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December 19, 2016
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August 25, 2005
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September 8, 1977
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JAKC GA31.6 IfrAM WA6T U----%'"?r?'""'`' ~' 'Se 200j A- P79 009 Y.ALrw D. -ussrsr, Kr. ".,~+'aes . yt. t elJ~~~y~yr r n %J79 Z Joscr" w. i 20% Jw.. DLL. .00" H. CMWc1c. R.P. ? F i~ZM VION&Wr "---?--- I.L.. wTCMLw~ G. LAM". Ir+O. a"" MART. L.S.a. MALCOL.M WMJ.. Vn0. CLAN I".?AT>?w?{ ..OR.LIYI% N.Y. WC4? .T C. 47.1101 H. VA.. OC C?-'1C30 hCa1AAO M. IO Mtn. Jw.. TD N. IX OOI!C 0 WAIJA & C. M1LL,(w. STA7r 06M&CrC" LA.7L D. JU&="O1+lw..JlwOwfrr STA" 011J.ZTCW BLUEBIRD and MttJLTRA. rML, .".T COMM13'.".:3 ON 1i$T1-UJGGMC19 (rums"" T TO M. w>RS. W. MTW CCMOJ W) Was M I NGTOI4. O.C. 20310 September 8, 1977 IN REPLY PLEASE REFER TO R##9tA 1 Admiral Stansfield Turner Director of Central Intelligence Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 material which you recently revealed on Projects ARTICHOKE, 0 Board to review draft "Guidelines for Human Subject Research Within the Intelligence Community. "L= I would very much appre- ciate it if you would supply the Senate Select Committee with a copy of the draft "Guidelines". As I am sure you under- stand, this material is very important. to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence as it prepares charter legislation he _ for the Intelligence Community, especially in light of the- ?.iv ..-C,--- - . , -_ - - &.i_ Cissior was asked by the National Foreign Intelligence .Chairman of the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research. In OLC X77 ~~ I I have just received a letter from Dr. Kenneth J. Ryan, Dear Admiral Turner: Foreign Intelligence Board as to the sugges.tzons Dr. Ryan d In addition, I would appreciate a response from the Natzona I am enclosing a copy of the letter which 'Dr. Ryan sent to me I would very much appreciate any comments you might have on the suggestions which he made in his letter to me. er. made in his August 23 letter to Mr. Walt El Enclosure Approved For Release 2005/09/28 : CIA-RDP79M00983AO01500050020-6