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December 16, 2016
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May 6, 2003
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October 4, 1976
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Approvedor Release 2004/12/20: CIA-RDP79 S %1.M0-:5 IN A CIVIL ACTI REBER BnULT and OSCAR SE)DELLA-AVENDANO, tatr trill thin FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA EX0--QiV:) Reg--try CIVIL ACTION FILE No. S-. Plaintiff CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY and GEORGE BUSH, Director, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Defendants-:. To the above named Defendant You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon N. DAVID BUF-'INGTON plaintiff's attorney , whose address l is 88 Walton Street N.W. Atlanta, GA 30303 x an answer to the complaint w summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the complaint. CIV. 1 (2-64) 67AQf1QWQUd0?b4w0io.15a Rei. (6-43)) )[ enoanl up-, ..,...._ pjIGUmU4Rirli is sue; ved: CO'pY of 00 S=;`dc i upon you 011. De utY. fitiiarSylal :_.. ereivith served upon you, within . days after service of this l BEN H. CARTER'---=--------- ------------ `~ [Seal of Court] 1976 ,, r NOTE:-This summons is issued pursuant to Rule 4 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Approve r Release 2004/12/20: CIA-kDP79M?67A000300130014=0 ?` FILED IN , CLERK S OFF1C$ IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF GEORGIA ATLANTA DIVISION REBER BOULT and OSCAR SQUELLA-AVENDANO, Plaintiffs, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY and GEORGE BUSH, DIRECTOR Defendants Civil Action No. OCT i 1976 BENH CARTER, Clerk By: C76-1633A COMPLAINT JURISDICTION 1. This is an action under-the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. ?552 (hereinafter "FOIA"), to require defendants to permit access to certain records in their possession pertain ing to plaintiff Squella-Avendano. 2. This Court has jurisdiction over this action pursuant to 5 U.S.C. ?552(a) (4) (B), 28 U.S.C. ?1331, 1361, and the First and Fifth Amendments. The value of the rights in controversy exceeds $10,000 exclusive of interest and costs. Squella-Avendano has steadfastly maintained his innocence and gain exculpatory materials not given to the defense in the criminal trial of plaintiff Squella-Avendano for use in a petition for habeas corpus. 4. Plaintiff Squella-Avendano is a Chilean citizen who was arrested in Miami, Florida on July 27, 1970 and convicted in 1972 for the alleged importation of cocaine. Plaintiff PARTIES 3. Plaintiff Boult is an attorney for plaintiff Squella- Avendano. He instituted certain FOIA requests in an attempt to Approved Release 2004/12/20: CIA-RDP79M 7A000300130014-0 of government agencies as a part of this government's attempts to affect the internal affairs of Chile. The Central Intelligence Agency is one of those agencies and is a defendant in.this action. Other agencies are defendants in another similar action and one remaining agency is still handling the plaintiffs' requests administratively. 5. Defendant Central Intelligence Agency is an agency of the Executive Branch in which the documents are located; Defendant George Bush is Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and is sued in his official capacity as custodian of the requested documents, and as head of the agency in which the requested documents are located. FACTUAL ALLEGATIONS 6. By letter dated October 10, 1975, addressed to Mr. Robert S. Young, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit A, plaintiffs requested access to the requested documents. 7. By letter dated August 2, 1976 plaintiffs were sent 13 documents out of a total of 99 which the agency listed in its possession. Plaintiffs paid $133.60 for the above documents- A copy of this letter is attached as Exhibit B. 8. By letter dated August 19, 1976 addressed to Gene F. Wilson, CIA Information Review Committee, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit C, plaintiffs appealed both the deletions and the denial of documents. 9. By letter dated August 31, 1976, plaintiff received acknowledgement of receipt of appeal. A copy of this letter is attached as Exhibit D. 10. Plaintiffs have exhausted their administrative remedies. FIRST CAUSE OF ACTION 552 Plaintiff_s_.are:entitled, pursuant to 5 U.S,C. X L and -copy the requested loci ments and por.ions a pprovId For Release 2004/12/20 :- ClA RDP79M0046TA00033OQ1.3OQ'14-0. Approveddr Release 2004/12/20.: CIA-RDP79MW 7A000300130014-0 documents to which access has been denied. SECOND CAUSE OF ACTION A 12. The collection and maintenance of information on - plaintiff Squella-Avendano by defendants is violative-of his right- to freedom of association and privacy guaranteed by the First Amendment. 13. The failure and refusal of defendants to allow plaintiffs access to the requested documents is violative of their rights to freedom of speech, press, and association, which rights are guaranteed by the First Amendment. THIRD CAUSE OF ACTION 14'. The failure and refusal by defendants to allow plaintiffs access to the requested documents is violative of plaintiff Squella-Avendano's Fifth Amendment rights to due process of law opportunity to in that such actions deny him a full and fair obtain evidence to support an attack upon his criminal conviction. WHEREFORE, plaintiffs pray that this Court: (1) Provide for expeditious proceedings in this action as provided in 5 U.S.C. ?552 (a) (4) (D); (2) Order defendants to permit access to the requested documents and protions of documents; (3) Award plaintiffs their costs and reasonable attorney's -fees in this action; and (4) Grant such other and further relief as the Court may -deem just and proper. N. DAVID BUFFINGTON Attorney for Plaintiffs 88 al-IC-on Street, N.E. Atlanta, Georgia 30303 (404) 524-1280 REBER BOULT Attorney. for Plaintiffs --Approved For Release 2004/12/20: dIA-RDP79M00467A000300130014-0 Boul.t., et -al. aft 8.34-15 :Peachtree St. Atlant"a,: Georgia 30303 (404) ._523-4611 , P.10v`e ` r.1R lea a 412/20 Of'A-FtDP7?M 6~ A000300130014-0 0cto':'~r 10, 1.'3/ S. Young Ilt. or.aa pion Coordi rl-z ~.o Freedom 01" Central Intelligence TAc~ency Leash i-gton, D.C. 20505 Dear Young, This i s a request under the Freedom of Information 'c- ard other applicable ini strative, tat for , and con- s 3-iLU'~ion?1 provisions, including the first a: 2_[:^i ei1L_ ~ I re's ues t a copy of all files in your agency indexed or maintained under the name of i'.!,% client Oscar Scju ? lcl- Avendano and all docu: meets returnable by a search for docu: eats containing his name. His notarized authori- zation is enclosed. He was born February 17, 1921 in Chile, has for 'the most part resided in Chile, and remains the Chi a Chilean citizen. He has been an Officer in t:~~ 1--tcan Air Force, involved with Chilean politics, and president of Transportes Aeros Squella (an airline, i ni~:ormat? on on which is also covered by this. request). It may asses 4 in your search 'Co note that he is present._ly incarcerated in feder al prison as the result of a criminal conviction in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, 'N -o. 70-5 7 2-Cr-O" in January, 1972. Agencies of t e united States possessed information about his activities, associaand background in Ch le at that time and such information is included in this request- For e:-:ample, part oft the information sought is the file I maintained on him at -he American Embassy in San~_iago. As you know, the amended Act provides that if some parts of a file are exempt from release that "reasonably segregabl I therefore request that, if portions shall be provided. _)rt ohs o_ the you diet-ermine that some me p he reques~ed information + are 1 me 1. iiC copy ci the ~?r ~l 'Provide !?e io i t, recttci? '"-C.er o' - =ht? i 1ZE' or document 1._;7 _ i cl? en of C:O'+rse, reserves his rl 1'i_ to apo_ a_t1. any _,_.ch? decisions- - ? ? T_f vC?i determine -Ci?aC.. or all C_ C.ile requested information is ex mpt from release, i would appreciate )-jr y~ dvi.sin me i a , e t - I ,z ou be l.ieve. covers the infor is tion Approved For Release 2004/12/20 CIA-RDP79M,00467A000300130014-0 i =i -1) ~.~23 -'?-, 1 Approved Release 2004/12/20: CIA-RDP79M 7A000300130014-0 c::h-ch vo'_1 are nut a ,?.?:s . (7) ' i :c~''`~.`_ OI1 fo rio 1 - 0~...a, ! on CiS'z! 1. 4 c. r2 co :i, c" on that _.01 0!- I'S,- iOj be .`~ v' Ci y Co'it :! nu t n'j to hold the info 1.0n in co by clje:1- is prepared to i ay -reasonable costs specified in yo :Z i l `'_: nS fo loca': i -iy i he ~e: uesteC files and repro- Cduc_ing is 3 As you the a?s2~ n -0 per tics you to reduce or ___O?: ~. they fees i_ that ".Ls in the public interest because furnisa- in.q the information can be considered as primarily benefit- ing the cublic. " T believe 'Ch- at request plainly fits that category and ask you to waive any fees you have any questions re,a-di ng this .request, Please teleoho:,e me air the above number- As provided Lo= in tote amended Act, I will expect to receive a reply :within ten working dayrs . RB/vc Approved Release 2004/12/20: CIA-RDP79MqM7A000300130014-0 ~,_~ ;SIC'( JPRS 59505, dated 27 ay 1970. s. .[/e-car tmen i. of- Ju s L.ic`e Press _Releas?., iu'.osda ;T, 73. 6. C,'.,l~an -o -1'ess cI_c;rited ~ eb v_i a r v I9 7. ..Iiami Herald es_ Cl3?~~.._i?~, dated 2 7anuary 1972. u. C 1. 1 ? lean p ss cllp-)in_~, dated J1 Jul 197. . t l -no to your C ie ? ~, Oscar Jru:`1la -A e,!d i, , e #?.. T7;1J:'_? I ~O:v i__c%11Ce i.rc3-i.C:= at lI ~e _ Fe,._!_ .iL1 P-ecrr_itL.ci. "I _TI `e 1~ 've made L a thorough search o f Our :riles '1` ' oun RU, _ _:.;..i e (' U f i to is ?Je tea? in 'Z to '`r. S'~'ualla. .r a ^ e c 1 o s _:igr ~C tries of 1J of them for your rot Lion. 'I ise first eZ--~ h .!'. _l-1 to you in their entirety, are: 1 . Foreign Broadcast ! nformat.ion Service (" IS) Daily Report, dated 2 July 1959, pale 5. 2. T::B-TS Daily Report, dated 11 July 1972page :.9. 3. Joint Publications Research Service LJPRSJ 566A 7 2 64 dated 31 July 197: . Approved Release 2004/12/20: CIA-RDP79M 7A000300130014-0 L :'s !ti ce ~c _ .. nor ~rOC: ~ -- I '. ? he re 12 .LT1(? ~ of Vile is :~1 .L ~. 71 i,; '?`-, _ (} - 'i i', '.~ c.;l i~ .?~1 ~i l ?_:. .. 1'. ... .. C; ,..L ,)i} i`Z~L;~~- :.~i~' C'i_ U..1 OI C' t'ii?" Lam!:, (b) (G) ble , dat 14 D ember 968. (b) (i) , (b) (3) 10. CI 9. F_c t s l: fl J'.~11 ur,? o d. (h) ( ) ~ . dF~ tic! 29 .TaI? u a i , , 1 , r 2 c . Cab t date' 1 i?! rch 1974. (~)) (1) , (-~) (3) (b) (3) (b) (1) (h) (1) (o) (5) in addi ,._on, there were a number Of docL Ren s -,".-Lich Could Trot be released, a v en ith deletions . I a!.i 1-Is-ring them belo , _31 tr_ the - O. I L .^ r~)Ti3~ etie,??ptiO !S . Docu ent 14. Investigative Report, dated 7 September 1970. 15. i':emorandua, dated 50 July 1970. 16. 1: X Letter of ',Ssignment, dated 30 August 1970. 17. -`emorandum, dated 3 August 1970. 13. T :`X message, d red 4- August 1970. 19. Me~~!orandiu elated 10 AI S 1970, - wit ? attachments . 20. IN Iemorandtm, dated 17 August 1970. 21. ?',e!orandum, dated 21 August 1970. 22. `.i-morandum , dated 9 December 1970, Z?i'_t;l a ttuCi?ii?ei1t. (b) (6) , Approved For Release 2004/12/20 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000300.130014-0 i C. IE\ Exemlu-Cion (b)(3), (b)(6) (b) (7) (b) (3) (b) (7) (b) (3) > (b) (6) Approved Release 2004/12/20?: CIA-RDP79MqW7A000300130014-0 ~) 3) . C7._ail _i tln, 3 7 T1d1u.;1, d ? tcd 26 as'.: 190. (b (1) , (Ti) (3) ,'tel. Me1:1C _,.i1 L:rl, dat 2 )~; 'E` is 0. (N) (1) (Ti) (3) Ei,) i (})} E ) 97 S1 . \ieno 3tldum, d a i ? 24 S p e: be'l 19 (0 . (b) (1) , (F)) (3) 8 2 . ~? e o ra ndum, dated 15 vC C_ob i r C (N) ( ) > (b) (3) vJ is emoraI1d 1, date d 21 DeCe lamer 1970. (Ti) (1) , (Ti) (3) Memorandum, aced G March 1971. (b) (1) (N) (3) i?1e'lor?andt'_^m , dat e d 5 April 1-971. (b) (1) > (I)) (3) 86. Memorandum, dated 2 August 1971. (b) (1) > (N) (3) 97. Memorandum, dated 23 February 19 7 2 . (b) (1) , (b) (3) 03. Memorandum, dated 1G March 1-9 72. (Ti) (1) , (b) (3) S9. `Memorandum, dated 2 ',.1 ay 1s 7Z. (N) (i) , (11) (3) `0 . Dispatch, dated 2 2 June 1962. (N) (1) , Eta) (3) 91 . Dispatch, dated 31 October 1959. (b) (1) , Eh) (3) 92 Dis~~at c11, dated _._7 \nril J..0. (Ti) t.') 93. P, i spa-tch, dated 7 1u ust 1970. (Ti) f.L) , (b) (3) 7'L. Dispatch, dated 1 M rci1 197 (B) (1) > (b) 13) 9S. Dispatch, dated 27 April 1972. (b) (3) 96. Information Report, date:'! (N) (1) > (b ) (3) 20 October l97'0. Approved Release 2004/12/20 CIA-RDP79M 7A000300130014-0 3 i!i~ i! .?J i i :i~ t . - r).. 1 j`_ C' - 1)- t (b) ( 1 . ) app L r LO :l:? .$ 1)_C T' N l } JJ L- .Le t l'],S j ?_ l J%c CtiO L O. l1C1 ~ C J ?_~._' , C,er S,V C -1 S(11.') i?:, San,r (0i (3) applies to ti e -C Z! s St orv C') i L oils o ro ec I: ro;a disc os eS a? !'CL , ethods 5 e i as th o! an t:LJ!? , functions na!s o i c gal titles , sai ries o n.~: tiers o. per -L a sonnel cnoloyea b;- e Agency, il-n accord =.?:ith the N;ationa? Securi t\ :\c t o-F 11 -l7 a ;iC' ti'`' CIA =\c.t o:r 19-9, respectively. (b) (6) applies information release of villic l would con-- tl.c an a. L; n w a 1 r: LSi i ,,11 of t!1 ? e ;~ ? 1 StiLl n_ Ge e t' . ilsoa In or LI.Qn a d Pri v"~1.. ~~ Coordinator iC ... !. _ Approved. For Release 2004/12/20 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000300130014-0 % IN IN. ;' tSil' ill ~_ n, D.C_ 20505 ... .err. sC L: i ! -?:v L o ~ L '=C O Ct of _I..,=O'=,atio .. _~~iJe tl T i s - ` e ? r e `1 _, e 'c: 7 ^r both . 1'T ' _ _ I_ S 1 CO it- T _t t hat :J . _L :; Dp._.. ? i_ c both