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December 15, 2016
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February 25, 2004
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August 7, 1969
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25X1 25X1 `,, Copy No. of 77 25X1 USIB-D-46. 4/ 31 (COMIREX-D- 13.16/6) 7 August 1969 Limited Distribution SUBJECT : COMIREX Review of Guidance for NRP Planning REFERENCE : USIB-D-46. 4/12, 1 March 1968, Limited Distribution (Approved and recorded in USIB-M-500, Secretary's Note #1, 14 March 1968) 1. The attached memorandum from the Chairman, Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation (COMIREX), submitting comments on requirements for the collection of reconnaissance imagery "that should be considered in the next NRP budget and in the five-year plan", is in response to the directive from the Chairman, United States Intelligence Board (USIB) as circulated in Tab C of the reference. COMIREX advises that submission of this report has been delayed to accommodate a recent NRO request for interim guidance on the need for very high resolution imagery. 2. The subject report: a. Reaffirms the general USIB guidance submitted in February 1969 for NRO FY 70 planning and notes its applicability to longer term planning; 25X1 NRO r pW( For R completed. GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic 00 30eciassi icaattiio nd 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/04T16)I&RRfi'f1709A002300050006-7 Approved For Releas 00050006-7 25X1 25X1 25X1 USIB-D-46. 4/ 31 (COMIREX-D-13. 16/6) 7 August 1969 Limited Distribution In connection with point c. COMIREX considers that NRO should continue the development of technologies that could provide a satellite system in which is realizable, but recognizes that final decisions on a s stem will depend not onl on judgments as to the value 25X1 but also how25X1 a of the effort. 25X1 requirements for use in the longer term evaluation and will work with the NRO in examining the various options, their responsiveness to intelligence objectives, and the question of timing and cost. COMIREX is undertaking a comprehensive study of soon the capability should be developed and, overall, problem is required by NRO prior to the EXCOM meeting of 15 August. portion of the report involving interim guidance on the 3. It is not planned to schedule this item on a USIB agenda unless 25X1 requested to do so by a member by noon 13 August 1969.1 has 25X1 advised the USIB Secretariat that this short deadline is required because the 4. In the absence of such a request, it will be recorded as of that date that USIB noted the attached COMIREX comments and referred them to the National Reconnaissance Office for information and guidance. 25X1 Acting Executive Secretary Approved For Releas 25X1 000 25X1 Approved For Release - 04a6AMh7ment USIB-D-46.4/31 25X1 (COMIREX-D-13. 16/6) 7 August 1969 Limited Distribution MEMORANDUM FOR: United States Intelligence Board SUBJECT: COMIREX Review of Guidance for NRP Planning REFERENCES: a. USIB-D-46.4/27 (COMIREX-D-13. 16/3) 4 February 1969 b. USIB-D-46. 4/12, 1 March 1968 d. USIB-D-46.4/13 (COMIREX-D-14.4/1) 27 March 1968 e. USIB-D-41. 14/294 (COMOR-D-13/63) 21 June 1966 f. COMIREX-D-13, 16/5, 11 June 1969 1. In February 1969 COMIREX submitted to USIB its review of requirements for the fiscal year 1970 (reference a) as the first part of the annual review of guidance for the National Reconnaissance Program (NRP) requested by the USIB (reference b). The purpose of the present memorandum is to assist NRO in its review of FY 71 budget proposals and its longer range planning for the next five years. COMIREX has been working with the NRO to develop common data for use in the present review and has completed a further survey of requirements previously submitted to the Board. These are summarized as follows: a. The February 1969 review of requirements submitted by COMIREX to the Board (reference a) continues to be an up-to-date and valid summary which is recommended for NRO use as guidance for FY 71 and as the basis for longer range planning. The NRO should additionally take into account the requirement/ Approved For Release 25X1 25X1 25 1 Approved For Releas b. As explained in paragraph 2 below, COMIREX anticipates that some changes will be made in the form of the search requirement which will allow more efficient utilization of the remaining CORONA vehicles. providing the NRO a detailed statement of mini as presented to the Board in Marc-h--19-78- (reference d) remains a viable document in terms of 006MtM9~ ent USIB-D-46. 4/31 25X1 (COMIREX-D-13. 16/6) 7 August 1969 Limited Distribution c. The requirements ford requirements 25X1 25X1 25X1 2. As noted above, there may be some modification of the search requirement in the near future. NRO has developed new software for the KH-4B and in the light of this increased capability it has requested that COMIREX consider modifying the form of the search requirements to take advantage of this software (reference f). COMIREX has not et acted on the NRO re nest 3. A deterrent to comprehensive analysis of search require- ments in relation to NRO capabilities is the tenuous nature of the present launch schedule. A possible stretch-out of the KH-4B program could under some circumstances result in. an underfulfillment of the KH-4 requirement as presently defined. COMIREX notes further that the KH-4B program has very little flexibility and believes that, if drastic rescheduling or operational practices are required to meet an emergency, the present search requirement could be jeopardized. Approved For Relea 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Rele 30 66 prnt 25X1 USIB-D-46.4/31 (COMIREX-Dm 13. 16 /6) 7 August 1969 Limited Distribution 4. In accordance with COMIREX understanding of the need to support the mapping, charting and geodetic community in obtaining data, there will be no need to assign any KH-4 mission uniquely for coverage of MC&G requirements. The normal MC&G area coverage requirements as well as those for city plans and other spot locations can be taken care of, except for previously defined bad weather areas, by allocation o f a portion of the film I land programming engineering coverage over mapping requirements, covert aircraft all-weather systems are being studied with respect to the requirement for mapping and charting data in the bad-weather areas. 25X1 NRO1 25X1 25X1 I Approved For Release ET Uj 0050006-7 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Relea 0&t ad~ent 25X1 USIB-D-46. 4/31 (COMIREX-D-13. 16/6) 7 August 1969 Limited Distribution 8. COMIREX concludes that the review of requirements for FY 70 (referenc-e a) remains appropriate as general guidance. As noted in paragraphs 2 and 3 the search requirement may still need some further adjustments. As shown in paragraphs 6 and 7 above, NRthas requested requirements guidance from COMIREX on the question of hotography. Interim guidance has been provided, in accordance with paragraph 6, and further interaction with NRO is planned. 9. Recommendation. It is recommended that the Board note this paper while approving its transmittal to NRO for guidance. 25X1 25X1 Chairman Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation 25X1 25X1 Approved For Relea