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December 16, 2016
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October 25, 2004
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June 2, 1966
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App roved Fo lease 2005%04W4LRDP79B0170 ~0 30$04j, 5 2 June 1966 MEMORANDUM FOR: COMOR Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Working Group SUBJECT: Mapping, 'Charting, and Geodesy Requirements for 1. The attached draft of mapping, charting, and geodesy requirements for. covert satellite reconnaissance systems has been prepared by the Chairman. Present intentions are to place this draft on the agenda of the next Working Group meeting, which will be held on Monday, 13 June, at 1400. It is hoped that members will come prepared to submit corrections or additions as appropriate at that time. 2. Members will be advised of additional agenda items as necessary. ham COMOR MCG Working Group Attachment: Subject paper Copy 1 2, 3 4, 5 6,7 8, 9 10, 11 12 13, 14 15 16 17 18,19 20-24 DIA TCO DIA TCO Army TC (Mr. Matthews) Navy TCO (Mr. Wolf) Air Force TCO (Mr. Eldridge) CIA Memberl NRO ( NPIC State TCO (Mr. Moyer) NSA TCO CIA COM ember Ch/PWG Ch/MCGWG GROUP I E.c l.d.d f- au, .d d.c,sc;(;c., A proved For Release 240fb4S CRET- NRO review(s) completed. Copy a_ of 24 25X1 25X1A 25X1 25X1 D R A Appi F T oved Fci. (ease 20OQP4/iECF4FRDP79B0170 00500030Q04-1 MCGWG-D-7 //5 MEMORANDUM FOR: United States Intelligence Board SUBJECT: Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy Requirements for Introduction 1. Mapping, charting, and geodesy disciplines are currently being revolutionized as a result of: a. Increasing U. S. needs for mapping, charting, and g-odetic information in support of both existing and new weapons systems and other changing military requirements. b. The receipt of large quantities of data from th~ KH-4, atellite programs that can be applied against these increasing requirements. c. The potential for achieving a significantly improved world-wide geodetic system by use of overt geodetic satellite programs Technological advances achieved in the use of data derived from satellite programs. Approved For Release 20051p2SEEMP79B01709A000500010004-1 25X1 25X1A 25X1 25X1 25X1 roved O* elease QffO RETA-RDP79BO1?A000500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 e. Substantially complete coverage of the Sino- Soviet bloc and approximately 9. 4 million square miles outside this area that has been obtained by present satellite collection programs (Although this coverage can be used to produce maps and charts, its value is marginal in that it does not meet all mapping and charting accuracy criteria). Requirements 2. Against this background of both extensive and changing needs and the fact that we have acquired and expect to acquire large volumes of data useful in meeting many of our anticipated requirements, it is necessary to establish current and. future requirements for mapping, charting, and geodesy to be fulfilled by covert satellite collection systems. These requirements which relate directly to U.S. military needs insofar as they can be predicted through 1972 fall into two classes as follows: 25X5 Approved For Release 200 P/23 -f DP79B017 25X1 roved Fwpelease 2!QpI!f F',ElV4-RDP79BO177A000500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 :Furthermore, since these missiles will employ low-angle :re-entry warheads, target elevations throughout the Sino-Soviet bloc must be accurate again relative to the World Geodetic System. It is currently estimated that data derived fro aterials, which cover 44 million square miles of the 56 million required, are providing It is further estimated that by 1970, refined horizontal accuracies of feet can be compiled. These accuracies will be possible through mathematical refinement combining the covert products with data from the overt U. S. National Geodetic Satellite Program, with its world primary triangulation network, plus necessary filling in on gaps in 25X1 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A confidently expect that our geodetic requirements relative to the World Geodetic System will be satisfied without 4 Approved For Release 2005ro?225Ec lDP79BO17 25X1 Apo roved F%Pelease 2!QWOJE(F;f i -RDP79BO17UA000500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 Mapping and Charting Requirements. Horizontal and vertical control accuracies with 90 per cent assurance for maps and charts at various scales are set forth below: Horizontal Accuracy Vertical Accuracy (Including Datum Degradation) 25X1 Large Scale Topo Maps at 1:50, 000 Medium Scale Maps at 1:250, 000 Medium Scale Charts at 1:200, 000 Photogrammetric to Regional and Local Bases Significant Features 5 25X1 Approved For Release 20/8E(,DP79B01 #09A000500030004-1 App ~oved For4Wease 20d&/SE(.(NgTRDP79B0170AW00500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 Justification for Accuracies and the Degree to Which Present Collection Systems are Meeting Requirements 3. The accuracies required for large scale topographic maps are commensurate with the capabilities incorporated in advanced- design tube artillery. These designs will assure that effective lethal fire is delivered on initial salvo if maps used to establish trajectories provide precise target and position data. Present reconnaissance systems are not meeting either the horizontal or vertical accuracy criteria. The improved KH-4, expected to be launched in July 1967, will provide accuracies meeting the horizontal requirement, and the 4. The requirements for medium scale maps are based on their use as a substitute for large scale topographic maps in laying down tube artillery fire. Although medium scale maps are employed in many other different ways, none of their uses is as demanding in accuracy as the part they play as substitutes for large scale maps. Medium scale aeronautical. charts require essentially the same accuracies as topographic maps of similar scale. The increased vertical accuracy, as compared with topographic maps, is needed to prepare radar predictions for all-weather, low level penetration of 25X1 Approved For Release 20 4&kC' -RDP79BOl~ 09A000500030004-1 ved FoMQOease 20TOP4/$(, TRDP79BO170$4P00500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 tactical and strategic aircraft. 5. Requirements for relative accuracies of photogrammetric control points relative to regional and local control have been established in order to permit the orderly production of contiguous maps and charts and to satisfy the accuracy requirements of weapons with ranges up to 500 miles. Present systems are meeting the horizontal accuracy requirement, and it is estimated that Photographic Resolution and Accuracy of Significant Features 6. In addition to the requirements for horizontal and vertical accuracies listed above, map and chart production also requires that certain details, especially those relating to the height of man-made objects and to the height and shape of significant features, be portrayed accurately. Furthermore, it has been determined that a ground resolution of uis sufficient for these details. Approved For Release 20f Q04/!E(R RDP79B0J709A000500030004-1 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 25X1 proved F elease *PO RETA-RDP79B017JA000500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 Timeliness of Photogra hic Collection 7. Since map and chart production is a vve-ry time-consuming process, it is essential that an adequate data bank of photographic coverage and regional and local photogramitietric positioning information be obtained well in advance of military contingencies that may arise anywhere in the world and could require the production of medium l and large scale maps and charts on an emergency basis., We are presently employing both the KH-4 Suggestions for Future Research and Development 8. Opportunities to enhance efficiencies and ease in using data from satellite reconnaissance systems for mapping and charting have been discussed with NRO representatives, but design potentials are not clearly predictable at this time. A number of technical 25X1A 25X1A 25X1 Approved For Release 20 / i, TDP79B017 )9A000500030004-1 ved For base 200TIG2$ECR? DP79B017094W0500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 proposals could be met in more than one way, although solutions might require certain trade-offs. Suggestions which we have submitted are as follows: a. Inclusion of a six- or eight-inch focal,length index (terrain) camera in the KEi-4 or similar stereo panoramic system, with at least a three-inch focal length for the stellar camera, will provide an acquisition system capable of directly providing the precise geometry needed to meet all medium scale map and chart accuracy require- ments. Since the six- or eight-.inch focal length would not fulfill the accuracy requirements for large scale maps, possible ways to include a still longer focal length for the index camera should be considered. b. In order to use a longer focal length index camera more efficiently in data reduction, improvements to present stellar index systems are required. Were these accomplished, more accurate determinations of vehicle attitude could be made. Modifications accomplished should permit vehicle attitude to be determined to within five arc seconds (one sigma). Approved For Release 20T(4/Sf (:RgTRDP79B( 1709A000500030004-1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/04/22 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030004-1 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/04/22 : CIA-RDP79BO1709A000500030004-1 Apo roved Fo Iease 201 4&iC -RDP79BO170 00500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 c. There are possible improvements which, if added to existing systems or incorporated into advanced systems, could make map production more efficient and would provide easier methods for direct incorporation of satellite data into finished maps. Recommendations 10. It is recommended that: a. requirements The NRO, further to geodetic I-.sine basic world-wide geodetic ng satisfied don--Vnuo ert a` respond requirements only if covert systems can achieve accuracies greater than presently required and permit savings in other geodetic programs. b, The NRO, in conjunction with technical representatives of the mapping and charting community, continue to study the problem of improving the cost- effectiveness of covert satellite photography in the production of maps and charts and to consider adoption of such improvements in system designs that do not reult. k detrimental effects on the primary intelligence mission performed by covert satellite reconnaissance. Approved For Release T@p/0S R&TA-RDP79B01709A000 Apl roved For lease 20f UP4//EE,REtRDP79BO1709000500030004-1 MCGWG-D-7/5 c. Present efforts to obtain photographic material of non-denied areas for the mapping and charting data bank be continued with the present KH-4 and with the improved KH-4 when it becomes operational. 25X1 Approved For Release 200TIOfI24ECR? DP79BO17 )9A000500030004-1