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December 19, 2016
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October 16, 2006
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January 21, 1977
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Approved For Reese 2006/10/16: CIA-RDP?79M00983AQP1800010009-0 i t r' !" !~_ I t r ' i r (l 4 1 1 ADDENDUM TO JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 21 January 1977 ;T- sscii 77:-,0 3 s sscJ 77035$x- 2. (Unclassified - DFM) LIAISON Delivered to Stan. Taylor, Senate Select Cornniittee on Intelligence staff, a copy of an OLC memo given to Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, in 1973 regarding also discussed with Taylor the Agency'STAT STAT 3. (Unclassified - DFM) LIAISON Delivered to Bill Miller, Staff Director, Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, a memo on CIA's relationship with certain liaison services. Mr. Knoche was to meet with. Chairman Inouye on this matter later in the clay and we had promised Miller on 29 November 1976 to show him the memo prior to showing it to any Committee members. Miller gave me copies of the Nondisclosure Agreement and the Memorandum of Understancling between e gency and th e _7 7o7nI'ni e the Chairman and- Vice Cha rman ' er in ox med m- the evd??Yor imesias brought to t e attention of tie Committee a story from the Manchester Guardian stating that the Agency financed a book written by Robert Moss on Chile and was published or disseminated by World Forum . : Features. Miller said the book is highly critical of the Allende regime and Senator Frank Church (D. , Idaho). Miller asked me for a report on it. 4. (Unclassified - DFM) LIAISON Ben Marshall, Security Director, Senate Select omrnittee on t .~1 once, .., a l c jo sa r,th t tlge Nondisclosure reement between the ommitte , a_nd its e 1oyees cites EO 11652 and the \ ay'1973 NSC rmpiment g Directives which are to be attached to m"- e6hii t for the- em o ees to review. Mars ia~l neec{s cop es o t ese :urn.ents. Approved For Release 2006/10/16: CIA-RDP79M00983A001800010009-0