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December 19, 2016
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September 27, 2004
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March 28, 1967
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Approved For ReI se 2005/06/01 : Cl 01709AG 500030003-2 28 March 1967 To: GNAT From: OEG Subject: Navy Memos re MCGWG Material 1. called to say that a copy of the memo of 16 March to e Director, Defence Intelligence Agency (DIAMC) was sent to you for information and not for any action at this time in the interest of the MCGWG. You sent 26 copies out to all partici- pants under cover of MCGWG-?D-8. ~~G~'atea''[r ,'C 2. A copy of another memorandum, dated 15 March 1.967 and relating to geodetic data support of a program is also being sent to you for information only and not for any action on your part. 3. Bob wants to have the opportunity to coordinate such internal DoD questions prior to formal presentation to the MCGWG, since this is DIAMC's function. He stressed that he had no objection to your receipt of information copies of such memoranda but requests that no distribution action be taken for the reasons given. Attachments: 1. 16 Mar memo 2. 15 Mar memo. Secondary referral to NIMA/NGA by DIA, ER&LB/FWG, 9/17/04. DIA and NAVY review(s) completed. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-R Approved For R& ase 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A(0500030003-2 MCGWG-D-9 (15 March 1967) ft m: C der, Naval Ocea aphtc Office Toz ,firma , Tr -Service DA" Data R.diction Cc ,ttes, -1 artment ut the $ b, : Geodetic Data Support DA ?7 Data Iteductie n Program (TS) Pets (a) i-$arvice LIAJT Data Reduction Program (mar 65) (TB) t rborzfia Q. agnetic Survey Bated In endure (1) SAYQC/3 O' s Project Magnet C 12 (Constellation type) Is scheduled to depart on a round-the-world flight to conduct airbort a #ec etic surveys, A ne addition to the on-board navigation stater is att navigation satellite receiver, scioutjfic aspects of this survey are toteelly ava i3.abl* to the yorld-vide scientific ee unity 25X1 25X1 25X1A Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For$,please 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1704V00500030003-2 MCGWG-D-9 25X 1A 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For R 1lease 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709AP0500030003-2 From: Commander, Naval Oceanographic Office To: Distribution List Subj: Oceanographic Office Project A31-744, Project MAGNET Airborne Geomagnetic Survey Ref: (a) (b) (c) (d) OPNAVINST 3160.3B H.O. 15373 - General Specification for Airborne Geomagnetic Survey Project MAGNET USAF Foreign Clearance Guide OPNAVINST 03710.2C Encl: (1) NAVOCEANO Project A31-744 - Flight Schedule and Specific Clearance Information (2) Project MAGNET - General Background Information (3) Project MAGNET - General Press Release 1. Pursuant to references (a) and. (b), a series of geomagnetic survey flights, designated Oceanographic Office Project A31-744 has been planned in coordination with the Commander, Oceanographic Air Survey Unit. The scheduled flights are described in enclosure (1), which also includes specific information required for the negotiation of clearances as indi- cated by references (c) and (d). Enclosure (2) provides general back- ground information on Project MAGNET for the guidance of clearance offi- cials. Contingent on host country approval, the Oceanograp?,i.c Office plans gravity measurements utilizing portable gravimeters, d position observations implementing the SRN--9 navigation satellite rec-Piver at each place on the itinerary, as also described in enclosure (2). Enclosure (3) is an official press release on Project MAGNET. 2. The Commander, Naval Oceanographic office has State Department and Department of Defense approval to request clearances directly from Embas- sies concerned by means of this letter. Accordingly, cognizant United States diplomatic officials in the countries concerned are requested to arrange the necessary clearances, and notify the Commander, Naval Oceano- graphic Office, and the Commander., Oceanographic Air Survey Unit, Patuxent River, Maryland, upon receipt of clearances, with information copy to'the Chief of Naval Operations, the State Department, and Department of Defense OSD/ISA/FMRA. This action is requested prior to departure of aircraft on 11 April 1967. 3. Major military commands are requested to provide theater clearances as appropriate and/or required. Copies of this letter are provided other addressees for advance information and for possible comment. Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For R ase 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 4. The Commander, Oceanographic. Air Survey Unit, is requested to mence Project A31-744 flight operations on 11 April 1967. Distribution: OSD/ISA/FMRA (3 cys) CNO (Op-33, 332D, 53, CINCLANT (3 cys) CINCPAC (3 cys) CINCSTRIKE (3 cys) USCINCMEAFSA (3 cys) CINCLANTFLT (3 cys) CINCPACFLT (3 cys) PACAF (3 cys) CINCNORAD (3 cys) COMNAVAIRLANT COMPACMISRAN COMNAVAIRPAC COMCARIBSEAFRON COMFAIRHAWAII AMCPM-NXT 61 (3 cys) , (2 (5 COMNATC PATUXENT RIVER CO OASU PATUXENT RIVER NS KWAJALEIN AIR DEFENSE COMMAND HQ USAF (WASH DC) USCINCSO COMUSNAVSOUTHCOM USAFSO CGAD SAN JUAN CGANTCOMUSARSO RAMEY AFB HICKAM AFB NAS ALAMEDA NAS PATUXENT RIVER NAF WASHINGTON AMARILLO AFB BUPERS (B315) (3 cys) cys) cys) 92) By direti BURMA USDAO RANGOON (2 cys) CAMEROON USDAO YAOUNDE (2 cys) CEYLON USDAO COLOMBO (2 cys) CHAD USDAO FORT LAMY (2 cys) DAHOMEY AMEMBASSY COTONOU (2 cys) GHANA USDAO ACCRA (2 cys) INDIA USDAO NEW DELHI (2 cys) INDONESIA USDAO DJAKARTA (2 cys) IVORY COAST USDAO ABIDJAN (2 cys) KENYA AMEMBASSY NAIROBI (2 cys) MALI AMEMBASSY BAMAKO (2 cys) MAURITANIA ~ggpp,,SSY NOUAKCHOTT (2 cys) US 0 For Re1,1- ea sy2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01A000500030003-2 ~~~~ MEXICO USDAO MEXICO CITY (2 cys) Approved For Rel se 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709AQQD500030003-2 Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Ref Wse 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A0 600030003-2 Distribution (Cont): NICARAGUA USDAO MANAGUA (2 cys) NIGERIA USDAO LAGOS (2 cys) REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE USDAO SINGAPORE (2 cys) SENEGAL USDAO DAKAR (2 cys) SUDAN USDAO KHARTOUM (2 cys) TOGO AMEMBASSY LOME (2 cys) TRINIDAD AMEMBASSY PORT OF SPAIN (2 cys) UNITED KINGDOM USDAO LONDON (2 cys) UPPER VOLTA AMEMBASSY OUAGADOUGOU (2 cys) Information Copies: STATE DEPARTMENT (G/PM, Attn: Colonel Evans (3 cys), Captain Coward (10 cys)) DIAMC NAVAIRSYSCOMHQ NAVAIRSYSCOM (AIR 53303) NAVAIRDEVCEN NAVAIRDEVCEN (AEYA-3) ACIC ARMY MAP SERVICE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION MPL, SCRIPPS (Attn: V. Vacquier) NASA (Code 612) BARTOL RESEARCH FOUNDATION (2 cys) GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH BOARD (20 cys) COAST AND GEODETIC SURVEY (2 cys) ONR (Code 408-G) Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rise 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709AO00500030003-2 Informatioix Copies (Cont): CO KWAJALEIN TEST SITE CHMILTAG DJAKARTA WOODS HOLE OCEANOGRAPHIC INSTITUTION (Attn: Dr. Phillips) CINCPACFLT A ( ttn: J. F. Hamilton) AUSTRALIA AMEMBASSY CANBERRA BURMA AMEMBASSY RANGOON CHMEDC AMEMBASSY RANGOON CAMEROON AMEMBASSY YAOUNDE CEYLON AMEMBASSY COLOMBO CHAD AMEMBASSY FORT LAMY GHANA AMEMBASSY ACCRA INDIA AMEMBASSY NEW DELHI INDONESIA AMEMBASSY DJAKARTA IVORY COAST AMEMBASSY ABIDJAN MEXICO AMEMBAASSY MEXICO CITY NICARAGUA AMEMBASSY MANAGUA NIGERIA AMEMBASSY LAGOS REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE AMEMBASSY SINGAPORE SENEGAL AMEMBASSY DAKAR SUDAN AMEMBASSY KHARTOUM UNITED KINGDOM AMEMBASSY LONDON Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2 Approved For Re a 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709AOW500030003-2 NAVOCEANO Project A31-744 - Flight Schedule and Specific Clearance Information 1. Purpose. To conduct an airborne geomagnetic survey. In addition, to make land gravity measurements and monitor the reception of satellite navigation signals at each place on the itinerary. 2. Flight Schedule. Place Washington, D. C. San Francisco, California Honolulu, Hawaii Kwajalein, Marshal Is. Port Moresby, Papua Republic of Singapore Rangoon, Burma Colombo, Ceylon Colombo, Ceylon Nairobi, Kenya Abidjan, Ivory Coast Dakar, Senegal Piarco, Trinidad San Juan, Puerto Rico San Juan, Puerto Rico Acapulco, Mexico San Francisco, California Amarillo, Texas Washington, D. C. Arrive Standard GMT 111745 120145 140630 141630 190630 181830 210630 202030 231715 230945 281315 280645 010700 010130 032300 031730 060630 060330 101740 101740 132000 132000 160615 161015 191815 192215 231830 232230 260800 261400 300845 301645 011515 012215 021615 022115 Depart Standard GMT Apr 111000 111500 132030 140430 172130 180730 202130 200930 230700 222100 280745 280015 302200 301530 May 030815 030245 052000 051430 100700 100400 130800 130800 152000 152000 190530 190930 230400 230800 251800 252200 291800 300000 Jun O1O900 011700 020-/30 021430 Flight Routing - See World Chart attachment (1) to enclosure (1). Depart Via Washington, D. C. 37-55N/077-00W Arrive Track No. Fly 37-55N parallel to 37-55N/103-00W 37-55N/102-OOW Fly 37-55N parallel to 37-55N/121-1OW San Francisco, Calif. 869 San Francisco, Calif. 30-00N/122-OOW 30-OON/150-OOW Honolulu, Hawaii B324 Honolulu, Hawaii 12-00N/169-00W 05-25N/178-OOE Kwajalein, Marshall Is. B325 Kwajalein, Marshall Is. 02-OON/168-25E 02-003/147-30E 03-353/143-40E Port Moresby, Papua Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Ret%$e 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A0D,,,0500030003-2 Depart Via Arrive Port Moresby, Papua 07-00S/142-00E 07-OOS/135-OOE 03-45S/123-OOE Track No. 01-005/110-00E 01-20N/105-30E Re bl 01-14N/104-OOE Republic of Singapore B327 pu ic of Singapore 01-14N/104-OOE 00-50N/103-35E 02-45N/100-30E 02-25N/096-30E Ra 16-OON/096-30E Rangoon, Burma 566 ngoon, Burma 16-OON/096-30E 02-25N/096-30E Colombo, Ceylon 0O-30S,/083-30E 08-OON/077-OOE Colombo, Ceylon 567 10-15N/073-25E 01-40S/073-10E 09-15S/072-20E 01-40S/073-10E 10-15N/073-25E Colombo, Ceylon 08-OON/077-OOE 03-OON/078-OOE 02-OON/070-OOE Colombo, Ceylon 568 01-55S/050-OOE 02-205/040-55E Nairobi, Kenya 569 Nairobi, Kenya 00-00/037-OOE 03-45N/035-OOE 12-OON/023-OOE 07-20N/014-OOE Ab 07-OON/002-OOW Abidjan, Ivory Coast T-226 idjan, Ivory coast 06-30N/001-25W (Special Survey: See attachment (2) to enclosure (1)) 21-07N/011-25W (Special Survey: See attachment (3) to enclosure (1)) Dakar, Senegal T-227 Dakar, Senegal 10-OON/017-30W 07-30N/020-OOW O8-OON/059-OOW Piarco, Trinidad 155 Piarco, Trinidad 10-OON/059-50W 14-15N/064-40W 12-00N/058-15W L6-OON/058-OOW 14-15N/064-40W 18-30N/059-OOW 20-OON/061-30W 14-15N/064-40W San Juan, Puerto Rico 156 Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rel a 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 depart Via Arrive Track No. San Juan, I,uerto Rico (Special Survey: See attachment (4) to enclosure (1)) San Juan, Puerto Rico 157 San Juan, Puerto Rico 15-45N/062-30W 15-45N/057-OOW 14-OON/057-OOW 14-15N/064-40W 11-OON/098-OOW Acapulco, Mexico 158 Acapulco, Mexico 21-OON/113-00w 25-OON/106-30W 28-15N/110-OOW 24-35N/116-OOW 26-30N/117-30W 30-30N/111-00W 32-OON/112-35W 28-OON/118-45W San Francisco, Calif. B328 San Francisco, Calif. 37-50N/121-1OW Fly 37-50N parallel to 37-50N/102-00W Amarillo, Texas 870 Amarillo, Texas 37-50N/103-00W Fly 37-50N parallel to 37-50N/077-00W Washington, D. C. 871 4. Specific Additional Clearance/Support Information Required by Individual Countries. Fuel required 6500 gals 115/145 AVGAS Landing gross weight 100,000 lbs Tire pressure - 135psi Fund citation - Appn. :L771804.1911 O&MN 67, Exp. Acct. 33281, Bureau Control Activity 01611, Bureau Control No. 61753, object Class 26, Chargeable Activity 09004. Fund citation - Appn. :L771804.1911 0&MN 67, Exp. Acct. 33281, Bureau Control Acitvity 01611, Bureau Control No. 61753, Object Class 26, Chargeable Activity 09004. ETA and position of entry Cameroon Airspace: 10120OZ May, 08-05N/015-25E ETD and position of departure Cameroon Airspace: 10130OZ May, 07-25N/011-50E Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : 8PA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rele e.2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709AOOW0030003-2 Ceylon Fuel required 14,000 gals 115/145 AVGAS Enter Laccadive Is. ETA 03044OZ May Exit Laccadive Is. ETD 03045OZ May Enter Laccadive Is. ETA 031525Z May Exit Laccadive Is. ETD 031535Z May f. Indonesia (1) Track B-327 (Port Moresby to Singapore) Enter West New Guinea 07-OOS/141-OOE, ETA 222255Z Apt'" Exit West New Guinea 07-OOS/138-35E, ETD 22235OZ Apr Enter Makassar FIR 07-OOS/135-OOE, ETA 230035Z Apr via 03-40S/123-OOE Exit Makassar FIR 02-50S/118-OOE, ETD 230535Z Apr Enter Surabaja FIR 02-50S/118-OOE, ETA 230535Z Apr via 01-OOS/110-OOE Exit Surabaja FIR 00-00/108-OOE, ETD 230825Z Apr (2) Track 566 (Singapore to Rangoon) Exit Singapore ADIZ 01-14N/104-OOE, ETD 280025Z Apr via 00-50N/103-35E Enter Djakarta FIR 01-45N/102-10E, ETA 2801002 Apr via 02-45N/100-30E 02-25N/096-30Z Exit Djakarta FIR 06-OON/096-30E, ETD 28034OZ Apr (3) Track 567 (Rangoon to Colombo) Enter Djakarta FIR 06-OON/096-30E, ETA 30183OZ Apr Enter Indonesia 015-15N/096-30E, ETA 301845Z Apr via 02-25N/096-30E Exit Indonesia 02-20N/096-15E, ETD 301935Z Apr Exit Djakarta FIR 01-35N/092-30E, ETD 30204OZ Apr Kenya ETA and position of entry point: 06022OZ May, 02-15S/041-OOE ETD and position of exit point: 100545Z May, 04-20N/034-10E Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rele~,we 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709AO(0030003-2 h. Republic of Singapore Entry point and ETA ADIZ boundary 01-14N/104-OOE on 23094OZ Apr Fuel required 3500 gals 115/145 AVGAS Lodging required for 20 people Fund citation - Appn. 1771804.1911 O&MN 67, Exp. Acct. 33281, Bureau Control Activity 01611, Bureau Control No. 61753, Object Class 26, Chargeable Activity 09004. i. Senegal Landing and service fee will be paid by Navy Form 44 Fuel required 7500 gals 115/145 AVGAS j. Sudan ETA and position of entry into Sudan: 100555Z May, 04-20N/034-1OE ETD and position of departure Sudan: 100945Z May, 11-50N/022-35E 5. Arrival and Departure Points. The aircraft will pass over the radio beacon of the airfield at flight altitude after takeoff and before landing insofar as this will not inter- fere with local regulation or safety of flight. 6. Clearances Required. (a) Overfly and Land Country Australia Burma Ceylon Ivory Coast Kenya Mexico Republic of Singapore Senegal Trinidad City, Territory, Island Port Moresby, Papua (New Guinea) Rangoon Colombo Abidjan Nairobi Acapulco Singapore Dakar port-of-Spain Airport Jacksons Mingaladon Colombo/Katunayake Port Bouet Nairobi Acapulco Tengah Yof Piarco (b) Overfly only Australia (Admiralty Islands, Territory of New Guinea) Cameroon Dahomey Chad Ghana Ceylon (Maldive Islands) Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : dA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rel,e 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709AO 0030003-2 India (Laccadive Islands) Indonesia (Borneo, Celebes, Sumatra, Pulau Simeulue Is., West New Guinea) Mali Mauritania Nicaragua Nigeria Sudan Togo United Kingdom (Chagos Islands, Grenadine Islands) Upper Volta 7. Waiver of Reclearance Requirements. All addressees concerned with obtaining clearances are requested, if possible, to obtain a waiver of reclearance requirements because strict adherence to the flight schedule! may be impossible due to weather conditions and aircraft or equipment maintenance. A waiver period of fifteen (15) days early to fifteen (15) days late is desired. Proper authorities will be notified by the most rapid communication means available if deviations from the flight schedule become necessary. In no event will flights be made without proper clearance according to ICAO procedures. 8. Hotel Accommodations. The assistance of addressees in foreign areas in securing hotel reservations is requested. The Officer-in-Charge Project MAGNET BRAVO will be personally responsible for any financial obligations incurred by addressees in making requested arrangements including costs incurred in the event of cancellation. 9. Aircraft Type and Serial. NC-121K, Bureau Number 145925. No alternate aircraft. 10. Aircraft Radio. a. Frequencies - LF, MF, HF, VHF, UHF b. Voice Call - Navy 145925 c. International C. W. call - N-145925 11. Passenger, Cargo, and Armament. None. 12. Cameras. No aerial cameras. Members of the crew carry personal hand cameras which will be used in accordance with local regulations. Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2 Approved For R ease 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709AN0500030003-2 13. pilot in Command. Lieutenant Commander Ray L. Triplett, Officer-in-Charge, Project MAGNET BRAVO. 14. Senior Scientist. Mr. William K. Archer, Geophysicist, GS-12, U. S. Naval Oceanographic Office Representative. Crew (including Pilot in Command and Senior NAVOCEANO Scientist). 15 . a. Flight crew e/File No i position passport No. Name Rank/Rate . c Serv Ray L. Triplett LCDR 418016/131.5 plane Commander , Frank S. Godleski LT 667601/1315 Co-Pilot , Dale W n s LT 592265/131.0 Co-Pilot 6 . , o Patter Robert E. an i LT 663206/1325 Navigator y3421 9 6 , nzm H Robert G LTJG 692415/1325 Navigator Y48473 53 . Brown, James F LTJG 694422/1325 Navigator Y4229 4005 . Long, Robert J. issette AMHC 9011361 Crew Chief Y14 , Morr Louis E hill ADRC 2640078 plane Captain Y143707 4 6 . , Barn James H ADR1 4238894 Flight Engineer 7 Y455 42 . Heaton, est V E ADR2 4914883 Flight Mechanic Y4230 6 . rn True, Carl F ADR2 2895574 Flight Mechanic Y49411 446 2 . Deuser, Martin i ATC 8558319 Radioman 1 Y3 488 on, Gall William D AT1 4822157 Radioman Y489 2066 . McLucas, thur V A AE2 6951602 Electric '_' i Y38 94 4 . u Raines, Wills, Richard A. AMH1 5242635 Metal smith 91 Y4 b. Scientific personnel d No C position passport No. Name Grade . ar DOD ist i h y372956 Archer, William K. GS-12 N080871 29321 c ys Sen. Geop Geophysicist Y350384 Louis A. Irwin GS-9 N1 ist i h Y416756 , Frawley, James J. GS-5 N129450 c ys Geop Geophysicist Smith, Ronald H. Butler, Roy E. GS-5 GS-11 N129655 Geodesist Y497935 All crew members are United states citizens and hold U. S. Official passports with required visas. Innoculations have been completed in accor- dance with the USAF Foreign Clearance Guide. Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2 Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2 NAVOCEANO Project A31-744 Apri11967une ---ttachme t (1) to!Enc1 (1)1of NAVOCEANO 1tr Ser al 4222 of Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rel%se 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709AOQW00030003-2 Proposed Survey: Bosuntwi Crater, Flight Altitude 3,000 ft. Attachment (2) to Encl (1) of Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B017&JA96 WOGOD3.r.4222 of MAR 3 16 Approved For PCIPase 2005/06/01 CIA-RDP79B01709 0.50 ro x outcrop .1:11n.i A- i!e'1 Proposed Survey: Richat Structure, Flight Altitude 3,000 ft. Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1777 M 17 SAND, 36gf 3 t;p Encl (1) of 1967 r er. 222 of MAR 8 Approved Forejease 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709"00500030003-2 Proposed Holiday Area Survey: Flight Altitude 600 ft. Attachment (4) to Encl (1) of Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B VW Q i09Af103U0n 22 of MAR $ 1967 Approved For lease 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B017000500030003-2 U. S. NAVAL OCEANOGRAPHIC OFFICE PROJECT MAGNET General Background Information 1. Description and Purpose of Project MAGNET - Project MAGNET, a contin- uing project of the U. S. Naval Oceanographic office, was established to collect accurate and current world-wide magnetic data. The data collected by Project MAGNET are required for charting purposes, advanced navigation systems, space programs, and other scientific programs of the United States. Survey operations are carried out by transport type aircraft, an NC-54R Skymaster and an NC-121K Super-Constellation, instrumented for this purpose. 2. Geomagnetic Measurements - Data collected during the survey flights are raw data. These data are reduced to values of magnetic variation, magnetic inclination or dip, and horizontal, vertical and total intensity of the earth's magnetic field. The Oceanographic Office is attempting to use the AN/SRN-9 Shipboard Navigation System as an airborne Navigation Satellite receiver for post flight positioning of the MAGNET track. The lengthy data computation processes are carried out at the Oceanographic Office. 3. Use of Magnetic Data - The results of the survey are combined with in- formation from ground magnetic observations and other magnetic survey pro- grams and used to produce a series of world magnetic charts. The U. S. Naval Oceanographic Office desires to cooperate fully with foreign govern- ments in exchanging geomagnetic data. Foreign technical officials are invited to correspond directly with the Commander, U. S. Naval Oceanographic Office, Washington, D. C. 20390. 4. Cosmic Ray Measurements - A cosmic ray detection system is carried aboard the NC-121K aircraft for studying the interrelationship of cosmic rays and the earth's magnetic field. The Bartol Research Foundation in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania processes and analyzes the data and publishes the results. 5. Gravity-Geodesy Measurements - At all places on the itinerary for which appropriate clearances are obtained, land gravity measurements made with a portable gravimeter, and position observations for evaluation of the AN/SRN-9 Navigation Satellite receiver will be made. The assistance of local gravi- metrists in the conduct of these measurements will be solicited by separate correspondence. This work is part of an international effort in cooperation with Study Group No. 5, International Gravity Commission, International Association of Geodesy. Results will be made available to the international scientific community in published form. 6. Flight Operations - All flights are conducted in accordance with approved International Civil Aviation Organization procedures. Flight operations will conform with established airways structure and reporting points in all cases where practicable. Any deviation will be cleared with appropriate aviation controlling authorities. Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030003-2 Approved For Rele2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A00030003-2 Code 8210-j1 7. Requests for Overflight Clearances - The primary aim of Project MAGNET is the acquisition of data over international waters. However, it is necessary to transit land area to proceed from one ocean area to another and it is desirable to accumulate data on these flights to supplement that provided by magnetic observatories and ground surveys. The Oceano- graphic Office will provide to any country that grants an overflight clearance copies of all reduced magnetic data collected over that country. 8. Liaison with Foreign Technical Personnel - Concurrent with requests for clearances the Oceanographic. Office wishes to extend an invitation to interested foreign government officials, scientists and members of. the press to visit the aircraft and inspect its equipment and discuss the project with Oceanographic Office personnel. It is desired that visits to the aircraft be handled informally through the U. S. Military Attache and that firm arrangements with the U. S. Military Attache await arrival of the plane in the country concerned. Within limitations of space avail- able aboard the aircraft, foreign technical personnel are welcome to travel as observers on a survey flight in accordance with paragraph 6.a., OPNAV INSTR 4630.22. It must be noted, however, that most flights proceed from one country to another and that return travel arrangements must be the observer's responsibility. Personnel entrance requirements must be complied with as set forth in the U. S. Air Force Foreign Clearance Guide before third nation nationals can be flown into a foreign country. When there is sufficient technical interest and time, short local demonstration flights may be arranged. 9. Use of Above Information - Any information contained herein may be used as deemed appropriate in negotiating clearances for Project MAGNET operations including the brochures attached thereto. Additional copies of the brochure will be carried on the survey aircraft. Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2 j( t A r Approved For Releawi2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A00( 5 030003-2 U. S. NAVAL OCEANOGRAPHIC OFFICE WASHINGTON, D. C. 20390 AIRBORNE GEOMAGNETIC SURVEY PROJECT MAGNET PRESS RELEASE The United States Naval Oceanographic Office is conducting an airborne geomagnetic survey of ocean areas. The purpose of this program, known as Project MAGNET, is to acquire more accurate and adequate data for the improvement of navigational and world isomagnetic charts. The current flight operations are being conducted as part of the overall survey of the world's ocean areas. The survey aircraft, a modified U. S. Navy transport plane, is equipped with a vector airborne magnetometer and special navigation equip- ment. The airborne magnetometer measures the intensity and direction of the earth's magnetic field, thereby providing information for charting all elements of the field. The airborne geomagnetic survey data are utilized in the construction of nautical, aeronautical, and world isomagnetic charts published by the United States Government, thus providing improved knowledge of the earth's magnetic field over the ocean areas and more reliable navigational data for ships and aircraft of all nations. 21 Encl (3) to NAVOCEANO ltr ser 4222 of MAR 8 1987 Approved For Release 2005/06/01 : CIA-RDP79B01709A000500030003-2