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December 9, 2016
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July 27, 2000
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July 1, 1953
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Approved For Rele RDP79R FADOQtOO.(66OO7 Soviet Leadership. A. consistency of present Soviet tactics (intern foreign policy) argues that there is at least temporary agreement within top leadership. Beneath this agreement there are signs of tension. leadership has not yet stabilized. 1. Presidium member L. G. Melaikov was removed from his top Ukrainian post. Be was criticized for in- correct handling of the Ukraine's Western Oblasts long a seat of potential disaffection. He was also out of step with the new regime's policy of soft pedalling Stalin's harsh Ruseification policy. However, his removal was probably due to Moscow politics. 2. Appearance of *alyshev (and not Meinikov) at opera on 27 June suggests he has replaced Melnikov on the top fourteen man Party Presidium. Malyshev is an important member e technical bureaucracy with solid economic--administrative ex- perience. 4. Absence of Berl.a significant. could prove extremely a) Might indicate that Benin is to be scapegoat for inefficient security system in Germany a1_Vit.`r i, a: 372044 ? - - en. ver, it is too early to tell. In the past not unusual for one or more leaders to be absent on occasion of general appearance of leadership. Approved For Release 2000/08/29 :CIA-RD P00890A000100060007-3 Approved For Release 2000/ = tDP79R00890A000100060007-3 Soria may be on tour in Germany and y inspection Pattern of rop1atc+a 1t of !D Ministers in the Soviet Republics suggests Serials power continued through the south of June. Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79R0089OA000100060007-3 CIA-RDP79R00890A000.100060007-3 Ia current ca indicates ad policy within the Alin ion and political maneuvering within the delicately balanced top leadership. 't`he best example was the recent c L. G. i In kov, one of the fourteen man ruling presidium, and his subsequent r as First ta re have recently been some icized for incorrect adainistratioa of the vs been a haven for ant and a general trouble spot ever since the Soviet Union as It of the with the Apparently, Relnikov ,eegi to present policy aainori ties. icy of sst appeared with eleven of the pr Ialysbev, , members at the Belabol on the evening of 27 Joao. *lysheey is minister of Transport and Heavy ding sad an important member sisal bureaucracy. Be is a representative of the younger group of Soviet administrators who have been trainsd in the bard Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79R0089OA000100060007-3 Approved For Release 2000/0812 .what may prove far more significant than this shift, however, 9 R0089OA000100060007-3 culations. was L. F. .Beris's absence from the performance observers have speculated t' blame for a security system which permitted the lit riots, and manifestations of unrest elsewhere in Eastern oh as Czechoslovakia His failure to appear with his on this occasion, however, is by no means conclusive WOO face or power. vising the day 1 be personally suer- fa of control in Ger not unusual for one or more leaders to occasions. Ssria's hand as Sg SFD chief appeared to be still visible throughout the month of June,, W ailed to nine the number of now S ministers ap- death. Five of the replaced ministers had risen to power under S. D. Ignatiev, the chief scapegoat for to any case, we are watching the si t.:. very closely for other signs which might clarity his status an that of the other leaders. Approved For Release 200,, 890A000100060007-3 Approved For Release 200qm y q'`79ROO89OA000100060007-3 eounc addition to McInikov and Beria, presidium member H. 0. A. was also abet. However, it is likely that he remain most part in Azerbaijan where be is chairman of the of Ministers and head of the Party Hmro. Approved For Release 200 DJ79R0089OA000100060007-3