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December 19, 2016
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December 8, 2005
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June 16, 1977
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Approved For Re l0 a 2006/01/035 ; 79R00603A0,00040011-0 MEMORANDUM FOR: D/DCI/NI 16 June 1977 SUBJECT : Intelligence coverage of Cuban activities in Angola 1. Last September, Hank Knoche, then Acting DCI, expressed concern about the lack of information on the Cuban military intervention in Angola, as well as coverage of Cuban activities in general. This prompted a special assessment of the performance of the entire intelligence community, which was accomplished under my chairmanship, and addressed to the SIGINT, COMIREX, and Human Resources Committees. Called "Special FOCUS Cuba", the assessment covered a number of subjects including Cuban military intervention in Angola. A copy of this assessment is attached with the sections concerning Cuban interven- tion in Angola marked in red. The assessment was published on 23 February 1977, and a copy was sent to Admiral Turner who, by then had been appointed DCI. Intelligence Community through the r,auuL1 i. EW-5- ~------ the form of an Interagency Intelligence Memorandum (NI IIM 77-004). 3. The Human Resources Committeepromptly took several actions as a result of this assessment. The requirements were sent to all DDO Stations where a capability existed to collect the intelligence. The Department of State sent out selected requirements from this list to all US Embassies in Latin America and Africa, as well as to US Embassies in other countries where there is a Cuban presence. The Defense Intelligence Agency levied the requirements on the Defense Attache System through the Intelligence Collection Requirements (ICR) tasking system. TheCOMIREX Committee noted the requirements in its Strategy Report, commenting that imagery will be given priority when it can make a contribution to satisfy the requirements. The Strategy Report from the SIGINT Committee has been held up as a result of a resource squabble between the SIGINT Committee and the National Security Agency. To improve collection, the DDO assigned staff officers to various field stations amd increased the staff of the Cuban Operations Group at Headguatters. The Defense Intelligence Agency, in cooperation with the tracked down and interrogated Cuban defectors who served in Angola, revealing hitherto unknown details on the Cuban move to Angola and activities there. 2. In connection with the assessment, I had a series of conversations with senior officials in Washington who formulate and implement US policy concerning Cuba. Based upon these conversations, I developed a list of intelligence requirements including a substantial number on the Cuban role in Angola and elsewhere in Africa. I formalized these requirements in the Current Intelligence Reporting List (CIRL); established priorities for them .,,,.i i cc11Pr1 them to the 25X1 Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP79R00603A002700040011-0 79R00603AO#00040011-0 Approved For Release 2006/01/03St ffff 4. I Ion Cuban involvement in Angola and elsewhere in There has25X1 Africa has increased in volu also been a build-up in analytical intelligence on the subject. Since 1 January 1977, there have been 18 items in the Presidential Daily Brief on Angola; 20 articles in the National Intelligence Daily (NID); six items in the Current Intelligence Weekly Report; three major DDI memoranda; and one Interagency Intelligence Memorandum. 5. As a followup to the Special FOCUS Cuba Assessment, the undersigned monitors and stimulates all-source intelligence collection on Cuba. The NIO for Africa also fulfills this function in Africa. 25X1 A/NI0/LA Attachment: As noted in paragraph 1 Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP79R00603AO02700040011-0