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December 16, 2016
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November 22, 2004
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December 23, 1976
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Approved Foreease 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00461000400040002-2 OLC 76-3750 23 December 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: S. Res. 586--A Resolution Reorganizing the Committee System of the Senate 1. S. Res. 586 was submitted on 15 October 1976 by Senators ? Stevenson (D., Ill . ) and Brock (R., Tenn.), with 11 cosponsors. According to a memorandum prepared by W. Clark McFadden, of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a number of Senators intend that S. Res. 586 be taken up as the first order of business in the 95th Congress. According to a staffer on the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, Senator Stevenson is expected to resubmit the Resolution on 4 January; hearings already have been scheduled by the Rules Committee for 5 and 7 January. 2. Whether or not the Resolution goes anywhere, and regardless of changes that may be made to it, there are several interesting aspects of the Resolution that are or may be relevant to this Officeis activities and responsibilities vis-a-vis congressional committees. (A copy of the Resolution is attached.), a. The Senaterwould be required to decide, before the end of the 95th. Congress, whether S. Res. 400 and the Select Committee on Intelligence established thereunder should remain in force. The - new Committee on Governmental Affairs would report to the Senate by 1 July 1978 "a resolution concerning the disposition of the jurisdic- tion and functions of the Select Committee on Intelligence." If the Senate thus decides that intelligence oversight is best handled by some means other than that currently employed, the present 'Select Committee would be dissolved early in 1979: The jurisdiction of the Select Committee is unchanged by S. Res., 586. b. According to the Report of the Temporary Select Committee to Study the Senate Committee System (chaired by Senator Stevenson and co-chaired by Senator Brock), that Committee would assign to the Foreign Relations Committee comprehensive policy oversight for national security"; the Armed Services Committee would be given the same mandate for "the common defense." Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 B S COPY Available ROUG OLE OLD R 6/24/98 Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 , Approved FADlease 2004/12/01 . CIA RDP79M004.00400040002-2 - . - _ c. The Committee on Armed Services also would gain jurisdiction over national security aspects of atomic energy, and joint jurisdiction with Foreign Relations over foreign military sales. According to Clark McFadden, for the first time Foreign Relations would gain explicit, though not exclusive, jurisdiction over foreign military _ _ assistance. d. The Foreign Relations Committee also would be required to study and review "matters relating to the national security policy of the United States, and report thereon from time to time." ? e. The new Committee on Governmental Affairs would gain jurisdiction over matters now not within the purview of Government Operations, including civil service, Federal buildings, and all . "Government information including freedom of information." _ f. The jurisdiction of the Appropriations Committee would be essentially as now. The Temporary Select Committee rejected proposals to return the appropriations function to the proper standing committees. g. Overall, the numbr of standing committees would be reduced to 14, with one select committee; there would be no joint committees. Senators would be limited to serving on two standing committees, one additional committee assignment, five subcommittee assignments, one committee chairmanship, and one subcomMittee chairmanship on each committee. Further, in appointin.g Senators to committee positions, consideration will be given to the legislator's present seniority and assignments. h.: The Secretary of the Senate would maintain a computerized schedule of all committee and subcommittee activities. i. New scheduling rules would restrict the times at which committee meetings could occur; roll call votes normally would not -be in order before 2: 00 p-.m.; ancLcertain questions as to committee jurisdiction would be subject to a ?oint of order. Distribution: 1 - Each OLC'er , w/att 1 - OLC; Subject, w/att I - OLC Chrono, w/o att STATINTL Office of Legislative Counsel Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 ? ? OC t O.!) er 26, Fo csr2kreG2168hriiiMicil4(WrIiivrobs In view of the Senate's action n at- tempting to vacate its passage of S. 3553, there ie doubt that S. 3553 has been prop- erly enrolled, and therefore I am Sep- arately approving H.R. 11315 and must 'withhold my approval front S. 3553. ? . GERALD R. FORD. ? THE "Matz }Ions's. ? APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS OF THE ? co-_,..tuassxo?.t ON POSTAL SERVICE Pursuant to the provisions of Section 7(a) (1) (B), Public Law 94-421, the President pro tempore appointed as members of the Commission on Postal Service Mr. -James H. Rademacher and Ms. Rose Russ;11 Blakely. SENATE RESOLUTION 586--SUBMIS- .'75-V A M'SCY ,17 T N EtealtrGA..- -ierGleete eerie, COMN.rETITZ SItTEIVI OP-THE.SEN'Artr.- - ? ? (Referred to the Committee on Rules ? and .ATministration.;) authority ofthe order of the .Senate of September 30, 1976, Mr. STE- VENSON and Mr. BROCK (for themselves, ? Mr. CRANSTON, Mr. DOLE, Mr. DOMENICT, ? Mr. GRAVEL, Mr. HANSEN, Mr. HATETELD, Mr. HATHAWAY, Mr. METCALY, Mr. MOSS, Mr. NELSON, and Mr. PACKWOOD) sub- mitted the following resolution on Oc- ? tober 15,1976: ? . Itesolued, That this resolution may be cited" ' cited as the "Committee System Reorganiza- tion Amendments of 1977". TITLE I-STANDING COMMIe innsJITELLS-' DICTION': SIZE ?' ? Sec. 101. Rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate is amended by striking out ? paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 and inserting in lieu .thereof the following new paragraphs: ?? .The following standing committees ? sheleene upppintecienamencement qr. each Congress, wita reafteett-d-reptifeZyterfrdr oirellivitra matters within their respective jurisdictions: "(a) (1, Committee on Agriculture and Small Business, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, messages. . petitions, memorials, and other matters relat- ing primarily to the following subjects: : . - el. Agriculture and agricultural cOmmod- - ?ides. ?, "2. Inspection of livestock, meat, and agri- cultural products. ? "3. Animal industry and diseases. "4. Pests and pesticides. "5. Agricultural extension. services and ex- taerirriene stations. - Forestry. ' "7. Agricultural economics and research. "8. Home economics. "9. Plant industry, soils, and agricultural engineering. 410. Farm credit and farm security: "11. Rural development, rural electrifica- tion, and watersheds. - "12. .Agricultural pioduction, mereeting, and stabilization of prices. 'Ie. Crop itieuretice and soil conservation. Iltunan marition. 15. School nutrition programs. 16. Food stamp pro:mettle ?. ? IT. Smali business. ??1 s. Fond from fre7:11 waters and the sea. ? Irrieation end reclamation. -- "29. lettiectise planning. -21. Regionai economic development. "(2) Such ccenruittee shall also study and review. on a compreheneive basis, inetters re:mine to foeti nutrition. and hunger, both In the Let:tett Seams ane in foreign. coun- Approved For-Release tries; and all problems of American sae . buslatees enterprises and all facts possible in relation thereto which would not only be of public interest, but which would alacb aid the Congress in enacting remetlial. letetts- tion, and report thereon from time to time. "(b) Couttrattee onAptee.e2-e el-- a tiems._ to wincea committee treel-Bi referred all pro- posed legislation, messages, ? petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects: "I. Except as prorided in subparagraph (e), appropriation of the revenue for the support of the Government. "2. Rescission of appropriations contained in appropriation Acts (referred to in section ? 105 of title 1, United States Code). "3. The amount of new spending authority described in section 401(c) (2) (P) and (B) of the 'Congressional Budget Act of 197e provided in. bills and resolutions referred to the committee under section 401(b) (2) of that Act (but subject to the provisions of section 401 (b) (3) of that Act). "4. New advance spending authority de- scribed in section 401(c) (2)(C) of the Con- gressional Budget Act of 1974 provided in bills and resolutions referred to the com- mittee under section 401(b) (2) of that Act (but subject to the provialons of section 401(b) (3) of that Act). "(c) (1) Committee on Armed Services, to wrilnireetterre. sAad ba rerecf11 pro- posed legislation. messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to. the following subjects: "1. The common defense. :. . - '2. The Department of 'Defense; the De- partment of the Army, the Department of the Navy, and the Department of the Air Force, generally: 3. Pay, pronation, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the Armed Forces. ?. . "4. Military research and development. ? ?? "5. Selective service system. "6. Strategic and critical materials neces- sary for the common defense. ."7. Aeronautical ? and space activities peculiar to or brimarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations, . "8. Panama Canal Zone goiernment. ?a."9. Foreign military sales (joint). ? ?tt "10. National security aspects Of atomic energ. -(2) Such committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters re- lating to the common defense policy of the United States, and report thereon from time ? to time. ? . . ? "(d) (1) Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters re- lating to the following subjects: "A. Batiks?beeiking. and finaectal lestitu- floriSc:" -- ? - ? "2. International finance. including inter- national financial and monetary organiza- tions. "3. Financial aid to- commerce and indus- try. ? "4. Deposit insurance. "5. Public and private hoeateg (Including veterans' housing). -6. Federal monetary policy, including Fed- eral Reaerve System. -7. Money and credit, including currency anti coinage. "8. Is:ea:lure and redemption of notes. "9. Control of prices of commodities, rents, and service. "10. Urban die;etptnent (eecept for urban meta transit). -H. Economic staeinzetioa and defense production. Export cone-Ms. "13. Export and foreign trade promotion. ? "14. nit:Ong home conttrucoon. Such cenunittee shall so study and ? 400040002-2 ? . S 18241- review, on a compreheinive baais, rna i.ters re- ? lating to internal:Jut:el economic policy, de- fense production and nationel stotikpilee, ? economic growth, urban affairs, and credit, and report thereon from time to time. "te) (1) Committee on the. Budaet to -- whiSh colt=e-e sfi-3:11 be referred all con- - current resolutions on the budget (as defined M section 3(a) (4) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974) and all other matters required to be referred to that committee ? under titles III and IV of that Act, and Ines-- ? sages, petitions, memorials. and other mat- ters relating tbereto. ? ? . "(2) Such committee shallhave the duty- ? ? "(Al to report the matters required to be reported by it under titles III and. IV of the Congressional BudgeteAct of 1974; "(B) to make c.outinuina studies of. the effect en budget outlays of relevant eeleting and proposed legislation and to report the rte- - _stilts of such studies to the Senate' on a ie- -_ ? curring basis: ? . "(C) to request and evetuate- contiouinee studies of tee eapeclituveato?vise meth- ods of coordinating tite.expenditiiresi and programa with direct budget outlays,. arid to report the results of Such studies to the Senate on a recurring basis; ami. ? "(D) to review, on a continuing basis, the --conduct by' the Congressional Budget Okica. of its functions and duties. "(5) Such-committee shin also study mad review, on a comprehensive-basis, matters re-- ? ? lating to economic policy, public and pri- vale pension programs, priorities and ecorie- otnies in Government, the annual Economic . Report of the President, and the budget data. submitted by the President pursuant to set- ? ettion 605 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, and report thereon from time to time. 7- " (n.(1) Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, - ? messagee, petitions, memoriefe.-and P-theri matters relating to the following subjecest_. "I. Interstate commerce. ? ? "2. Transportation. "3. Regulation of Interstate common car- tiers. including -rallroada, buses. truck's, N.-es- sets, pipelines, and civil aviation. ? ? "4. Merchant marine and navigation. " "5. Coast Guard. . "6. Inland waterways. ----' " "7. Communications. -? "a. Regulation of consumer products and services. "9. Interoceenle canals. ? ? "10. Standards and measurement. - ? "IL. Construction and maintenance ? of .... highways, and highway safety. ?? ; "12. Urban mass transit. "13. Scientific engineering and technology research and development. "14. Nonmilitary aeronautical and space sciences. "15. Science-. engineering, and technologie _ Polley. ? ? "16. National Science Foundation.' "(2) Such corrinettee shall also study and - review, on a comprehensive basis, all matters relating to science and technoloete tranenore - tation, communications, and consumer rif- fairs, and report thereon from time to time. "ig) (1) Committee on 'Enemy and Natural .Resources, to which cornenittee shall be re- . ferred all proposed iegtelation, meseages, pe- -r titepna,,. memo:lea. and other matters relat- ing to the following subjects: "1. Energy ponce. "2. F.neree regteation and coteservatiort. '3. Enersy reaeareh and development. - Solar enerey eyetents. -5. Nonmilitary development of nuclear ? energy. . . '6. Naval petroleum reserves. T. Oil and gae production mud distribu- tion. '8. Extraction of minerals from outer con- tinenzal shelf la-recite 20 /12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 ? - _ ? . . 7 -.1eee\.126ftfg#P). 1 7 A SiAlkiklUft19-01019%) S 18242 -... Approved Fh "9. Energy related aspects of deepwater "2. Treatise and cesenetive esreetnente. cee- . porta. " . . eept reciprocal trede inereenients. 7 "10. Hydroelectric power. . "3: Bottaciain;n-of tile Urine!. States.. ? "11. Coal pmciuction, distribution, and "4.- Protectiou of United States citizens . 'utilization. . . abroad and expaariation. ? n12. Public lands and forests, including .. n5. Intervention nbreed and cleelsratioes ? farming and grazing thereon, and minaret Of wan, - - extraction therefsonn '8. -Foreign economic, minter/ tecantical, -' n13:Nattonal parks. recreation areas; wild- ? and huraauttarian assistance. ? ernese areas, historical sites, military parks ?-- "7. United Nations audit; affiliated orga- and battlefields. and preservation of prehise . nizations. tortc ruins and objects of Interest on the "U. 'Inetrnational conferences and con- public domain. gresses. n14; alining,. 'mineral lands, trailing clause, '9. Diplomatic service. ; and mineral conservation. ? ? Foreign. military sales (joi at). ?"15. Mining education and research. ? "(n.linien committee shall elee study and "la. Native American laud management review on ? and trust responeinilities. intent:in-tor late -Asti:en:a "sediente- teinente-on "(2) Such ccimmittee shall also study and the If t ed-Setnreenenef-renerinnitennoni-itorn review, on a comprehensive- basis, matters time to titres. relating to energy and resources deeelop- n-citT(Tt-Cninintittee on Geeerriraeetal ? merit, and report thereon from time to time.- fairs to eshich. committee Seen b ? "(h) (1) Committee on Environment and all proposed leeLsintiou, meessota, petite:nen Public Works, to which committee shall be memorials, anti other reettere relating to the referred all proposed legislation, messages, , following subjects: petitions, memorials, and other matters re- "1. Except as provided. in the Congress- toning to the following subjects; - . atonal Budget Act. of 197.1, budget and ac- "1. Environmental policy. counting measures, other. than appropria- . "2. Environmental research and develop- none. rnent. "2. Organization and reorgeniza.tion of the - '3. Oceans, weather, and atmospheric executive branch of tte Government. ? activities. . "3. Intergovernmenin relations. . ? "4. Fisheries and wildlife.- " "2. Government ' irdorneation, ? including . ? "5. Coastal Zone management. freedom of information. . . " "13. Outer Continental Shelf lands (except ? ? "5. Municipal nffairs of the District of co- extraction of minerals therefrom). nimble, except appropriations therefor. . "7. Ocean dumping. ? ? "8. Solid waste disposal and recycling. '9. Toxic substances. - ?'10...Erivirotimental effects Of pesticides. ? n11. Water. resources. ? ? ' "12. Flood control and improvements of rivers and harbors. "13. Public works, bridges, and dams. - "14. Water pollution. "15. Air pollution. _ 6, Acquisition of land and buildings for embassies and legations in foreign countries. "7. Insular possesssiorts of the United States. ' - "8. Federal civil service. ? .. "9. Status of efficers and employees of the United States, including their clansificetion, compensatton and benefits. , "10. Postal service. "11. Census and collection of statietics, in- , "16. Noise poltution. ? eluding economic, social, and labor statisties. - "17. Nonmilitary environmental regulation "12. Archives of the United. States. . ? and control of atomic energy. ? ?n '13. Public buildings and grounds.. . - "(2) Such committee shall also study and '14. Federal buildings and parks within review. on a comprehensive basis. matters the District of Columbia. . . relating to environmental protection and re- "15. United States Capitol and congres- source utilization rind conservation, and re-, ex?Ional office buildings. ? -port therepn from time to time. . ? "16. Construction and maintenance of the (1)(1) Committee on Finance, to which Botanic Garden, the Library of Congress, and 1. committee shall be referred all proposed leg- ? the Smithsonian Institution. - ? islation, messages. petitions. memorials. and ? ...2. ( j Such committee shall have the e other matters relating to the following sub- duty o(-. ? jects: "1. Except as provided in the Congressional ? Budget Act of 1974, revenue measures gen- e erally. . ? - ? n2. Except S.5 provided in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, the bonded debt of the United States. . en n3.. The deposit of public moneys.. " - "4. Custerns collection districts, andports of entry and delivery. "5. Reciprocal trade agreements. .' -."6. Transportation of dutiable goods. "7. Revenue measures relating to the insu- ler reseseselous. ? "8. Tariffs and import quotas, and matters .. related thereto. ? .? ? '9. National social security. ? - General revenue sbaring. '-(2) Such committee shall also study end review on a comprehensive basis and report thereon from time to time-- "(A) the operations and cneetenti tile la- ternel revenue laws; and "iB) the revenue policy of the United States. ''(j) (1) Committee nit T'spre.ign.pelti.t2.9.1.3, ttn...-.7-7::r7.-Ve referred ;Ili pro- posed legislation, messages petitione, me- - ineriale, and ocher matters' relating to the 'fel:owing subjects: 1. e ?foreign ilationAlgre*Wd For, Release CIA-RDP.79M00467A000400040002-2-? ? e"-(A) receiving and. examining reports of the Comptroller General of the United States and of submitting such recommendations to the Settateeile it deems necessary or denrabie in connection .with the subject platter of such reports; ? "(B) studying the efficiency. economy, and effeetereneea of all ageneies aini departments of the Government; "(C) evaluating the effects of laws enacted to reorganize the legislative and executive branches of the Government; . . "(0) studying the Intergovernmental rela- tionships between the United States and the States and municipalities, and between the United States d international organiza- tions of which the United State; ie a member. '0) (1) Committee me Human Resources, to which committee shall be referred all pro- posed leeislation, messages. pettrione, memo- rials, and other matters relating to the fon lowing subjects: "I. Measures relating to educatie.n. labor, health and pubic welfare. "2. Vocational education. . "3. Vocational rehabilitation. "4. Equal employment opportunity. "5. Occupational safety and health, in- eluding the welfare of miners. " F. 1. Lions of the United States with nft Private pension plane. . to0040002-20ctab.,. oc . en. Railway labor ? and rettremeni '9. Public health. ... "10_ Arts and humanities. '. ? ? "IL Gans.udet Coll-ea, Howard truivernre. and Stlint lizabeth einespital. "12. Biomedical research end development.. "13. Student loans. "14. Neniva P.rnerican education, health,. - social Eervicei, and loan programs. "15. Veterans' measures, except for hotts- - log. ? ? . "16. Aericenturancolleges. . "17. .Overseas education. of civilian nud Militate dependents.. ?_ "(2) Such committee shall also Study enid review, on a comprehensive basis, luils,?Atr3 relating to beettla, education and training_ leg? seed the prolnienus of the elcle.41;,, , coma ro_ainteriance, and. :native Aire:tit:we ' affairs, and report ? thereon from time to . time. .- "(m) Cornieltite en the Junicieen. cc,rr.rnitt-s :the). be referred an. pro-- - posed leeinetieri. raeseeges? petitiona, memo- ruts. and other mesters. r.eintlie to the foie Inning subjects: -- ? - "1. nudicial proceedings, civil and crimi- nal, generally.. - ? - - ."2. Constitutional amendments. n "3. Federal- courts and judges. ? . :- 4. Local courts tar ton nn-ritorien and pen-- ?- ? "5. P.evleion zna. codification of the statutes of the United. Staten. -. "6. National pertitentiartean ? ? - ? "7, Protection. of trade, and commerce against unlawful rentrainte and monopolise. '6". Holidays and celebrations. ? -? ? "9. Bankruptcy, mutiny,. espionage; counterfeiting. ?,...."10. State and territorial boundary lines. .. - -nil. Meetings of Congress, attendance of Members, and their acceptance of income.: patible offices_ "12_ Civ!! ' " 7 ? - "la Patent;, copyrights end tra iemerke - " "14. Patent Office.. - ? ..- "In Inantigretion and naturalization. ? ? ?'16. Apportionment of Representatives. --en ."17. Measures relating to claims against- 'the United States_ ?_ ? "18. Interstate compacts generallyn: "?(n) (1) Committee on Miles. Administra- tion, and Standards, to 'which committee shalt be referred all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects:. ' -1. Matters relating to the payment of money out of the contingent fund of the Senate or creating a charge upon the serne; ?except that any resolution relating to sub- stantiru matter within the jurisdiction, of any other standing committee-of the Senatee? shall be first referred to such comMitten ' -? r2. Except as provided In subparagraph 4k), matters relating .W thenelbrary-of Con- - green the Government Printing Office, and _ the Senate Library; statuary and picturing acceptance or purchase of worke of art lor the Capitol; the Botanic Gardens; nianane- ment or the Library of Congress; putchase of books and manuscripts:. erection of matinee ? ments to the memory of individuals.-- liscept aS provided in subparagraph _ (k), matters relating to the Smithsonian In- stitution and the incorporation of similar inetitusions. ? - "4. Matters relating to the election or the President, Vice President, or Members of Congress; corrupt practices: contested elec- tions; credentials and qualifications; Federal - election:, generally; Presidential succession. - "5. Matters relating to parliamentary rules: floor and gallery rules; Senate restaurant: administration of the Senate Office Buildings and of the Senate wine of the Capitol; as- signment of office space: and services to the ? Seriate. . _ ? 0,-115bet? 26, 1970 Approved Fo ?? "G. alatters?relatine to pre:tine rection of the Conereesionel Record. "(2r Such committee also have the duty or a:reigning office space in the Senate wing of the Capitol and In the Senate Onice Bulhang,:. -C.3) It shall be the duty of such commit- tee to? '(A) receive complaints and investigate relegations of improper conduct which may reeect upon the Senate. viols.tions of law, and violations of rules and reeulations of the Senate.. relating .to the conduct and indiv!rtualsin the performance of their dit- ties as Members of the Senate, or as ?facers or employees of the Senate. and to make ape propriete findings of fact and concluaions? with respect thereto; ? "(B) recommend to the Senate by report or resellItiOn by a majority vote of the full ? committee disciplinary action to be taken with respect to such violations which the committee shall determine, after according to the individuals concerned due notice and opportunity for hearing, to have occurred; "(C) recommend to the Senete. by report or resolution.- such additional rules or regu- lations as the committee shall determine to be necessary or desirable to 1-sure groper standards of conduct by Members of the Senate, and. by onrcers or employees of the ? Senate, in the performance of. their duties and the discharge of their responsibilities; , and? . 't(lls) report violations by a majority vote of the full committee ef_any law to the proper Federal and State authorities. ? "(4) Such committee shall- also? ?? "(A) make a contlnuing study of the orge.- ? nization and operation- cf the Congress of ' ? the United States and shall recommend im- provements in such organization and opera- tion with a view toward streegthenine Con- gress, simplifying its operations, improving ? Its relattonshipe with other branches of the ' ? ?- United States Government, and enabling it ? better to meet its respoesibintles under the - Constitution of the United Stater,: and "(B) Identify any court proceeding or ac- ? . tion which, in the opinion cf the Committee, -. Is of vital interest to the Coneeess as a con- stitutionally established institution of the ' Federal Governmett and call such ?proceed: Mg or action to the attention of the Senate. ? "2. Each standing committee may study and review tax expenditures related to sub- ject matters within its jurisdiction, and submit reports and its recommendations with - respect thereto. . "3. Except as other-a-lee provided by para- ? graph 6 of this rule, the standing commit- tees shall consist of the number of Senaters set forth in the fonowina tete? on the line . on which the name of that committee ? appears: Committee Members ? Agriculture. and Small Business 15 --Appropriations 22- - Armed Services 13' Banniug. Rousing and Urban Aenaire 15 +-Budge: 15 Ccennieece. Science. and Transperta- tioe 17 Ear-7 attcl Natural Resources 17 Esseiromnent arid Public-Works 15 Finitnee 15 remence 15 Ano,re 15 It mime. Resources 15 Mediele-e 15 Intee. Atintsrranen. erre .e.e amisress 9.". TITLE /1?COMMITTlele. eneromefENTS: S. 201. (a) Pa:?.:jrh 6 of rule 'XXV of :he.!-.?:!',?? 11113 Rule:, of the Sen.Ate is ameacled un follo?.vn -G. la) Except as provided by tete par:?;.;T:tpli? , each Senetor shall 7"rve en two and no more stancline cern:no:tees; and CONGRESSIONAL RECORD? SE lease 2004/12/0.1 .:-CIA-RDP79M004 er- "(2) each Senator may serve on only select, special, or ad hoc committee of the Senate or joint committee or the Congress. "(b) (1) Each SC7. may serve on not more than two subcommittees of each stand- ing come:tette of wlaigh he is a member. "(2) Each Senator may serve on only one subcommittee of each select, speciel, or act ho o committee of the Senate or joint com- mittee of the Congress of ? which 'he is a member. - "(3) No standing, select, special, or ad hoc committee of the Senate may establish any sub-unit of that committee other than a subcommittee, unless the Senate by resolu- tion has given .perminnion therefor. For pur- poses of this subparagraph, any sub-unit of a joint committee shall be treated as a sub- committee. ? e(c) By agreement entered Into by the majority leader and the minority leader, the membership of one or snore standing com- mittees may be increased temporarily from tithe to time by such number or numbers as may be required to accord to the majority party a majority of the membership of all standing committees. When any such tem- .porary incresfe.e ianaecessery to accord to the majority party a majority of the membership ofnall standing committees, members of the majority party in such number as may be required for that purpcse may serve as mem- bers of three standing committees. .No such .- temporary Increase in the membership of any standing committee under this subpara- graph shall be continued in effect after the need therefor has ended. No standing corn- mitte may be increased in membership under this subparagraph by more than two mem- bers In excess of the number prescribed for , that committee by paragraph 3 of this rule. "(d) Any Senator who by reason of his being chairmannot a standing committee is. required by law to serve on more than one joint committee of the Congress may serve on each such joint committee, but such Sen- ator' may not serve on any select, special, or ad hoc committee of thts Senate. "(e) (1) No Senator-shall -serve at any- time as chairman of more than one stand- ing, select, special, or ad hoc committee of the Senate. or joint committee of the 'Congress. ?? e-(2) No Senator shall serve at any time as chairman of more than one subcommittee of each standing. special, select, or ad hoc committee of the Senate or joint committee of' the Congress of which he is a member. "(f) Until that date occurring during the first session of the Ninety-sixth Congress upon which the appointment of the majority and minority members of the standing com- mittees is initially completed= "(1) membership on the Committee on the Budget shall not be taken into account for purposes of subparagraph (a) (I); and "(2) the Committee on ehe_eBedget snell be treateellse a corriniftlee-referred to in sub- paragraph (a) (2).". (b) Rule xvr of the Standing Rules of the 'Renate is amended by striking out para- graph 6. !SI (11 Section 2 of Senate Reeelereea sare 'nee- r teseeneele_creen reel-tie: el eeineem (el)._ sLrikilt.4 "paraereeh Mt)" in the se in 7rier,e innetiffek nen. (c arid Itis-e:ir, .. ? iig in liani ?fileicr-r5:41.',il',7:::-1?-?3 re) 11)"'. in) by atrikine_ont srMseetion (r1). ' nee On (lite occurrtrw, rf7a 0: tl:?.! 77.7irr-j7;7,7r7"enTelien? ulitl:.1:v Tlrirt"-,i;,1e7:17 (:3;Not later tem July. 1, 1)73; the Co7a- KultEee on ereve?rnmentai Aretier -sliall-ereecent te re- 't reS'ele th-s? reit: nention of ? tes ime?Mienon ar.1 ftwctions t?f (17;-%-:57f72:'..)r ''-,%.:";:1.1'1?:n 11 1:71,c-1-71-1.Yrr, The ap- ? ? S-11394`.3 000iontlocaoz.2 propr ate stau ing couunitteea shall report legislatIon ternaleatiug the statutory author- ity of the. following joint committees of the Congress and transferring their functions to the :rpm:op:late standing committees of the Senate and the House of Representative; (to the extent such functions are not then vested in such standing committees) or other ap- propriate bodies: ? (A) Joint Committee on Atomic Energy; (E) Joint Committee on Congressional Operations; (C) Joint Committee on Defense Produc- tion; (D) &Arai:Economic Committee: - . (le) Joint Committee on the Library; ? (F) Joint Committee on Printing; and (Gi Joint Coomilttee on Internal Revenue Taxation. , No proposed legislation. shall be referred in the Senate to may joint committee of the Congress and no proposed legislation re- parted by any such joint committee shell ha receired in the Senate. ? . _ _ (2) Not later than. July I., 1977, the appro- priate standing committees sisall report legis- lation establishing a Congressional Revenue 0:11Ce. to be staffed initially by the staff of the Joint Committee on: Internal Revenue Taxation, and to be primarily responsible to the Committee on Ways and Means and, the Commie:tee on Finance. (3) Until the termination of the joint committees referred. to- in paragraph (1). vacancies occurring in the Senate member- ship of any such joint contmittee shall be filled, consistent with the provisions of para-- graph 6 of rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate, by the appointment of Sena- , tors who are members of the standing corn- ,_ mitteee of the Senate which have jurisdic- tion over the subject matters with respect to which such joint committee exercise.s Ste functions. The preceding sentence shall not e apply (but paragraph 6 of rule XXV of the . Standing 'Rules of the Senate shall apply), to any joint committee the Senate members of which are required by law to be appointed troll) one or more specified standing commit- tees of the Senate. (e) Senate Resolution. 58, Eighty-first Congress. and Senate Resolution 33e, Eighty- eighth Congress, are repealed. - (f) It Is the sense of the Senate that in appointing Senators to the standing com_rnit- - tees pursuant to the Standing Rules of the Senate (as amended by this resolution) and In establishing seniority of Senators on such standing committees, first and full coneld- eratlon should be given to thtne Senators who, on October 1, 1976, were serving as chairmen and ranking minority members? of standing committees whose juriedlcilons are- transferred to, or consolidated in, ocher standing committees and as chairmen and ranking minority members of select or special -committees and subconntittteee,or? standing committees whose jurisdictions and func- tions are so transferred or consolidated. -- TITLE III?MULTIFLDREFERRAL OF PRO- POSED LEGISLATION: ESTABLISiTATIENT . OF AD HOC COMMITTEES ? Sec. Met. (a) Rule xxvr or the Standing . Rulee or the Senate es amended by arideng at the end thereof the folio:vine new para- . graph: "3. (a) Except as provided In this pars- ? graph and paragraph 4, In nue- case in which coneroversy arises ae to the jurisdiction of any committee of the Senate with respece, to ???-.7 r-0-`^ aeci 1^0ilat'on ti-re ? ?-? ri,dietion shall be decided by the !trending mineer of the Zienete, without debate, in favor of the: cernealttee wheel hee jurisdiction ?mer the stib'ect matter which predominates in such nrcemeed lee:is:at:on; but such deci- sion shall be subject to an appeal. "(b; (I) Upon motion by the Majority Leade: or his dein:are made for himself and Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : GIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 S 18244 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD?SENATE - -tie Minority Leat&P,CThfsegen 174a s posed legieletton may be referredA 0 or more commlttees jointly Cr sequentially. 'No- tice of such motion and the proposed leefela- tion to which it relates shall be prin:ei in the Congressional Itecolci. The motion shell be privileged, but It shalt not be in order ? until the Congressicama Record in which the - notice is printed his been available to Sen- ? ators for at lean., twenty-four hours. No a:nendment to any such motion shall be in order except amenementa to any instructious - contained therein. Debate on any such zoo- - Non, and all .aroenciritents thereto and den ? . batable motions and appeals in connection - therewith, shall be limited tonot more than two hours, the time to be equally divided between, and controlled by, the Mencrity Leader and the Minority Leader or feel: designees. . "(2) Proposed legislation which te 'referred to two or more committees. jeintly :r57 be reported only by imeh committees jointly and only one report may accompany any pro- , ? posed legislation so jointly reported. ? "(3) A motion to refer any proposed leeis- ? lation to two or more committees sequen- tially shall speelly the order of referral. "(4) Any motion under -this subperagrapla ? may specify the portion or portion of pro.. posedlegislation to be considered by the committees, or any of them, to which such ? proposed legislation is referred, and such committees or committee shall be limited. in the consideration of such proposed legisla- tion, to the portion or portions so specined. "(5)- Any motion under this eubparnamph may content instructions with respect to the time allowed for consideration be the cora- _ mittees, or any of them, to which proposed legislation is referred and the discharge of such committees, or any of them, from fur- ther consideration of such proposed legis- lation.". (b) Section 137 of the Legislative Reorga- nization Act of -1946 is repealed. ? Sec. 302. Rule eCinta of the Standing Rules ? of the Senate (as amended by section 302 of this resolution) is amended by addles at the end thereof the following new paragraph: .? 'el. (a) A resolution submitted by the Ma- jority Leader or hes designee for himself anti the Minority Leader or his designee . . which establishes an ad hoc committee to ? consider proposed legislation which falls . within the jurisdiction of two or more com- ? =Meta of the Senate and which conforms . to the requirements of this paragraph shall e be privileged. Any such resolution shall? "(1) specify the subject matter or matters ? ? over which the ad hoc committee shall have jurisdiction; . "(2) specify the number of members to serve on the ad boa committee; "(3) provide that the members of the ad - hoc committee from the majority party shall be appointed by the Majority Leader, after conauttation with the chairmen of the coin- triltees whose jurisdiction is Involved (which- - committees shall be named in the resolu- tion); "(4) provide that the members of the ad hoc committee from the minority party shall ? be appointed by the Minority Leader, after consultation with tem ranking minority . mernbem of the committees whose jtaisdic- tion is involeed; - '(5) provide that the Majority Leader shall appoint the chairmen of the ad hoc coinnlittee; ''(6) provide that the expenses of the ad hoc committee shall be. paid out of the con- tinent fund of the Senate. and spzn-lry any limire.tion on the eniount cf such ex.penie; and "17) specIfy the period of e:thtence or the ad hoc committee, which shall not extend beyond the end of the Congress In which it Is eete.bliel-ted. "(b) (1) A resolettion deecribed in sub- paragraph (a) shalt not be referred to a October 26; 1.15'6 - , 4a0241041.211atiaCIAIRDIR729 00040004000-2,4tee pf the Seel:lee, end, (ler under the beading -General Ord each subeoinadttee.theretif, shall notify the - and shall he printed In the Congressional Secretary of 'the Seriatelmmediaeely upon Record. It shall be in order after the third the cancellation of a meeting of such corn- day following - the introduction of any such nilttee or subcerrimittee. `Me Senate members resolution, but not before, to move to pro- of any joint committee of the Congress or - ceed to Its consideration. Debate on any such any eubcoennittee thereof shall cause notice motion, and all debatable motions mid ape to be given to the Secretary of the Senate peals in connectioa therewith, shall be bin- immedizeteiy upon the cancellation of a meet- ited to not n1C,--R than one neer, the time ire; of such joint committee or eubcornmit- . to be equally divided between, and controlled tee. ? ? by, the Majority Leader and. the Minority (d) Until appropriations are made there- Leader or their designees. ' for, the expenses hactired carrying out the , "(2) Debate on any such resolution, and provisions of this section shell be paid from all amendments thereto anti debatable mo- ? the continent fund of the tieuete on %Much- times and appeals In connection therewith, ere signed by the Secretaiet-of the Senate. ? - shall be limited to not more than five .hours, Sze. 402. (a) Subparagraph (a) of pars- the time to be equally divided between, and graph 7 of rule xxv of the Standing Rune, controlled- by, the Ma.,lority Leade.r and the of the Semite is amemeled to read as relive-se "(a) ;no committee of the Sena.te or any ltlinoriky'LeadIr or their clealemees. "(c) 1. etwi histeadine pat,IT.aph 1 of rule subcorn,r0,,??e thereof 'i'n'ey ineen. without XXV zcl p ragraph 8 of r.ais rule, all pro- special Ir.r.vie, after the conelustork of the ' posed legislation reieting te the subject raM.- two hours after. a Ineetiii-g- lees ? '.- ter or :netters oyez eltich an ad hoc commit- commenced and in no case erter two o'clock tee*einibliebee pursuant to subparagraph postmeridian unle.se nioteiern, ah.erefdr brie - (a) has jurisdiction (es specified in the rase. been obtained from. the Majority Leader lution establishing that ad hoc committee) and the- ellaority Leaner (or In. the, event of shalt be referred to that ad hoc committee. the absence of either- of such Leadcrs? frora "(d) An ad hoc committee established pur- his designee). The pralittiltain- contained' - silent to this paragraph shale have power to in the preceding sentence shall not apply to report proposed legislation and 311Wj nave the the Committee on Appropriations or the. powers conferred upon standing committees Committee on the Budget. The Senate Inf;211-, by section la4(a) of the Legleleelve Reorgsni- hers of any joint committee- or the Convene. zation Act of 1946. The provision-s of section (other than a committee or conference) may 133 of the Legislative Reorganization Act or not, without special le.ave attend any meet,- 1946 shall apply to any such ad hoc come lug of the Joint committee or any subcom- mittee. For purposes- of the Standing ? Rules mittee thereof . after the conclusion of the and other roles of the Senate elncluding .first two hours after a meeting of the 'inmate provisions of the Legislative Reorganization has commenced and in no case after two. Act of 1246 enacted aa rules of the Senate), o'clock poetraerldian unless consent there'. an ad hoc committee 'established pursuant for has been obtained - from the Majority to this paragraph shall be treated as a special Leader- and the Minority Leader (or in the ' committee of the Senate. event of the absence of dither of such Leed--- --- "(e) With the approval of the chairman ern from his designee). The Majority Leader and ranking minority member of the corn- or his designee shall announce to the Sere. ? mittee concerned, an ad hoc corrunittee es- ate whenever consent has been-given 'under tablished pursuant to this paragraph May this subparagraph?", ? utilize the personnel, services, anti facilities (b) Rule XXV of the Standing Rules of of any other committee of the Senate. the- Senate is amended by- adding at the end e(f) Beginning with the day on which a thereof the following new paragraph: ' _resolution described in subparagraph (a) is "0. Morning meetings of committees of the introduced and until such resolution is dis- ? Senate end subcommittee:: thereof shall be posed of, any proposed legislation introduced scheduled for one or both of the periods Which involves any of the subject matters prescribed in this paragraph. The nrst period specified in such resolution shall not be re- shall end at eleven o'clock antemeridian. eferred to a committee, but shall be printed Tbe second period shalt begin at eleven In the Congressional Record of the day Ott . o'clock antemeridiai and. end at two o'clOcle which Introduced.", ? ? . postmerldian.". . TITLE IV?SCREDULING OF COMMITTEE (c) Section 134(e) of the Legislathie.Ree ?? MEETINGS? ? organization Act of 1946 is repealed. . Sze. 401. (a) Underthe supervision and di- ? See. 403. (a) The Majority Leader shah. n rection of the Majority Leader, the Minority from Vine to time and as far i advance as Leader, and the Committee on Rules, Is practicable, announce to the Senate those ministration, and Standards, the Secretary of Ad- (lays on which he piens- to have- the Senate-. the Senate shall establish and maintain meet end the hour at which he plans to have a computerized schedule f all njriezttlmorittmeacartmoduelylt. fort). ?toirmden.rn)tor mtabrameetingsinitiT.;_ tphroeviSeder'2t thee of committees, the Senate should, twes Ccereof and of all rneetinv of joint cjOrt meetings meet only -on .Fts Many days as ;ire einceenery- rinee-eeset-t'dftin-. CO-FirtFeninTii-atitiTrineebinnetit- _____Te'i-na-7cnnore-nere-ficelnaildnerinenerrirnifteeni there- for the proper conduct of ha business and to comply with the denetitittion of the Tdri 7Stich schedule shall be maintained oannee C United States, and should not meet on any -; o--tertninals in the ofhces of all Senators, corrurettees of the Senate, and permanent day before the hour regelarly prescribed for ' joint committees of the Congrees. and shell commencement or dein-nes-sloes noteee the ' - be un-dated hourly. business of the. Senate so requires. . - (b). Each committee of the Senate. and ?. (b) Peraeraeh 3 of ride VII of the Stand- each subcommal-manittee thereof, al-man notify the Line Rules of the Senate Is funendect strt:c- Secretary of tile Senate oi each meeting of ine "until the hour of I o'clock has arrived" such committee or subcommittee, including and inzerting in lieu thereof "until the con- the time period or periods (iie prescribed in .clesion of one hour at tee the meeting of the paragraph 9 of rule XXV of the St:midi:1g Senate was coMatenCed... Rules of the Senate), the place, anti the pur- (c) Ride VIII of the Standing Rules of the pose of steel nient leg. TilF, Senate niernbers Senate ie amended by striking out "2 o'clock' of any intat committee cr the Cociencies or of in paragraehs 1 anti 2 and ineerting in lien a subcommittee thereof shell cause notice :a . thereof "the conclusion of two hours Lifter be given to the Sscretary of the Senate of the meeting of the Senate was commenced-. each meeting of such joint committee or sub- (Et) Rule XII of the Stencil:le Rules of the ? committee, including the time, piece. and Senate is amended by adding at the end perposee of soch meeting. Notiee uncier this thereof the following new paragreph: suneecnon shall be given immediately open en Any roll call vote. orderen during the - scheduling a ineeting.erst two hours of a daily meeting of tile Sen- ? - ? ? Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 -/ elVII)feer eel) 1 :fife 'ate shall not bg held befpre two cecepeee meridiem' ureess orderalleetrOVOCI Senate, on a previous calendar day, 1 'majority vote or by unanimous cotieent.". TITLE V-CONTINUING REVIEW OF THE . COMMITTEE SYSTEM SEC. 501. (a) The Majority Leader and the anuority Leedrt shall review, on a continu. ing basis, the committee system of the Sen- ate and the standing rules and other rules of the Senate related thereto. (b) During the second regular session of each Congress, the Majority Leader and the alinority Leader shall submit to the Senate a report of the results of their review under . subsection (a) during that Congress. Such report shall Include their recommendations (If any) for changes in the committee system of the Senate and the standing rules '?ad other rules of the Senate related thereto. The Majority Leader and the Minority Leader znay submit, from time to time, such other ? reports and recommendations with respect to such committee system and rules as they deem appropritae. (c) At the request of the Majority Leader - or Minority Leader, the Secretary of the Sen.' ate, the Secretary for the Majority, and the Secretary for he Minority shall provide such assistance as may be requested to assist them In carrying out their duties and responsibil- ities under this section. ? TITLE VI-AMPNDMENTS NOT WITHIN A. ? - - COMMITTEES JURISDICTION ? SEC. 601. The Standing Rules of the Sen- ate are amended by adding at the end thereof the following new rule; , .'.RULE XLV-COMMIT'inE AMENDMENTS NOT WITHIN XT 4 JUIVSDICTION CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -SENA*. "1. A committee shall not report any bill or resolution with any proposed committee amendment (other than a technical, clerical, or conforming amendment) which centains any matter not within the jurisdiction of that committee. If any bill or resolution is reported to the. Senate with any such pro- posed committee amendment, a point of order may be made agains the bill or reso- lution and, if the point Is sustained, the bill or resolution shall be recommitted to the committee which reported it. "2. Paragraph 1 shall not apply te an ap- propriation bill or resolution reported by the Committee on Appropriations.". d'" . TITLE VI/--IUSCELLANEOUS - Sec. 701. This resolution and the amend- ments to the Standing Rules of the Senate made by this resolution shall take effect on the thirtieth day after the day on which thee resolution is agreed to. Sec. 702. To the extent neess2ry to carry out the provisions of pargaraph 1 of rule ?XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate (as amended by title I of this resolution), all proposed legislation end nominations re- ferred before the effective date of this resolu- tion to the standing committees of the Sen- ate shall be rereferred on such effective date to the appropriate standing committees. SEC. 703. Any reference in any rule, reso- lution, or order of the Senate or in any law, regulation, or executive order to any %land- ing committee of the Senate (as such com- mittees were constituted before the effective date of this resolutulon) shall, after such ef- fective date. be considered as referring to the appropriate standing committee established by paragraph 1 of rule XXV of the Standing Penes of the Senate (as amended by title I of the; resolution). APPROVAL OP . BILLS ANO JOINT RESOLUTIONS-MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT A message from the President of the nited States received on October 26, fiksAttlilItsM NfirktEM40. XesOlUtiOns: ? ? September 50, 1976: S. 522, An Act to implement the Federal responsibility for the care and education of the Indian people by improving the services and facilities of Federal Indian health pro- grams and encouraging maximum participa- tion of Indians in such programs, and for other purposes. ? October 1, 1976; 'S. 1404, An Act for the relief of Mrs. Kyong Chu Stout. ? S. 1477. An Act for the relief of Beatrice Serrano-Toledo. S. 1787, An Act for the relief of Maria Lisa R. Manalo, and Rogena B, Maaialo. S. 2090, An Act to make the provisions of section 1331(e) of title 10, United States Code, retroactive to November 1, 1953. S. 2220, An Act to authorize and direct the Secretary cf the Interior to reinstate oil and gas lease New Mexico 18302. ? ? ? S. 2481, An Act for the relief of Oscar Rene Hernandez Rustrian. S. 2668, An Act for the relief of Arturo Moreno Hernandez, S. 2770, An Act for the relief of Anthony Augustus Daley and Beverly Evelyn Daley. 8.. 2830, An Act for the relief of Gary A. Broyles. ? . S. 2956, An Act for the relief of Teresa Marie Selman. S. 3052, An Act to authorize orientation and language training for families of certain officers and employees of the Department of Agriculture. S. 3095, An Act to increase the protection of consumers by reducing permissible devia- tions In the manufacture of articles made In whole or in part of gold. October 2, 1976: ? -* .S. 2322. An Act foe the relief of Lee Mee Sun. October 4, 1976: S. 3651, An Act to amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to provide for the Withdrawal of lands for the village of Kink- wan, Alaska, and for other purposes. ? October 5, 1976; . ? S. 866, An Act for the relief. of Patrick Andre Tasselin. p.-3734, An Act to approve the sale of cer- tain naval vessels, and for other. purposes. October 7, 1976: S. 3430. An Act to amend the Act approved August 18, 1970, providing for improvement in the administration of the National Park System by the Secretary of the Interior and clarifying authorities applicable to the National Park Systeme and for other pur- poses. October 8,1976: 6.2981, An Act to authorize appropriations for the Indian Claims Commission for fiscal year 1977, and for other purposes. 8. 3146, An Act for the relief of Leo S. Con way. S. 3330, An Act for the relief of Miss Mary ? Vance Trent. S. 3485, An Act for the relief of ?eland? Garzen. S. :3843, An Act to name the Visitors' Cen- ter at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake- shore the "Philip A. Hart Visitors' Center". October 11, 1976: S. 14, An Act to provide cost-of-living ad- justments in retirement pay of certain Fed- eral judges. S. 1071, An Act to designate the plant area of tile Federal Buileing, Portland, Oregon the "Terry Schrunk Plaza". S. 2518,-An Act for the-felleact Chem Hyo Suk. S. 2839, An Act to cupplement the nu- _ thorny of the President to collect regular and periodic information on international Investment. ? S13245. Nieltuttat&e krt olZtr o.; c Koilrich hington Clifton.) S. 2991, An Act to amend the Haeardous Materials Tranportation Act to authorize appropriations, anti for other purposes. S. 3050. An Act to authorize the eecretary of the Department in which the Coast Guard Is operating to lease housing facilities' for Coast Guard personnel in a foreign country on a multi-year basis. S. 3149. An Act to regulate commerce and protect human health and the environment by requiring testing and necessary nee re- strictions on certain chemical substances, and for other purposes. . S. 3757, An Act for the relief of Welter Louis Laeueur and his wife Barbara Auguste Helene Koch Laqueur. . October 12. 1076: 8.3. Res. 181, Joint Resolution to authorize the erection of the American Legion's Free. dom Bell on lands of the park. system .of the District of Columbia, and for other purposes. S. 1414, An Act to amend the, Commercial Fisheries Research and. Development Act of 1964 to change certain, procedures in. order- to Improve the operation of the programs ' under such Act and to make the Trust Ter- ' ritory of the Pacific Islands eligible to par- - iticipate in such programs. S. 1506, An Act to amend the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, and for other purposes. 8. 2228, An Act to amend. the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1965, as amended, to extend-the authorizations for a- three-year period. - ? - S. 2657, An Act to extend the Higher Edu- cation Act of 196$. to extend and revise the Vocational Education Act of 1963, and .for other purposes. ? ? 8.3035, An Act for the relief of Alice W. Olson, Lisa Olson Hayward, Eric Olson, and Nils Olson. . . ? ' October 13, 1976:- ? e ? ? - S. 3383, An Act to authorize arid direct-the Secretary of Corrunerce to develop a national policy on weather modification, and for other purposes. - - October 14, .1976: ? See. Res. 126, Joint Resolution consenting to an extension and renewal of the interstate comnact to conserve oil, and gas. Ser. Res. 209, Joint Resolution authorizing the President to proclaim the week of Octo- ber 10 throueh 10. 1976, as "Native American Awareness Week". ? S. 3441, An Act to authorize the Architect of the Capitol to perform certain work on and maintain the historical sections of the Congressional Cemetery and to study and. formulate proposals for renovation and per- manent maintenance of such sections by the -United States. October 15, 1976: - : S. '726, An Act to direct the Secretary of tee enterior to convey, for fair market value, certain lands to Valley County, Idaho. S. 969, An Act to amend -title 38, -United States Code, to: set a termination date for veterans' educational benefits under chapters 34 and 36, to incresse vocational rehabilita- tion subsistence allowances, educational and training assistance allowances, and special allowances paid to eligible veterans and per- soes under chapters 31, 34, and 35; to extend. the basic educational assistance for teterans and for certain dependents from -- thirty-six to forty-five months; to improve and expand the special progreins for educa- tionally disadvantaged veterans and service- men under chapter 34; to improve and ex- pand tee education loan program for veter- an a s- and persns eligible t er er 'ne:its under ceapter 34 or 35; to create a new chapter 32 (Post-Vietnara Era Veterans* Educational Assivtance program) for those entering mili- tary service on or after January 1, 1977; to make other emprovements in the educational ussietance program; to clarify, coriffy. arid Approved For Release 2004/12/01 : CIA-RDP79M00467A000400040002-2 - TO (Officer designation room number and J building) ? COMMENTS (Number cccl car- rrent to sho fror '.1 c. Draw a lire across calumre after each ,coFnment.),,, t vvci ? 0' NCLASSIFIED