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December 9, 2016
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July 27, 2000
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July 30, 1953
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Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79ROO89OA000100060046-0 NTSC BRIEFING 30 July DOCUMENT NO. r. o Cr+.AN? : iN C.i.kSS. A REV-11") r~"Vi Em AUT -i HR 0 DAiE." .f~...i ~'`?!i ;1;ER:._37204d Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79ROO89OA000100060046-0 Approved For Release 2a/{ CiRDP7g$00890A000100060046-0 `iOP :Eck r On 21 u1j, South Korea is Prime Minister and foreign ,!it.iister accused the United States of bad faith in not imple- menting the Rhee-i obbertson a i,reer ent, and threatened to repudiate ttlic lent and denounce the armistice. ey demanded clarification over reports that ter von the ;or; runists assurances that it would not suppor t ,i E efts. Arm ? to t' o Bert son t s oro-Vi .se s that he would seek violation of the ar i sti ce which they noted .cien_t isenftow+er's assurances of iiora1 and material support or unilateral South Korean attack if the political conference nriel were not necessary ea that i hey would not nave to enter Kcrea to ad-tin: ster risoners g repatriation. .hey then inquired whether .resident Eisenhower has given assurances of moral and material support for a unilateral South Korean attack if the political conference fails to achieve zicatton and a Chinese +lthdr?aral. after 90 dajs. in re,,aria tc tale promised mutual security pa I position was for a . ATO-tJ3pe treaty which would South Korean sovereignty to all territory south of t .e Yalu, and wcc ulu provide t . at an attack is to be met "forthwith and ira ediatel witrrout further congressional action. Approved For Release 2000/08/29';: c1 RQP9R00890A000100060046-0 Approved For Release 20 Mi DP7900890A000100060046-0 nister reiterates South Korea's preference for ?lils type rather than an alternative offered by the united States, and inquired whetnner they can expect favorable resaii.s. Ile also charged that American failure to implement sea rocomnondations for economic aid contravenes U.S. ese points officially raised are only a few of the un- reconciled issues in the itriee-t-ooertson a reomient which ghee tvo repudiate the ari istice. Ot ier zossiuilitiea; (1) while ? z ee has a,. reed not to obstruct the armistice up to U:.e end ol: tU days .1' to:e political conference,, he qualif t sls by retaining his ' soverei i ri6ht' to interpret his position freely and statin his agreement was valid oni font , a s no measures or acLloia taken under the armistice are detrimental to our national survival." This obviously permits him to repudiate tie areermment at any time, Approved For Release 2000/08/29 CIA-RDP.79110089OA000100060046-0 11 ex^ Approved For Release 2000/08W:Z. i P7 00890A000100060046-0 Thee insists that after the period. of explanation the ,;2ti-Cormaxuaaisc Koreans Le released to south Korea Chinese is contrary to the draft armistice agreement for turning tiers over for an aciditional 30 days to tical conference, followed Dy tneir release to a "neutral attached t l' iJ nited State ha l 's c !IowieC: gea the CoIId1t OU3 'wtiica ai ,. autornaticaily from the political conference after 90 days* e s position is that Lae 'United States is committed to such withdrawal, (4) Rhee has agreed tilt hUK troops will remain uriaer t h NC ;?so to . as the U anna ti-le OK pursue tno same corn n oU- le i:ter of ltted any reference to this issue. vision level e US aas almost been reached, arici the target should flexible, Neither tie US nor bauta } ,or' cussed the .''Jeutral Supe `t sort ;+omiaissiof* aose inspection activities will Approved For Release 2000/08/29_ : CIA-RDP79R0089OA000100060046-0 F l t3 ii . Approved For Release 2000108/29 -CIA-R1DP79R00890A000100060046-0 4 - require them to enter Scuts Korea. In view or .h.es's oDject ons Indian troops, he is not likely to consent to Czech anc. Polish personnel enterar ,. Approved For Release 2000/08/29:"CIA-ReP79F40089OA000100060046-0