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December 12, 2016
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December 10, 2001
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August 6, 1958
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Approved Fir Ruse 2002/05/20 qF1J71R00961300060003-6 G I` FOR EXCHANGE OF GUIDED MISSILE INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION 6 August 1958 Wes' F')R: Chairman, Guided Missile Intelligence Committee (GMIC) Status Report on Progress of Ad Hoc Subcommittee for Exchange of Guided Missile Intelligence Information ?.tt~Ad Joc Subcommittee for Exchange of Guided Missile Intelligence a reels that it has reached the point of vanishing returns and that ,r' ed operation in the same manner as heretofore is not recommended and manger be profitable. For more analysis of the information exchange * rt there must be either a large scale expansion of the investigation ax'.ately tae individual services must be apprised of our tentative .u.,cns and requested to institute investigation and corrective measures '-tr tentative conclusion, partially expressed in our status report lar:ttaMyr, may be su+ +riz l as follows: The flow of information is generally satisfactory in all except basic information--intermediate between raw data and -;). If shown to be desirable, substantial improvement can be bu the lateral flow of basic information prior to exhaustive t; craw: tent by the parent agency. t ?s /cyo~nsider first if it is desirable to improve the flow of this 'orietion. Some may feel that an agency which collects information is __ .= w.t.c!d.. like a newspaper, to make its own assessment and publish e- r-nabination before it releases the basic information to the v!2, gin,' the community. b. Some may feel that a collecting agency is entitled to .:onuuct an extensive evaluation of the collection system, releasing tt "., r selected assessments, until it Judges j en,#1 ' ntean i otprpffe"~"a the O 1 feet . national defense of the united States 1e meaning of the espionag' 1kws, Title 18, ..:5. n A roved For Release 2002/05/2 I ~~~ p~~n the t-*,sIr%iSSi?n or revaperso of pp %' t-A wfii, In ~rs,04?.99 9N&uthorized person is prohibited by law. Approved For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79R00961A0 300060003-6 SECRET c. Some may feel a collecting agency is entitled to release more for "internal use only" than for community consumption. h. The Subcommittee's feeling on this subject is divided. One view i that the factors mentioned will always prevent the free flow of informa- tion, and that it is neither practicable nor desirable to alter this situation. if this view 'prevails, the Subcommittee may be dissolved immediately with its atieoi:aiishmen- limited to the minor information exchanges already accomplished duri.g, the course of the meetings. Another view is that there is a way to remove the fundamental objections stated above, consistent with the immediate r{ of all basic intelligence information. The gain of such a course is believed to exceed by far the losses. The gain consists of exposing the Osic information to the combined capabilities of the entire intelligence comunity before a published assessment prejudices judgement, and makes necessary a resource-consuming debate. By judicious polities, the loss e n'be made trivial. For example: a. An agency which collects raw data and translates it into basic information should: be satisfied with the "newspaper -beat," at will be accorded it at this stage rather than jeopardize :{_ta position by withholding it from the community for an assess- went that does not include consideration of a vital element held by another agency. b. An agency which collects information from an unproven system can include all the preliminary precautions felt to be necessary and so maintain its integrity and still release immediately information that may be useful to complement or degrade information held by another agency. c. An agency which retains basic information for "internal use only" should be satisfied with its improved ?iosition by virtue of much background information acquired in collection. 5. If G'CIC will agree that. improvements are desirable, if practicable, the -re are only two possible ways of achieving this improvement . a. Instruct the Subcommittee (or any group) to conduct a thorough examination of the situation. This will probably involve the full time efforts of the committee for three months, and the free cooperation of all member agencies in briefing this committee on information collected by systems not yet contributing to the full intelligence community. Subsequent to this massive collection of facts, the Subcommittee can properly accomplish its mission and an informed recommendation for improvement can be made. -2 - S E C R E T Approved For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79R00961A000300060003-6 Approved For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79R00961A000300060003-6 b. The alternate way to achieve the improvement is for the Suubcommittee to prepare letters from GMIC to all the collection cm ,d dissemination agencies requesting their cooperation in a .,:roluntaryr program to improve the lateral flow of basic informQ- ?sion. The agencies should be requested to reconsider policies ihhich may be completely justified in their primary function but ray have a side effect injurious to the free flow of information rnd not compatible with maximum gain from the information. We believe the latter alternative above is practicable. It is req,ve ted that GMIC advise the Subcommittee as to the proper future course of aci;ion. 25X1A SECRET Approved For Release 2002/05/20 : CIA-RDP79R00961A000300060003-6 Approved For Release 2002/05/20: CIA-RDP79R00961AQO 300060003-6 SECRET $EVISED MEM ZIP LIST FOR AD HOC SUBCO 'E FOR EXCHANGE OF GUIDED MISSILE INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION 25X1A CIA Ifri,ior S. Matthews, Army D.,- Robert C . Wycoff, Navy Z ; . Dale Per y, Alternate NW .jor teeth .Verhagen, Air Force iti William Boyd, Alternate Co o.ael Robert H. Stunpf, Joint Staff ",signed der, has not been able to attend) 25X1A {{Prong ca? ins in{ormation a thin mnPe'i'{ ~t ' ited cF ti,r ~r _ Secs, naiiona{ oe,cnae r O a.10 o{ i :e es 7ion