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December 12, 2016
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December 28, 2001
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July 1, 1976
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July 1, . 976 Approved For Release 2002/01/15 : 'CONG Mr. BARTLETT. Mr. President, the Senate passed a joint resolution sub- stantially to this same effect. It is being NOMINATION OF E. HENRY KNOCFIE held up in the House,..and the target onf, TOl BE DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF this is July 2, which is tomorrow, and CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE A Mr. INOUYE. / ask unanimous con- this has been cleared on both sides. / would like to bring it up right now and sent that- the Senate go into executive move that it be passed.' ? session to consider the nomination of Mr. The PRESIDING OFFrICeat. Is there E. Henry Knoche. objection? The Chair hears none, and The PRESIDING OFFICER-. Without without objection, the Senate will pro- ceed to its immediate consideration. Mr. CHILES. Mr. President, will the Senator yield? I just want to associate myself with the remarks of the Senator from Oklahoma and to congratulate him on bringing this matter before the Sen- ate I think in these times of sort of a rush for us to get home for the Bicenten- nial, we really have not paid the kind of attention to this area that we should in reflecting our concern and our gratitude as our Founding Fathers did 200 years ago. , ? I am delighted to see the distinguished Senator from Oklahoma bringing :this up, and I just want to.associate myself IONAL RECORD SENATE CIA?RDP79M00467A000200060063 ' S 11355 EXECU'ITVE SESSION with his bill. A . AA*, Mr. BARTTErr. / thank the distin- guished Senator from Florida very much. The PRESIDING.OFFICER. The ques- on 'agreeing to the resolution. The resolution was agreed to. The preamble was agreed to. The resolution (S. Res. 485) and the preamble are as follows:. Whereas on July 4, 1976, the United States of America officially recognizes the two hun- dredth anniversary of our independence as a nation; and Whereas this date is the two hundredth anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776; and Whereas the date of signing the Declara- tion of Independence 'followed by two days., Well as covering of the matters in which the date of the adoption of the Declaration: both are interested: It will speak for it- by the delegates to the Second Continental Congress, July 2, 1776; and I ain going to ask unanimous consent Whereas the authors of this momentous that this be printed in the RECORD at this- document appealed to "the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude" of their inten- point. It is signed by each of the chair- tions and signed their names "vrith a firm. men. ), reliance on the protection of divine Provi- There being' no objection, the ifienici.:.! dence"; and ? randum was 'ordered to be printed in the Whereas the decision .by the delegates to RECORD, aS follows: the Continental Congress to sign the Decla- ration of Independence was a difilcult, un- MEMORANDUM or UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE . precedented decision which placed in jeop- CHAIRMAN OP THE SENATE SzLitcr COM* ardy their lives and material well-being for MITTEN ON INTELLIGENCE. AND THE CHAIR. ..< the sake of the ideals of liberty and salt- MAN OP "ME SENATE ARMED SERVICES:COM government; and WITTED Whereas the 'United States of America has In an matters of concern to -both the Sen. enjoyeti-unparalleled blessings of prosperity- ate Armed Services Committee and the Sen.' and identification with the dignity of man, ate Select Committee on Intelligence," the tempered by war, tribulations and the recog- Chairman; members, staffs of the two Com-. nition that at times we have lost sight of the rnittees shall make every effort to assist. and ideals of the founding of .our the(work.of.the two COmmittees. nerefore, bait legtelatiiev matters :,-relating to Intelli'." Resolved,- That all American& are-herebr- ' genes. tlaelProcedures and responsibilities set encouraged to engage in reflection and pray-fl forth in S.- Res. -400 will be followed. Both era of thanksgiving and guidance on July 2, Committees will Make every effort to assure 1976, and throughout the Bicentennial week- that the DB. Intelligence Community sup- end of July 3 and July 4, 1976, in remain- plies all intelligence information requested brance of the time two hundred years before- by either Committee. In addition, both Corn- hand when the 4ounders of our country mittees will cooperate to preserve the right` sought similar assistance from their Creator of either Committee to call witnesses from for the momentous decisions they were about the U.S. Intelligence Community'obt,a7 ap- to make. propriate information and hold hearings on objection, the Senate will now go into executive session. ? Mr. INOUYE addressed the Chair. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Will the Senator withhold. The Senator is. en- titled to be heard. The Senate is not in order. 'A - Mr. INOUYE. 102 President I wish to yield to my distinguished colleague from Mississippi, the chairman of the Armed Services Committee. Mr. STE,NNIS. Mr. Pr?dent, if-1 may Make a statement, this nomination here was originally referred to the Senate Armed Services Committee. I am going to ask unanimous consent in a moment with reference to the committee's dis- charge, but I want, to refer now, Mr. President, to a memorandum of under- standing between the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services' Committee, dated today, July 1, 1978. It is Concurred in by the Senator from South Carolina and the Senator from Tennessee (Mr. Baum). Now, Mr. President, this is an effort on the part -of those concerned to work out a working paper between those two com- mittees so that with reference to matters where one needs intelligence from the other there can be a free exchange as intelligence matters necessary to the work of either Committee. Where there are questions of- joint 'con- cern between the Senate Select Committee, on Intelligence and the Senate Armed Serv- ices Committee, they will be promptly made a matter of consultation and resolution be- tween the Chairmen of the two Committees, the full Committees, and the Chiefs of Staffs of both Commtitees as may be appropriate. ?. Joirw C. &mous; , Chairman, Senate Armed Seralces Committee. ?DANTEM M'LN01:11T35," Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. -- Mr-STENNIS. I ask IIDAIIJMOUS con- sent that the Senate Armed, Services Committee be discharged Irv= further consideration of this nomination and the Senate proceed to consider it. ?. The PRESIDING OFFICER_ IS there objection? The Chair heare none, and it Is so ordered. ' Ttle.clerk will report. 4 The legislative clerk read as. follows: Nomination of E. Henry Menehe, of Vir- ginia, to be Deputy Director of Central Intel- ligence, reported earlier today irOm the Com- mittee on Armed Services ???4 c? ? Mr. INOUYE. Mr. PreSident, / am pleased to report to the Senate that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence considered the nomination- of Mr. Knoche, conducted hearings exceeding 7 hours, and at the conclusion thereof came forth with the unanimous decision to recommend his approval as the new Deputy Director 'of the CIA. Mr. Knoche has been a career em- ployee of the Agency for 23 years. His specialty has been in the analytical field. The entire committee feels this Is a great indication because, as of this moment, if there is any weakness in the CIA, it is in the Analysis Department.. We look forward to great things com- ing from Mr. Knoche. .We wish him the best. We are pleased to see that we have a fine civil servant assisting us ,171 our Intelligence gathering activities. The PRESIDING OFFICEPLWitliout objection, the nomina and confirmed.. NOMINATION ,OF THOMAS St 'ROUSER TO BE DIRECTOR OF Tits: OFFICE OF TELECOMMITNICA- 'MONS POLICY ? Mr. PASTORE. Mr, President, there is a Thomas J. Houser nomination at the desk, and :I ask for its immediate con- sideration. - A The PRESIDING fatoriegikitie der will report the nomination: The second assistant legislathi'e clerk read the nomination of Thomas- J. Homer, of Illinois, to be Director of the Office of, Telecommunications Policy. Mr. PASTORE. Mr. Houser served at the pleasure of the President. It is his wish to have him as an adviser. There is not much more can be said except he was ? ? Approved For ReJease 2002/0/1S : CIA?RDP7:9:1000464A00020.04043 Approved For Release 2002/01/15 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000200060063-5 STATOTHR FIOFRA "51 "24 1 REPLACES FORM 3fre. WHICH MAY BE USED. Approved For Release 2002/01/15 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000200060063-5