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December 12, 2016
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January 2, 2002
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November 11, 1976
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Approved For Rele 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP79M00467A00 0140010-4 FREEDOM STUDIES CENT OF THE AMERICAN SECURITY COUNCIL EDUCATION FOUNDATION Boston, Virginia 22713 (703) 825-1776 John M. Fisher President . R. tlendetsen. Retired Chairman Champion International Malcolm Douglas-Hamilton, President The Committee to Unite America. tno. Honorable Elbridge DurbrOne Former Ambasscdor Aosemaly L. Edmiston Id F. Folk, Chairmen of the Board The Falk Corporation reinstone, President The S f9 R Foundation M. Fisher. Pretirertt and Chief Executise Officer, institute for American SuategY ck J. Frawley, Jr., President Frawley Enterprises trt W. Galvin, Chairman of the Board Motorola. Inc. Hu wrable'Mills E. Godwin, Jr. Governor of Virginia flfarjoria H. I lonkint, Member Executive n? Missouri council an National Security eel J. Harvey, Jr. The Michael J. Harvey, Jr. Foundation go it. Hearst, Jr., Publisher Los Angeles Hera d.Exan4raer lonorable Walter If. Judd. M.D.. Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives aS. Kemper, Jr., President Kemper Insurance Companies as H. G. Kimball Partner, Ash :raft and Ashcroft VI. f.mtghorst, Exec. Secretary-Treasurer Carpenters' District Council of St. Louiy Honorb ft Clara Boothe Luca Former Amt-sso(.Jn( ante J. Meisel, Chairman of the Exec- "., Missouri Council on National security other G.E. Metcalf Chairman of the Board and President Electronics Corporation of Arraric3 y fiepeery, itreirrnan of itnt Board tlenrre Ratlnery Company y Saloatori, President Grant Oil Toot Cowpony remits Slatighter, Jr. Partner, Button. Slaughter and Yeomen Sullivan, Retired Conference Chairman Institute for American Strategy am H. Weldon, Publisher News Tribune Company. Inc. ~a R Woods E, Vce F.Huttoondand Company. Inc. from Washington' National Airport.. SUPPLEMENT TO THE OCTOBER, 1976 WASHINGTON REPORT Dear.Friend: We have just two National Security Seminars scheduled for the remainder of 1976. If you have not had a chance to be with us yet this year, I am extending a special invitation to you to join us. At each Seminar, the participants have expressed tome their personal gratification for the opportunity not only to listen to, but to discuss personally, the problems facing our nation with such Distinguished Guest Speakers as General Lyman Lemnitzer, former Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff and.former Supreme Allied Commander Europe; Admiral George Anderson, former Chief of Naval Operations and just retired as Chairman of the President's Foreign Intelligence Agency; Ambassador Walter Heitmann of Chile; Lieutenant General Vernon Walters, former Deputy Director of the C.I.A., as well as our regular panel. of experts. After leaving the Seminar, many of our guests write to share with me their personal experiences and tell me of the friendships they have formed with other Seminar participants. Our--Seminar facilities are among the finest in the country, and the cordial atmosphere of the Manor House contributes greatly to the feeling of ease and comfort which our guests feel upon arrival. This, coupled with the seclusion of the Center, which is situated on an 850 acre retreat in the foothills of Virginia's beauti- ful Blue Ridge Mountains, will make your visit a most memorable one. The registration fee of $150.00 per person includes delicious meals and varied refreshments served at the Manor House, lodge; doub~1.e f e panty) at the Freedom tra chare) Studies Center, o (s ngle of , ncy - no ex at the nearby Holiday Inn, plus transportation to and ere and Members of the (over) Exea"tlve CamrBgepproved For Release 2002/01/24 :?CIA-RDP79M00467A000200140010-4 2002/01/24 : CIA15QFZVWp4~i67 3~14i90 B c~NC~ C,4" Y,O o'V 7-H-1 S LV- STATI NTL IINOV1976 Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP79M00467A000200140010-4 Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP79M00467A000200140010-4 TO, Approved For Release 2002/01/24: CIA-RDP79M00467A000200140010-4