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December 9, 2016
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April 22, 1999
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February 24, 1959
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:;``,,Ab'dtb(vedaFof`-f lea ", 1A-RDP79RODWAAO'01 700020012-0 art E I'N i., ; : NSC BRi lU_H-I: HR 70' et ~~a`f DAT _ .REVIEWER: 372%bV ET WEATHER CONTROL 24 February 1959 I. Since 1946 Soviet scientists have been doing basic research in all aspects of cloud physics and weather control though to date they have not launched a satellite to collect data on weather control problems. A. In 1958 the USSR began using cloud seeding techniques to open airfields closed by certain types of winter time fogs. B. Soviet scientific literature reveals that during the past ten years 200 scientists at 23 institutes and universities have con- ducted research studies related to weather control--a relatively large effort. Much of this research was done in cloud physics. 1. In th cloud physics research Soviet and Western scientists have been following parallel courses during the last ten years 2. It should be noted, however, that there are significant gaps in Soviet scientific literature especially in the area of weather control experiments. Soviets may classify this information. II. USSR realizes that the solution of weather control requires knowledge of large scale weather processes. A. They have active programs in such related fields as polar geophysics, large scale atmospheric circulation and oceanography. 1. Soviet oceanographers also are concerned with climate and weather modification and have been conducting studies of the thermal and dynamic effects of the oceans on the atmosphere. 2. Influence of the North Atlantic Ocean on climate and weather conditions was one of the principle problems in the Soviet oceanography program for the International Geophysical Year. 3. To date, however, there are no significant Soviet advances Approv~n unrdeersetaneding0/%8e/2 1C n 9 0 OS 'Iri1~W1. Oand weather.