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December 12, 2016
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December 28, 2001
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July 7, 1976
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ROUTING. AND RECORDyk SHEET SECRET OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each cam, nt to "shOre frarr wh IN TIALS la whom. Draw a line across column after oath comment.) :There eras i tt f1o r' 'debate connecte with thf : x a1', f Aril nothe canfirmati 011.'0 as Deputy?t57i 1 3t 1}r :' "lie 2tt dChe l takeii...f the Coil r es"sior., Record ~ , m de F : by Senators Stern ai d' T xa?~ye ? ;4 and .includes a cagy .rtJxe r b< Me ra xdum n f Unde tthi ng' R t ~ , `,between . the Chas amen: o?he`. elect of matters of CoftniI ri` e6riceim. Act g g:L a .] ve .,oun se 9M00467A00020006006'6=2 FORM USE PREVIWS INTERNAL ,~?--. 610 enmoNa ^ SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL ^ USE ONLY ,^ UNCLASSIFIED J~rl~~ ~~ 1976 Approved For e /01 15 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000200060066-2 I 1?~I I, RECORD -- SENtA'T' move that it The PRES objection? Mr. CHILES. Senator yield? attention to this ar reflecting our nonce as our Founding. Fa ago. I am delighted to s with his b11. Mr. BARTLETT. The PRESIDING tion is on agreeing The resolution w The preamble The resolution preamble are as fo Whereas on July 4, dredth anniversary nation; and ration that a :deals of the therefore, be Resolved, encouraged to make. not pj.idj the kind of Our gratitude Id 200 ; years i nited States of A will the associate o e the Sen- i f sort of a d to. 485) and the Congress, July 2, Whereas the at reliance on the dense'; and Whereas the the Continental the sake of t government; a Whereas the enjoyed unpar nt,the EXEC TIVE SESSION intsuigence matters necessary, to the wort, cent aiiaL Idle ,7e=re go into executive `?? ? ? ???? w. wns vwo wmauv:teo, session to t?nr~ciAor +hn nrv..i..eK.,....r *,r..- the Elul] Committees, and the Chiefs of 9tet7as The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, the Senate will now go into executive session. Mr. INODYE addressed the Chair. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Will the Senator withhold. The Senator is en- Mr.. STENNIS I ask unanimous con- titled to be heard. The Senate is not in sent that the Senate Armed Sernicci order:. Coirmittee be discharged from further Mr. INOU SrE Mr. President, I wish to consideration of this nomination rnd tm- yield to my distinguished colleague from Senate proceed to consider it. Mississippi, the chairman of the Armed The PRESIDING OFFICER. Is there) Services Committee. objection? The Chair hears none, and it The legislative clerk read. as followe ' Nomination of IL Ifenry Fciloehe, of Virr ginia, to be Deputy Director-of Central Irdel- ligence, reported earlier, today from thv Cioa.. the Declara- by two days make a statement, this nomination here was originally referred to the Senate Armed Services Committee. I am going to ask unanimous consent in a, moment with reference to the committee's dis- charge, but I want to refer now, Mr. President, to a memorandum of under- standing between the chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the chairman of the Senate Armed Services- Committee, dated today, . July 1, 1976. It is concurred in by the Senator from South Carolina and the_:Senator from Tennessee (Mr. BAxxanx ) . . Now, Mr. President, this is an effort on the part of those concerned to work out a working paper between those two com- mittees so that with reference to matters where one needs intelligence from the other there can be a free exchange as well as covering of the matters in which both are interested. It will speak for it- self. we look forward to great things com- I am going to ask unanimous consent ing from. Mr. Knoche. We wish him Us that this be printed in the RscORD at this best. We are pleased to see that we have point. It is signed by each of the chair- fine civil servant assisting us In our There objection the mernra The E"ING.OF CER. Without being for MrrrEE our INTELLIGENCE AND THE CHAIR- AH -_.a MAM ns. mvs ?..... _ .. rica has In all matters of concern to both the . Sen- of man, ate Select committee,, on, Inteligence, the L. F.M..i_....... __ _ __ - Chairman, Senate Armed,:, Services Committee. D#,rrrixi: E Irro Trk, Chairman, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. - Mr. INOtI E. Mr.. President, T t pleased to report to the Senate that the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence considered the nomination of Mr. Knoche, conducted hearings exceeding 't' hours, and at the conclusion there-'' came forth with the unanimous decIsla t to recomniend his approval as the nell, Deputy Director of. the CIA. Mr. Knoche has been a career cril:- ployee of the Agency for 23 years. His specialty has been in the analytical field The entire committee feel.-, this is, a great~ Indication, because, as of this nioiae a It there any weakngs-s ?a!flij 'at is in ATiON OF THOMA:a Mr:'PABTC. Mr.?.Pl'esidei' Now, facilitate the work of the turn Commuittees ,. =In :iegialative.matters relatino -+n!irc.yra "` :flue PL SIDING O uuctees wru cooperate to preserve the right Mr. PASTORF Mr. Hol>'Ser? se . d at of either Committee to call wl to s a tom...,, f}i ' TIIPA_CiTr4 of +h. T1...,..,.1..._a. ~.. . . propriate infgrmation and hold hearin ...,...,. - ? - ..-a-u a" -1 strviser. 'i'fere It g.'5 on not nueh more can be said except lie was Approved For Release 2002/01/15 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000200060066-2