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December 16, 2016
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January 24, 2005
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September 10, 1969
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ed For Release 2UO510211A TRANSMITTAL SLIP DATE 17 September 1969 Executive Secretary, USIB ROOM NO. I BUILDING 7 E12 Headquarters Joyce: 115 copies attached. Let me know if you need any more. Chairman, TJIS Committee IROOM NO. BUILDING cn~ww d F 4r RJOSe 20p5/02'I 4LClA RDP79 02a FORM NO .') A I REPLACES FORM 36-8 (47) 1 FEB 55 L`T WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For lease 26M/ 114 DCk"bPftMooo6*01300020075-3 10 September 1969 SUBJECT: National Intelligence Survey (NIS) Production Schedule for FY 1970 REFERENCE: USIB-M-504, 11 April 1968 1. In accordance with the reference, the NIS Committee submits herewith the NIS Production Schedule for FY 1970. 2. After successful completion of two pilot units on Social Characteristics in FY 1969, ten units are included in this schedule and will provide more efficient and effective detailed sociological coverage in the NIS. 3. Manpower reductions in DIA, imposed by the Bureau of the Budget and specifically identified with the NIS Program, have significantly affected production planning. The immediate result is a reduction of 11 units programed for production in FY 1970 and a stretchout in the NIS revision cycles. 4. It should also be noted that there is a slight reduction in CIA's production of detailed economic sections, related to a partial phase-out of this work at the end of FY 1970. 5. Production units for FY 1970 total 364, a 5% reduction over that for FY 1969. X1 JAMES A. BRAMMELL hairman, NIS Committee Attachment: NIS Production Schedule See USIB-D-51. 1/ 16 Approved For Release 205U/(q/ q 7p9P 0006 GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic 2A0013 > j9-*ng and 25 Approved Fo*leaCWAY/01 .CTAIRDP79M0006 01300020075-3 National Intelligence Survey (NIS) Production Schedule Bulgaria; Romania (combined areas) Cyprus; Turkey (combined areas) Approved For Release 2005/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00062AO01300020075-3 Barbados Belgium Brazil Cameroon Ceylon Colombia Congo (Kinshasa) Costa Rica Dahomey East Germany India Iran Iraq Kenya Laos Libya Nationalist China Netherlands Nicaragua Panama Peru Poland Rhodesia Romania South Korea Spain Tanzania Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Yemen Zambia *General Surveys total 226 production units. Afghanistan; Iran British Honduras; (combined areas) Costa Rica; Arabian Peninsula; Iraq El Salvador; (combined areas) Guatemala; Honduras; Nicaragua; Panama (combined areas) Approved For lease 059/b11F4 16FAl ICE P79M0006601300020075-3 North Korea Panama Portugal; Spain (combined areas) Algeria European USSR Laos Argentina and the Caucasus North China Thailand Algeria Bulgaria Belgium Chile North Korea USSR - Baltic Sea Hong Kong and Macao Norway Yugoslavia Communist China Czechoslovakia -I D2- TI Approved For Release hA/02/4NCIA L79M00062A001300020075-3 Approved For*eaceC0t/b11F4 C91AI-46P79M0006601300020075-3 X1 X1 Argentina Greece Belgium India Bulgaria Malaysia Chile Norway Bolivia Ceylon Bulgaria Greece Cambodia Guinea Romania Sweden Turkey United Arab Republic Mongolia Paraguay Portugal Tunisia Afghanistan Austria Belgium; Luxembourg (combined areas) Burma Colombia Communist China Cuba El Salvador France Indonesia Liberia Malaysia; Singapore (combined areas) Nepal Netherlands Pakistan Spain Sudan Switzerland Tunisia West Germany Approved For ReleAdD21609/6?1 VdA-IQ[iP79M00062A001300020075-3 Approved For4oeA 05/bE'~4 C5I'J-A[IlP79M0006001300020075-3 AGRICULTURE, FISHERIES, AND FORESTRY Bolivia Guatemala Guyana Greece Guinea Iran United Arab Republic France Italy United Arab Republic India Mexico Venezuela Argentina Czechoslovakia South Korea Bulgaria Indonesia Spain Communist China Italy Sweden Greece Guyana Netherlands Pakistan Chile India South Korea Czechoslovakia Indone sia Yugo slavia West Germany Belgium Finland Indonesia. Israel -4- CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2005/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00062A001300020075-3 Approved For4pea 1ba/dam NAI-I 79M0006qP01300020075-3 Central South Atlantic Marine Climate South-Central North Pacific Oceanography Effects of Marine Climate and Oceanography on Military Operations Southeastern North Pacific Oceanography Effects of Marine Climate and Oceanography on Military Operations -55- 1~IFIE TTlIp,i,_ Approved For Release 2005/02/14: CIA-R&P79M00062A001300020075-3