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December 15, 2016
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September 22, 2003
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August 6, 1957
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25X1 Approved For NSC BRIEFING 6 August 1957 IRA~tIAN' PC9LITICAI. STABILITY THREATENED BY SHAH' S I3ETERMINAT I4N . TC3 RULE SUFI~bIE 25X1 I, The Shah, apparently convinced. that he has consolidated in his own hands all political power in Iran, is determined: to rule supreme. A. Despite his close personal attention to the affairs of state, however, the Shah a,ppea,rs to be completely unaware of the growing dissatisfaction and political frustrations which could. threaten the very existence of his regime. inefficient a.nd corrupt officials--will strengthen sentiment for the abolition of the monarchy. 1, Bitter criticism of the Sha,h's rule has come from members of the Iranian ruling class, including-the Sha.h's half- brother Prince Abdor Reza, members of the cabinet, Pda,jlis deputies, high-ranking army and police officers, religious leaders, and politically powerful landowners. The continued lack of progress toward. reform--largely cause the Shah's reluctance to let Prime Minister Egba.l fire C, chile this discontent and criticism has been growing among Iranians, especially among those of the Middle, there is apparently no group or combination of groups strong enough to challenge the Shah's paver a,nd force him to "reign not rule," 1. There is no indication that a. viable opposition movement will develop in theimmediate future. Approved For Release 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release--2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79R00890A000800100001-7 2. The Shah is able to play one potential leader against the others, -They do not trust each other enough to form an effective coalition. Egbal has repeatedly threatened. to resign in recent months if the Shah continues to interfere in governmental activities, but he ha.s made no such threats since the uha,h's return from Europe in mid.-July even. though the Shah has become more embroiled: than ever in the daily a,ffa,irs of government, 25X1 A. despite his failure to resign, Egbal is 25X1 probably finished. as prime minister. I. He ha.s reportedly lost the confidence of the Shah and. a.ll of his own friends. 2. The Shah gives no indieatian that he intends to throw his support behind. the Egba,l government nor that he will tolerate it beyond the time necessary to make other arrangements. a.. The Shah will proba.biy keep Egba,l in office, however, until he the Shah) is able to groom another candidate whom he believes he .can dominate completely. 3. Should the Iranian people continue to feel a lack of confidence in the government, the Crown, a.s a national symbol and institution, could. be seriously damaged. Approved For Release 2003/10/01 CIA-RDP79R00890A000800100001-7 Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79R00890A000800100001-7 Approved For Release 2003/10/01 :CIA-RDP79R00890A000800100001-7