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December 20, 2016
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June 14, 2006
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August 31, 1977
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Approved For Release 29 D,v. ssT -r?z_ 06/11/13: CIA-RDP79M00983A~01500030009-1 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 31 August 1977 -7 7 .- d6~6/o~3RQ' Page '9 s 37. (Internal Use Only - PLC) LIAISON I met with Tom Latii r, and Mike O'Neil, of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence staff, and discussed the request from the House Post Office & Civil Service Subcommittee on Compensation and Employee Benefits for the Agency to testify on 29 September on proposed legislation to abolish all early retirement programs. I explained that CIARDS is a management tool and has always come under the exclusive jurisdiction of the House Armed Services Committee. I urged that the House Select Committee exercise exclusive jurisdiction. Latimer said he would discuss this with Chairman Edward Boland (D., Mass.) when he returns after Labor Day. He suggested that the Director write a letter to Subcommittee Chairwoman Gladys N. Spellman (D., Md.) explaining the Agency's need to retain CIARDS. He asked that it be shown to him for review before it is sent. I gave Latimer a copy of the written summary on the newly found Agency documents on projects ARTICIIOKE and BLUEBIRD, and that we would be sending the Chairman a letter informing um the ongoing investigations by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Senate Human Resources Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. I gave Latimer a copy of the 15 August draft of the proposed Executive Order and mentioned that a copy had also been provided to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He made no comment. I doubt that the Committee will formally undertake this matter at this time. Later in the meeting I was joined b OS. He 25X1 delivered two letters from the Director of Security. One certified security clearances for Latimer and his secretary, Jeanne M. McNally. The other certified the Committee's storage facilities to house compartmented intelli- gence. We discussed the future handling of security processing of Committee personnel. Latimer said no staff member will come aboard until fully cleared. I briefed on the status of H. R. 5383, the Age Discrimination bill, and that the Agency would be reviewing its impact on current policy to force retirement at age 65 if the bill becomes law. I left a copy of the bill and the amendment. At the request of I mentioned the call from the D. C. Public School System suggesting the Agency inform the Hill of -recent reaction to NPIC personnel instructing Ballou High School students since the Page School System comes under the jurisdiction of the D. C. Government. Neither Latimer nor O'Neil felt there would be any adverse Hill reaction to the program. Approved For Rele4 se 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP79M00983A001500030009-1 P ve I gai Tb4it 7> A- U J_S Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Friday - 26 August 1977 7. LIAISON Called Clara Buchanan., Senate; Foreign Relations Committee staff, in connection with the Committee's request for compartmented clearances for Frank Ballance, Staff Director of the Subcommittee on Foreign Assistance. I told her that his background investigation is too old to meet DCID 1/14 requirements and requested that the Committee obtain an updated background investigation for purposes of receiving Agency compartmented clearances. She said that someone from the Committee would contact the Department of Defense to initiate the background investigation. 8. LIAISON Forwarded via courier one copy of 'World Steel Mar et Continued Trouble Ahead" to Jon Keyserling, in the office of Representative Mendel J. Davis (D., S. Car.), per his earlier request. Before sending the publicat on, I called Keyserling to inform him that the publication is "for Official'Use Only." 9. LIAISON Called Bill Miller, Staff. Director, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, and Walt Sheridan, Senate Human Resources Subcommittee on Health & Scientific Research staff, to advise them that some additional materials had been located on the ARTICHOKE anndE BLUEB rams which had previously been reported Church an ike Committees. I indicated that while I was not intimately familiar with this new material it did not contain names of individuals involved but did contain some additional facts and details regarding these two programs. I suggested that we make this material available to them, in the same way we were making MK'U documents available for their 25X1 review. I added that a 14-page summary of this material had been prepared and that I would send them a copy of this document this afternoon. Miller indicated that Elliot Maxwell, of the Select Committee staff, who is reviewing the MKULTRA documents, should be the one to receive the summary and Sheridan asked that I send the summary to him directly since he has been reviewing documents for the Subcommittee. I told both of these staff members that the Director would undoubtedly be sending a letter to their Chairmen advising them that arrangements had been made for their respective staffs to have access to these materials. A -I--"!M I L Va al ~. Approved For Releas+ 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP79M00983AO01500030009-1 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP79M00983AO01500030009-1 Approved For Release 2006/11/13 : CIA-RDP79M00983AO01500030009-1 Approved For Releas$ ADDENDUM TO JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 26 August 1977 77d4G6//G 25X1 2. LIAISON Delivered to Elliot Maxwell, 4-2 to Select Committee on Intelligence staff, and Walter Sheridan, staff of the Senate Human Resources u commi ee on Health and Scientific Research, blind memoranda concerning the new find relating to Projects ARTICHOKE and BLUEBIRD. 3. LIAISON Stopped by to see G. Robert Blakey, House Select Committee on Assassinations, and obtained from him copies of FBI summary investigative reports on Select Committee staff personnel and a copy of his signed secrecy oath. I hand-carried the FBI reports to Robert Gambino, Director of Security, and the secrecy oath t 2006 ~~/J3 , ~. 9M00983A0 ~00300095J~~~ 3~u3 ..qtr. rr~'Z Legislative Counsel cc: O/DDCI Ex.. Sec. DDA DDI DDS&T SA/DO/O Mr. Hetu Mr. Lapham IC Staff NIO Compt 1IMPOET CL BY !~ Ca[ Approved For R_e se 2AUf/'I'S~NII LP79M00983A001500030009-1