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December 19, 2016
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December 23, 2005
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March 1, 1977
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"larch, -X, 1977 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -- Extensions of Remarks P, 1 fIM armed _ ._ - .. 1..1 r, v111,;1,s tuilarlce; Clyde UTolte operation, such as lire V['n~,`i?rr;, '.. struggle-supporting Brooklyn Bel.lecourt- American Indio. n.r .. .. le f th ..-....,. o e weather Undierground's Prairie Fire Organizing; Committee. On the night of Friday, February 18, .plosives" were detonated in New York -City at the Gulf and Western Builcl;ng and at the Chrysler Building. One person ".gay a directions to an FALN communique it a11u , sulp- porters end, that the grand iurv inve;t.i_ Ben Chavis, National Alliance Against Party, U..3-A? Cl'U A Lh the 3lPl]erto Rtacist and Political Repression; Walter Rica S li n o darity Comrnitt h cas been Collins; lave Dellinger, Seven Days greatly enhanced. Among those an tkle Magazuie; Rudolfo "Corky" Gonzales, new PRSC national board is Jack Spiegel, head of the Denver Crusade for Justice; long active in Chicago as a CPtis a trou- James Haugh ton; . Phil . Iiutchings; ble shooter in New. Left groups. Sppiegt-j is Arthur Kinoy. NLG and rv POC; Yuri also district director of the Lake States Kochiyama, National Committee for-the United Shoe Workers of America, and Defense of Political Prisoners, a Black choses to use that office, not his rank in Liberation Army support group; Beverly the CPUSA heirarchy, on the PRSC Leman; Bob Lewis, NLG, 1viPO,Ci and board. counsel to the United Electrical t7nion; Alfredo Lopez; Antonio:.-Rodriguez, The new P12No board ces es 1, Third ance; Heat, Third C,9 SA/General Brotherhood of Workers, World ld Attica Women's Alliance; w; a Mexican-American Marxist-Leninist World Robert CPris orvjini9:atinn? n,:?....,. c._.,-__,--- _-_ man. al~farxist prlitr of -- - --- ' 1'1 ,ru; la .v 111 Silber editf .,or o The... Bt rhooa. coordinated by the Puerto Rican Guardian; Annie Stein, a leader of FFOC Work o, CASA/General Brotherhood . Solidarity elnr?n,iff- i-n-, --- and i A p e gainst Racism crat?ic Filipinos; James Early, Washing. group. for the Puerto Rican Socialist In Educ ation-PARE, widow of C,CJSA ton D C A ; rthur Kin Rlild M , ..oy;aaar- a iireorRiinan tiuPA+ht M Arthur Stein and mother of. salka. Women's rnr , +; .,.,., 4,tion of the committee for P W[141V11 u11u the defense commit- Mein Raskin; and Jose "Che" Velasques, ess,: and rreedom- -?W1I, Bonnie -.tee for Carlos Feliciarto Boston' a Nationalist PSP tr t , .s iatioer- s e e o End e - Pasta activist seen ed of being a member Support Abuse; Rosemary Mealy, Amer- for revolutionary t riori,ln.- Jean Friends Service Committee '3'hlyd' of the IvL A terrotr t group In New York became an issue at the Chicago -+i-_1 a resolution , Puerto o~ n National- the defense of PSP members .charged The cutting edge of Puerto Ricaz .~ i oliaarity Mirta Party; Rodriguez Michelle ica 1, Detroit; with a variety of offenses. Its first major within the U.U. Is the development of -,,,.,,,,-t r,.:.,.. activity in 7475 n,ac -u -u uuner corms of "111e n1 stru - " ~. "11a11arrr, a t]owara Puerto Rican Solidarity rally whir_h. gle".? ? +. Armed struggle must be de_ University professor of political science served as the platform for th fended not active i FA C ib t] e ar L i s just as an abtt bean studnt ,srac concept, bute movements; debut, in the forms in which it is actuall occurrin Jack Spiegel; Annie Stein; and Jose The PRSC's principal role is to c?n_ small and episodic actions rathw ytt a Velasaucs of tha Pct, -: Street-level solidarity and defense - jivi I, 1,.cre x uerto Rican Socialist Party. -"~'?"?". - -? =: - Its executive secretary until a year ago Federico Lar f a o El Cocott/g eroup a as Alfredo Lopez, a member of the Puerto Rican revolutionary. group of PSP Central Committee who fo ,._ t?r~ i t rmer s of the Trotskyite Communist (Socialist discussion of "armed lstzutgle" o stop Workers Party. Current executive secre- grounds that the subject was too danger tart' of the PRSC is Rosa Borenstein Otis to be di scussed inbli , a puc meeting. whose sister, Susan, is a leader of the Lora conceeded, however IN UP HOUSE T OF REPRESENTATIVES that rnted Communist Party, U.S.A.-dominated Na struggle i th - s e fundamental question of Tuesday, March 1, 1977 tional Coordinating Center in Solidarity the Puerto Rican national liberation Mr. DELLUMS. Mr. Speaker aft with Chile. movement er , several years, during which the press and The members of the PRSC national A "compromise" resolution was offered several congressional committee h zboaxd reflect the organization's mem s ave - by the Ft R reneevolutionaria Anti-Im- investigated the intelligence community tership wich Is drawn PSP hthe Wea hern yang Pe part,>;ro perial:tsta-FRAl-upholding "the in- documented many of itc c;an;i; r,a?i f_a _u Rico to make use of revolutionary vio- the Congress has yet to meet itslres 1 ulj, _pon- Z;"PFOC, the Venceremos Brigade-V13, the lence as the means to achieve Its defini- sibiiities and enact legislation to correct `'. New American Movement-NANT, harass tine liberation:' the abuses, ect Pao ?yA-Organizing Coiiimittee--MPOC n liberation.,' protect our den]ocren sys- I a~-1,AJl With the exception of the Workers, World observers indicated they would have sup- Bence system. Con-re :sional action is Party which stron Ported the PFOC resol necessary and lon l o ti d g g u ver y supports Cat ue on if it had ben sro,,e. Totzkyites are excluded from the PRSC. offered in private in the context of an in- 1"ociay I am introducing the Omnibus Since the Communist Chinese have de- ternal debate within & revolutionary Intelligence Community Reorganization ` trounced the S e ZVtarcist-Leni i t d ov e use of Cub ns party; but tht th and Reform Actf 197' anmer -aey o. The bill is a voted against the armed cenaries in Angola most US result of m t s ruggle resolu Maoists y personal Particiti ,..-paon in the have withdrawn from-or been ex tion because of the possibility of the Ares- House investigation and subsequent of the American Boston, Mass., Hartford and New Haven, which included- Civil Liberties. Union. The bill is neces- Conn.; Philadelphia; Hartford New D.C.; 1. the focusing of propaganda and ocganiz- sarily extensiv. Many of the proposals Atlantic, Ga.; Chicago; Madison 11- .C? log efforts toward the US In the bill are far ea hi r c working clas ,...s( re em- ngthlil St.. IAtI15. MO.: San Diego, Los Angeles, 2. linking the straggle for Puerto Rican nation, except in time Of Mr, of d im!- Sari Jose, and San Francisco, Calif.; independence with the struggles of nation- nage and covert action; ally Oppressed peonies and wo 'Buffalo; N.Y. and three he 1Jmi- a nati reas men In the US; on Of the Def , of Ne ..ense w York City, Brooklyn, Chelsea and the 3 Intelligence . recagrlitton that the oppression and ex- Agency; new extensive management Upper West Side. ploitatlon of Puerto Rican people living in controls; mandatory warrants for in - The orevinils PR.9C the U.S. 1s an important aspect of the Approved For Release 2006/01/?17 : CIA-RDP79M00095A000100030006-5 INTELLIGENCE CONl-LVWUNI7'% CONTROL MON. RONALD V. DELLUMS F 1v4O CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - Extensions of Remarks' March 1,1977. It is my hop&1#t~yii~lse~0(11/1tA~F1>I~i~I~~Ik1AA~O1~QOf130f~atieu Is prohibited end late extremely 1 ran :ind lnle and ana y'tlk possible, a central independ- punishable by lift ir,llu ionmcnt. cusslon, debate and c = activities abroad. parties are structured and unmonitored As this time I would like to share with use of profits stopped. Further, covert un- OF'9IC4 of THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL C 1 ~ my colleapgues an article by Sk -)Bayeo-,s INTELLIGENCE - monitored transfers of funds are also that appeared in the Los Angt es Times, To insure strong management there is precluded. paying tribute to this outstanding human established an independent Office of the The total amounts and the line item _being: amounts of the Intelligence agencies are Director of Central Intelligence. This of- Jo> Rm H's LEGACY flee will coordinai^ the entire foreign in- to be set forth in the annual Midget sub- , (>3y-Skip Bayless) mhtted to the Congress. . telligence community of the United BERKELEY.-They came in blue jeans and States, including reviewing intelligence The GAO is authorized full access to three-piece suits, sandals arid, high heels, activities and resource allocation; di- the agencies and their activities. Disclos- There were small children, senior citizers, reeling preparation of the national in- ure of information upon request to ap- parents and teammates. There were run-v telligence budget; investigating intelli- propriate congressional committees by. who had seen him only from a distance. gence failures, and providing manage- the intelligence agencies is mandated. They began filling the Roman Catholic DOMESTIC INTELLIGENC$