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December 16, 2016
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January 24, 2005
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July 30, 1971
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Approved Fo~leaseBQ~~j0I2/4 ~j:~~~Q~7~9M000~001300020050-0 Enclosure USIB-D-51.1/19 2 August 1971 30 July 1971 MEMORANDUM FOR THE UNITED STATES INTELLIGENCE BOARD SUBJECT National Intelligence Survey (NIS) Production Schedule for FY 1972 REFERENCE: USIB-M-504, 11 April 1968 1. In accordance with the reference, the NI5 Committee submits herewith the NIS Production Schedule for FY 1972. 2. Because of resource limitations, Coasts and Landing Beaches units have not been programed for FY 1972. The Ports and Naval Facilities volumes have been replaced by single-sheet publications, which treat each port separately and thus make possible easier and more rapid maintenance. Similarly, a single-city publication has been developed for urban area coverage. 3. In the General Survey, anew sequence of presentation has been adopted to assist readers seeking a broad appraisal of the country as well as those looking for reference data on military or other special- ized topics. 4. Production of General Surveys for FY 1972 continues at 30. At present, 73 detailed sections are scheduled, representing a 12% reduction from FY 1971; in addition, 45 port sheets and 28 urban area studies are programed. The schedule will be critically reviewed throughout the year and may require adjustment because of manpower and budgetary restrictions. J~3N KERRY / SING Chairman, NIS Committee Attachment: NIS Production Schedule, FY 1972 25 Approved For Release ~~/~2~1~DC~PA9~,I100062A00130~~~~~~,,~,~MATIC DOWNGRADING. AND DECLASSIFICATION Approved Fo~lease 2005/02/14 :CIA-RDP79M000~001300020050-0 CONFIDENTIAL National Intelligence Survey (NIS) Production Schedule FY 1972 GENERAL SURVEY=~ Afghanistan Jordan Pakistan'~m Bulgaria Kuwait and Portugal Burma Persian Gulf States Senegal; Gambia Chile (combined areas) (combined areas) Communist China Martinique, Guadeloupe, South Africa, Cuba and French Guiana South-West Africa Cyprus (combined areas) South Vietnam Ethiopia Mauritius and the Sweden Guatemala Seychelles Tunisia Hungary (combined areas) U. A. R. Indonesia Mexico Venezuela Israel Nigeria West Germany Ivory Coast North Korea Yugoslavia 'General Surveys total 243 production units m Rescheduled from FY 71 Ecuador; Peru (combined areas) South Africa Switzerland; Austria (combined areas) U. S.S.R. -Northwest South China Hungary Albania Libya Northeast China Tunisia U. S.S.R. (selected areas) RAILROADS East Germany CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2005/02/14 :CIA-RDP79M00062A001300020050-0 Approved Fo~leasCeONFIDEN'I'IAL RDP79M000~001300020050-0 HIGHWAYS Czechoslovakia INLAND WATERWAYS U. S, S.R. PORTS AND NAVAL FACILITIES Bulgaria North Vietnam U.S. S.R. -Arctic Coast East Germany Poland U.A. R. Libya South Korea Venezuela MERCHANT MARINE Brazil Cuba Communist China Nationalist China CIVIL AIR U.S. S. R. TELECOMMUNICATIONS Algeria Ecuador Peru Communist China Finland South Korea Czechoslovakia France West Germany Denmark Netherlands Yugoslavia SOCIAL CHARACTERISTICS Congo(Brazzaville) Iran Nicaragua Costa Rica HEALTH AND SANITATION Kenya North Vietnam Czechoslovakia Italy Morocco Ethiopia Jordan Poland Greece Lebanon Syria Israel Libya Turkey Approved For Releas~e4~~~~?'-rRDP79M00062A001300020050-0 Approved For~ease 2005/02/14 :CIA-RDP79M0006~01300020050-0 CONFIDENTIAL X~ INTELLIGENCE AND SECURITY Finland Norway Syria Lebanon Pakistan U. S. S. R. Malaysia Philippines Yugoslavia MANUFACTURING AND CONSTRUCTION Austria Japan Pakistan Brazil Netherlands Venezuela ARMED FORCES U.S.S.R. OCEANOGRAPHY Eastern South Atlantic Southeastern South Atlantic Approved For Release zUD~/a~~~IRDP79M00062A001300020050-0