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December 19, 2016
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November 22, 2006
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November 30, 1976
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!N p bVed FattRe(e se 2006/11/22: CIA-RDP79M00983A0 00030001-1 Vol journal _. Office of. Legislative C;oun-el. SS;i~~ &r/ I I C'. 1. ri:'t.iesday 30 November 1976 6. (Unclassified .. DFF'M) Wall: Ricks, Senator I.tobcri: Morgan's (D. , N. Car. ) designee on the Serrate: Select: Conimitt:ee on Ilzt:ell.igence, called to say that Senator Morgan has had to cancel his trip o Latin America which was scheduled in I~er.ernbc.r. Ricks said the S clatot' is still interested in going but will have to reschedule it. 7. (Uncl.assi.fied -- D_C'M) BR1EI' INGS Bill Mil_l.e:r, Staff. Dircctoz, Senate Select Cornmittee'pn Intelligence, called to cancel. briefings scheduled for Chairrrlan Dasiiel Inouye (De , IIa.waii) on 14 and I5 Dccciriber 1976, and also the Chairrz"lan's appearance in our Guest Speaker l rog 'am which was sche ule for 14 Deem ber. Chairma.n. Inouye is forced to be in Hawaii on those da es.. STAT Lie Uengooe also men i-oneC he had no : yet: receiveC iree se s o: no "es from hi rece nt trip with Senator 1-Toward Baker (lR. , Tenn. ), Regarding this trip, I inen.tioned to L:iebengoocI that Agency representatives would be happy to m eet: with. Senator Palter for a report. of his trip and all i.rcipr( ssi.on of stations Liebengood said Senator Baker is spending a gre:a.t. deal. of 1.1i:1e in New York at the UN, but that lie would try to arrange such a session, 9. (Llnclassifi(-:d - DFM) ADMINISTRATIVE DELIVERIES 37 to Martha. Mc.I_)onald, Senate Sclcct Comnmit:tee on Intelligence ,;tuff, Recol?rls Control. Scheclules 39-76 and an am encilraelnnt: to Rec.oxds Control Schedule 12-76, Which I had delivered earlier. I also gave her a to Chairman I)::llliel Inouye (1),., liawaii) from b9:r. Cary concerning the Church Colliixlittcee tcs,i.ircio..Lfr of former A-rnbassadol.? to Chile, ;Edward Noxry, and a memo o.ll.II STAT I I who has 1_~c:en accused of Nazi war criz- Zes. . STAT McT)on Lld gave m.e a letter to Mr. Crary from 11i.ll. M:ii.lcr, Staff. 1):ire:ctor,; that a C orriLnitl:ee staLf.fer, Ton-t. Moore:, li,.Lve access; to all Agency on STAT Approved For Release 2006/11/22 : CIA-RDP79M00983A001300030001-1