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December 19, 2016
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ll'fftdgSicROl~4* 2006/10/11: CIA-RDP79M00983A001300010003-,1,-.'.. G,~~ IN ZA - Journal Office of Legislative Counsel ~~~I f':~1J'1 1 Page - ---- -I Tuesday - 30 November 1976 F 6. (Unclassified. - DFM) TRAVEL Walt: Ricks, Senator Robert Morgans (D., N. Car.) designee on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, called to say that Senator Morgan has had to cancel his trip to Latin America which was scheduled in December. Ricks said the Senator is still interested in going but will have to reschedule it. 7. (Unclassified DFM) BRIEFINGS Bill Miller, Staff Director, Senate Select Committee'pn Intelligence, called to cancel briefings scheduled for Chairman Daniel Inouye (D., Hawaii) on 14 and 15 December 1976, and also the Chairman's appearance in our Guest Speaker Program which was scheduled for 3.4 December. Chairman Inouye is forced to be in I-Iawaii on those dates. STAT Liebengood also mentioned he had not yet received three sets of notes from his recent trip with Senator Howard Baker (R. , Tenn. ). Regarding this trip, I mentioned to Liebengood that Agency representatives would be happy to meet with Senator Baker for a report of his trip and an impression of our si:ations' Liebengood said Senator Balser is spending a great deal of time in New York at the UN, but that he would try to arrange such a session. 9.. (Unclassified - DFM) ADMINISTRATIVE DELIVERIES Delivered to Martha McDonald, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence staff, Records Control Schedules 39-76 and an amendment to Records Control Schedule 12-76, which I had delivered earlier. I also gave her a letter to Chairman Daniel Inouye (D., Hawaii) from Mr. Cary concerning the Church Committee testimony, of former Ambassador to Chile, Edward Korry, and a memo o STAB'`: who has been accused of. Nazi war Ms. McDonald gave me a letter to_Mr. Director, requesting that a Committee staffer, Agency material on 'fir -r,?~: 1;~.._ % ?Ir' ~r~ ~~,~-;,: L f- O '~.~ crimes. STAT Cary from Bill Miller, Staff Tom Moore, have access t:o all STAT Approved For Release 2006/10/11 : CIA-RDP79M00983A001300010003-1