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December 20, 2016
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February 14, 2008
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September 25, 1973
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Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096A000400040005-4 September 25, 1973 The Board's Science Panel, chaired by Dr. William O. Baker, reviewed the status of the Community On-Line Intelligence System (COINS) during the morning of September 6, 1973. A copy of the agenda and list of attendees are attached. The Board's interest in COINS dates back to its recommendation to President Johnson in 1965 for the development of a computerized, community-wide system of exchanging intelligence data. Early in his first Administration, President Nixon endorsed a sustained effort to achieve such a system and directed the Board to stimulate and monitor progress toward this end. The Panel discussion reaffirmed that there has been commendable progress on the technological side, but established no corresponding development toward an agreed community concept to guide the tech- nical capability. The result is that COINS has an ad hoc management structure, insufficient program visibility and support, and reluctant participation by some agencies whose self-defined needs are not met by COINS in its present form. Some unanswered questions are: -- Is there a need for a national intelligence data base which establishes responsibility for the maintenance of community files and which declares information held by the several intelligence agencies to be the shared property of all? -- Is COINS to serve intelligence analysts exclusively (for example, as a tool to manipulate raw data), or ought it also to include product consumers as participants? -- Should there be a single intelligence data-handling system, or are there legitimate requirements for a multiplicity of inter-intelligence community, systems? Release as redacted. PFIAB review completed r T PFI A B ICATION I'[', ?11 i.; ` '' .:' 1, t: E CAP !'.. ' p 11652 5B Y 1, !.A ,V; j.1~ O N Undetermined Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096A000400040005-4 Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096A000400040005.4 As a result of its examination, the Panel believes that the current improvement trends should continue, but recommends that COINS be given immediate high-level attention in order to: -- delineate the specific objectives which a community system should achieve, i. e. , a concept papery -- develop an agreed community plan to implement these objectives; -- identify the management structure best suited to implement the plan, and manage the program on behalf of the entire Intelligence Community. The formulation of an agreed community concept and an agreed plan of implementation are acknowledged to involve complex problems, notwithstanding the years of accumulated experience with COINS. However, in the absence of their being definitively articulated and accepted as authoritative doctrine, it is clear that COINS will not achieve the status of a community-wide data-sharing system. At best, it will remain but one of several independently pursued and very costly information-handling retrieval systems. Most importantly, the greater int.i?brest of intelligence consumers will not be served. To accomplish the aforementioned recommendations will require both the unqualified cooperation of the principals involved and sufficient fiscal and personnel resources. Given the complexity and superim- posing nature of the problem relative to the individual intelligence agencies, assistance from outside the government may be desirable. Without minimizing the crucial importance in this process of the Secretary of Defense and the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, it is axiomatic that these tasks be performed under the direct guidance of the Director of Central Intelligence. The Board would be pleased to nominate, for your consideration, in- dividuals it believes qualified to spearhead the project definition phase, and of course extends its offer to assist you further in every way. Sincerely, The Hon. William E. Colby Director of Central Intelligence Washington, D. C. 20505 cc: Dr. Albert C. Hall, ASD(I) r-, ,1.'./?. 4'^-4)',4 Asa-_ eorge W. Anderson, Jr. Admiral, USN (Ret.) Chairman Mr. Bernard Bridgewater, Associate Director, OMB Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096A000400040005-4 Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP Status Briefi 79M00096AO00400040005-4 ng Sept. 6 8:30 a.m. Executive Session Introductory Remarks Mr. Morton Goulder, De Secretary of Defense (Int Intelligence and Warning puty Assistant elligence) for Systems (I&WS) 8:50, COINS Background and Status COI NS Project 25X1 4' Manager, NSA 9:10 ASD(I) Review of COINS for the Mr. Norman Solat, COINS Project Intelligence Resources Advisory Committee (IRAC) Officer, ASD(I) 9:20 COINS File Content and Product 25X1 Review . DCI/Intelligence Community Sta 25X1 9:30 10:00 10:15 10:20 10:30 11:00 11:10 11:15 11:30 Break Executive Agent Role Data Base Review Summary of Ongoing Activities -- retrieval languages user support network management Restructuring of the COINS Network ("COINS II''); relation- ship to the Intelligence Data Handling S;-stem (IDHS) Computer Security Management Summary Discussion Executive Session Support Group Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096AO00400040005-4 DIA. ana sultant, NSA .yst 25X1 DIA analyu25X1 NSA Data ProcI25X1 ATTENDEES Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096A000400040005-4 PFIAB Science Panel Dr. Williara O. Baker, Chairman Dr. Edwin H. Land Dr. Edward Teller Dr. John S. Foster,, Jr. PFIAB Staff Mr. Wheaton B. Byers Cdr. Lionel H. Olmer, USN Agenda Participants DCI Intelli ence Community Staff DCI Intelligence Community Staff DCI/Intelligence Community Staff 25X1 25X1 25X1 CIA Mr. Charles Briggs, Deputy Director CIA for Plans, Programs & Budget Defense Mr. Morton Goulder, Deputy Asst. Secy of Defense (Intelligence) for Intelligence and Warning Systems (I&WS) a 1 Mr. Norman Solat, COINS Project Officer, ASD(I) Mr. Albert Albrecht, ASD(I) Staff DIA analyst DIA analyst Mr. Robert C. Selby, Civilian with AFINAR (Asst. Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Air Force) COINS Project Manager, NSA Data Processing Sup )ort Group, NSA Consultant, NSA Approved For Release 2008/02/14: CIA-RDP79M00096A000400040005-4 25X1