisition of the KH-4 photography. indicated that the MC&G utilization community was pleased KHm4 Coverage of Tropical Areas raised the question as to whether taking KH-4 photographic coverage at dawn before clouds developed in tropical areas might bossibly help obtain useful coverage. indicated that presently the launch times were such that coverage could not be obtained at dawn in tropical areas. However, when certain fallow-on improvements are Approved For Release 2005/04/22 : CIA-RDP79B01709A00050 TOP SECRET 25X1 25X1 A 25X1 A 25X1 MCGWG-M- 7 made such that orbit altutudes and periods could be modified, it would then be possible to obtain coverage over the tropical areas at dawn. Feasibility of this procedure could be proven at some later date. f, Planning for KH-7 Missions I `ndicated that Mission was not as success u as hoped in the coverage of prime intelligence objectives and that KH-7 missions in the immediate future would need to give greater emphasis to intelligence objectives limiting to some extent the MC&G objectives that could be covered. He explained that operational considerations were part of the problem and I pointed out that the limitations on the control gas might create a problem. If he were to move the cameras extensively in the early part of the mission for MC&G missions, he would not have sufficient gas to obtain priority intelligence objectives. This matter brought a general discussion of the relation between the very extensive list of MC&G objectives and the intelligence objectives. It was brought out that although the MC&G abjectives were grouped in five priorities, the present practice of grouping all of these targets in NRO priorities as priority 8 did not work satisfactorily. It was concluded that representatives of offices concerned, that is, from AMS for DoD MC&G activities and representatives from and I office should meet promptly before the end of the week to arrive at the optimum means for integrating target priorities, sorting out as necessary individual MC&G targets to be covered against the planned ephemeris. Progress on the 3" SI noted that USIB approval of COMOR-D-13/43 in April 1965 had established that near-term improvements to the KH-4 system, specifically the 3" SI and the panoramic reseau, should be expedited (with related factors appropriately considered). He mentioned that based on infor- mation obtained informally from NRO, that progress of the panoramic reseau had proceeded according to schedule, that is, available by January-February 1966, but that completion of the 3" SI, also scheduled for January-February 1966 at the time of Approved For Release 2005/04/22 : CIA-RDP79B01709A0005a bved For Release 2005/04/22: CIA-RDPE 9B01709A000020018-7 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 A 25X1 TOP-SECRET Apprc ved For Release 005/04/22 PICSIKP79B01709A0VO~1g ~-1V1-7 - USIB approval in April 1965 had slipped until October-November 1966. It was mentioned that while the KH-4 coverage served many MC&G purposes, there were limitations as to accuracies obtainable, particularly: for contouring and both of these "geometric" improvements should be expedited as much as possible in order to realize the maximum benefit from the KH-4 coverage obtained. I reported that it was regretted that.-progress on the 3" SI, had been limited, but that this matter was an overall management problem currently under review and that he trusted that the problem would be solved in the near future. He indicated that in the meantime action had been taken to provide for the dual stellar arrangement and that certain action had taken place on frame camera production. It was concluded that every effort:should be made to expedite the completion of the 3" SI and that the NRO should report on this matter again'.in 60 to 90 days. h. Original Film for Special MC &G Missions of NPIC raised the question as to whether NPIC should act as custodian of the original film for MC&G missions. It was noted that Army was delegated as the custodian. It was concluded that NPIC should act as the interim temporary custodian until such time as significant use of the original film for MC&G purposes would be required. i. Planning for Mission that they would like to see included as a higher priority for MC&G coverage. I indicated that appropriate changes would be made in the requirement areas and that other changes stemming from expanded use of KH-4 data outside the Sino- Soviet bloc because of the revised Sanitization Manual, would be the basis for further changes. Planning for Mission II In reply to queries, I reported that was progressing satisfactorily. The program had included ex- tensive areas of MC&G recoverage requirements in the Sino-Soviet area; approximately 10% of the take was allocated to MC&G requirements. 25X1 A 25X1 25X1 A 25X1 A 25X1 25X1 29W 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/04/22: CIA-RDP79B01709A0005 0020018-7 TOP'-SECRET Approved Fo TOP SECRET Rele '2005/04/22: CIA-RDP79BO1709AO0 0020018-7 M CGWG-M- Chairman, asked that COMOR MCGWG meetings. prepare minutes of Chairman COMOR MCG Working Group Copy 1 - DIA ' I'CO. 2., 3 DIA TCO 4.., 5 Army TCO (Mr. Matthews) 6, 7 Navy TCO (Mr. Wolf) 8, 9 Air Force TCO (Mr. Eldridge) 10, 11 CIA Member 12 NRO 13, 14 NPIC 15 State TCO (Mr. McAfee) 16 NSA T C 17-20 Ch/ N i 10 L /,,, -~- e;;- - 25X1 A 25X1 A 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/04/22: CIA-RDP79BO1709A0005 0020018-7 TOP SECRET