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December 23, 2016
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January 6, 2014
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March 3, 1956
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Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 PRIORITY I (SecrqtriikhficClas. ation) \--/ r?er?1- cwi 1$3;.1.-LLSERIES B FROM TO REF For Dept. Use Only SUBJECT: FOREIGN SERVICE DESPATCH DC1-911\j AR IS SAW THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE, WASHINGTON. 11* NO DepertnentOe afoul*, Velem* 06 of Amory 2701956 ditheigh the Oessulate has received a copy of tatelligenee 'n0.1 entitled ^cal_A Special didssrlspento neither the 195$ Wier* littelligesoe latimate for 1400i:a Africa nor Intelligence 63O f Lout 7.4, 1953 iv available here. OozuseciefictlYo Consulate has had to drat this .despatch largely on the Iasi, elf the **pie headings snggests I .hy the Departnentos Circular sader referees*, In this deep** perticalar reference will .he VA* to leforwaties furnithed to the Department by this office sia by the Consulate General in Matron daring the past several months. anditassimesidut egAgLx...atURSOR COnenlate General Id:MUD * Thespatelt Job 246 Dessiber 30, 1953 incorporatedo ..on pogo! 4 and 50 certain consents relating SO the itreqi*h of Africa* gattleateis* in leneanylha whitth bad been furnished to that office by this aonsulate. These ientiolater.em still pertinent. ? ? 'X* addition to the Dar es Salem headsparterso a total of 22 ituaganyika , Afrielat Sational tinica(eM), branches hare now been ',emitted registration in liengantital, branshee mist in *very Provisos araept lauga.litere TM has been abla to make little inteeser ,scong the sisal waters, Many other trenches have applied 147-**414Ittieli !Ina tads' *Pgioetione are still pending Six breaches have eith* been itiellawed Or thetr registrattons have been reseed en the ground that their estiVities have been ineeapatribie with the letintenance at geed order. the coarse of the 9siusenyika firmernmentkii to grant re,gietration idlers the. TAW (or evry nationalist organiention) branches are net unreasonably instederate their' Ant:4er and. actionsreftuse registration Where this is not so, to liteie eautiously in makinigs any derision with regard to TAM so as to leading frp its strength _too quidkily or oohing rsartyre out of its local ? i$ higbly probable that) no the election processes are introduced towas,'nesicipalitiec and. provinces e this torritoryo the "TAW candid*** 1$.,4itstiett in my electera district vhore a large grotzp of detribalized AA* live, end Where a regietered (or uts...,,Ln- brarrli of TAW is in existence. - 1?also Oniainnt tbat the vinnine, ileian an? 7,3,ropan onndidatefienfthelrAttniMstifor cach sr4r.s vax thwo In1,71na tho `81767--; rzmzuro of e alitredt CIA has no objection to deClasS It contains information of CIA ?M:i1473.1.4r; . ,? int2rest that must remain T!"1 !`7 classified at TS S N70a7 ? -1 ? _ 3. t..Arority: HR 10.2 d It contains nothing of CIA interest Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029--0 Declassified and Approved For Release @ 50-Yr 2014/03/05: From_________' 1"64.4"1?.? = (Classification) CIA-RDP79R01012A008200620029-0 -IV &tsp. No From To same extent this accretion of support to TAN fvo! all the so-called *emergent elemeata* is misles.diage 'There are fierce rivideles between various local TAIUT leaders; there are fairly frequent reports of populations by treasurers of TRW local breaches; there are stupid *ottani by various TAW grows that infuriate goverment administrative offteersi repel' tbirdring members of all races, and cause mum% to TAIRP's Presideat mad. Ratites' rxecetive. The immense body of roagbly 8,0009000 Africans in the territory is only starting to stir from its ceaturies-old slumber; to most Tangesrika Africans the word of TAW has yet no signifies:me 'rhea placed beside that of the local. 0jiabsP or village Chief As the repertiag effleer stated in the pertinent seetion of Nairobi Despatch 1100 244S lilt is** viewed against thisgentrel dearth ?fAfrican political activity and intareet...that TAWmaiptires .42 within the realm conjecture that act day wramorbsocrii the Controlling party of the self= governing Dominion of Tanganyika.* One faattr aOuld overiWratiONNN* prattnt control of the emergent elements J.K. Nyerere, Presidont of TAM recently told the reporting Pfficer.thst9 in the wont of the creation of a rival paitical party mrsaching *Tanganyika for thtlfricanso rather than thanaltiracielism to which Nyerere has sUbtOribed, the tvorwhelmingmajority of African support could quickly shift from TAM to the now party. What is more likely, however, is that Nyerers would sharply revise his policies to meet the attack from the new -quarter, even though he is personally wining to toe a multiracial state develop as loughs African , majorities are created in all countils and logislativolmiliss. (Condos 104) Recent despatches from this office (799 .959 100 arid 100 davit at length ink the creation in Tanganyika of the now malti-racial WiitokInaganyika Party (OTT), assail as the chase, of tkeCaptioorn Africa novtatat into the. TIPOW.?1,11stional eciciefto (NW. It it not teatidortd:that tire IMP and thole'. will. igatavaffitiOnt strength to Present the evonlial AOquititioa Of praOtAlerant political poster by MU or tome siallar*Afrieent organisatitn. Nevertheless, that Will proiride a mitigating influence in the years of itormull4g turbulence Which lie Asa. Rosy moderately minded local leaders, with con. alterable influence and support, will subscribe to a multi-racialism which 'tans to afford the most reasonable approach to the problems of Tanganyikags pSiftiCal economic and social development. TAW will have to take cognizance of the searching questions which are raised by these more sophisticated and knowledg- able groups. In this context, therafore, they win render invaluable service' to the future of the territory. Against the growth of nationalistic ideas in Tanganyika must be reaIiP ally set the capacity of the African here for governing himself. The sepply of educated, honest and capable Africans is certainly infinitely smaller in this territory then is the case in Uganda and renya. Ivan the MU President Malts this fest. In a eerevereation with the reporting officer last Decenber 14 Iryerere stated that he was in full agreement with .fauganyike,9 e present stage of constitutional deve1opment2 *the eetaigs ty of races in Legco is a good thing at this tint./, Re intimated, of course that certain changes might reasonably Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020629-0 Page of Pig _of Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 F rot.llar a. Malign Dep. No ((lassification) rotA sat Amite mitt eat It merit& be 'a iliasetees wolf-geralerioll were gnat** edeptet *ea the pram* &eye Me SOMA its sitistei tome of throe ram. tetlisilts Ira for lisetsaeoe be mite fibe Vatted Ziantea woe Ow Wiest. est !ea viliberansig fret Vie ter:Item, ortibta be* or Oros raWoo 0411 idileadditt .wiIj bs 7 aalU illomaewn alma WWI if tem Odom bore oval be elate.* tiolt travel to out Wogs, aleattoir tot tamati rows tines, 111Voravo ihalkitik Ile** ve. _ **so Aka erviokaities, 'wore wag Vat reepeaetbie lesterodp Is alittleobtiot 11Par leadkowe harm wale tationam tat at ? VMP ill$01.14,_14 Afigirk. AO 011101.4 10014449 *WS* rtalata* aseilltoss-c ?kg**, tbfi libe %ea ego of Irporoweq. eastateate, Jae -40.111?00600* yolk boa sow gni ta IRAINg lows loft liottet abelsomoU i. Vale baetkeinsa Jibitt ea. ..1001101fre 4114. *WS Ilteaeottlee ioesperly tie polLtiteett wow_ -; "PM. OMR VW* So sow it* Obit la Par es 'Wm ea sboa eft relit talr albeellio elkereet be 40 IIIIMINdblit betliestat anotablto 'eta. fa* 40* !IMMO et WNW* *totem loodeadalp eakeite ibe aettaigtoti alevamoidia latbevittea (*Milk"), vat tbe betwere eat evansees gielietteee SID /04460W le the isaitaillribri imeutativs 41eimeti lealates chiefs, 90.1140110 ithe We of a Oleo as aaostleto legal Atria= eagistostee, eat sae fee Atrium beetamearea neet37 oesamboa ritik 0.100-41nwattiro sonnevto MI 'ewe 10/* fielkostr ad meet ere fatoir loatott eat basoitelgeable amitam Telto *ass* emaigibleao they bare sonakt tat Moe &wet volitoanway Istilittlitioa at tiro tateimussaa Sesawd.0*palit11we *4414 ibMiles Oat . mot be esesidetat etfeettealy ts?Indat etellari- Nest of Os Airtime low 1111*.aes bora* weeembay wawa are tvialy abserbeil late tits terrItestel ebolefietrettea. A. wait tber reeibre WAWA" NBA praiettese leaddiee trart like ter lama iber air wart nem apatrol, iOa eantaTes pellotoo. Bat the imber at tveageartbs Afriamon at Ilobarere Vetrarottr tealige %weft to still lees Una O ave a d d r thao *bat laddibittea, %nod ZOO* mai *la seek lasoil astworetiw sobalereldiaa Se alma Mrs ernimwtha Wein* atakitte meek pare Wire ifea - fear Ma'am aolL am) Aortae ft-- awe seat by ear idaeatiesod lorebaere woven tot Wm Tattet State* loot yaw; ball* at a 1.teete eeettletee 9 Prebalft giar go* Sr trgle WM to shils rk? olurVir eineatal *Moose to viality net tvarvaidos Widar WOW* be NW* tbe meet fop lastest lositoes is ascordstme tte erket1:4mmealos latiow4410001 , A.settsvs stasitc thsyre is tw sf szty.t.7:nbrisk of Imolai wi41 ? r , tiet 1.3 ? 7 nrIn'INZ entlenteelete? Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 : ?' Pape cY.,:..,,,,:,!, of , , ?Piic,,_ ni Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 From Dar es aitleilll Mr L .....v...sw __ J Nr s (Clas6ificat ion) . 1 Desp. Froth__ Robert de ft, apledon9 add -.,4..'etisatt cora-creation with the INVerbinelt tt,f.t.esr and Colonel, tiobn Townsend, 7.s. Army Atteche,, Addis Oahe, Oat he tlia. not foresee MI' /greatly segmented raciiil. tension hem in the near fatrars. Eke granted tbat this eituation nen ohame verg qatte4-17 b4 h* enntenael thst the Tt,snganyika Africsons were not ept to resort to direct action for a re,riet7 of reasons8 GI, They fusve seen the fate esf Man Ms Xsurfaztths majority aV them here retotirell to have nothing to do %nth, rebollIons whiolt cal? 5rzosol.t vLet for all parties aenetalifif4 (b). In looking at other countries arowd thus the Conga*? the Central re IMos,v,1914,:is - most Afrimws hZIre Use cascinded that theirs is a rel:itivalr ham. lot? won if they ere eilasstat . ?t.assatisfied with the slow progress which Tamp/wit:a sabing towa.14 g. (0) Again the relative bsokwatinses *f this $arritori ?tenet strnsseds ?even %ben& polgtically advanced ieleas areratzlifr4 cUkoingi,11B tbeaselves sip= the cenecicosness ,z-:* some few locea Issaav, the grost tsww,s-phonv _Snoresented'br the Tangly/70a African is still net Tit iy.iwo O'ifit,-001.14ifsta. amigos ithiett vm ove bin a greater degree of (MIAMI Wfile Atirg Wars. _ Onstnnitios have *ever been se catch the evelsi a ,U1Pi heire . , '-sili in the relit AfA eentktiteS to the north. Nevsertholei3s. it the Tangemilka Afri, an dislikes tb,e Asian shopkeeper Alovti. et, far-mere than he deco the Zoleopeen. To this alstent the pres*reo of the Asian here has sorsa& end is serving as an offective bktffev few the absorption of rath of the resentment that weld othenise be al:Vetted. ti4giengt the Plaropean, The normal distinctions among the AeleYe groans -Rey be *bee:towed tex.Mr40-12ZS the yinell,ers in general end the Ismaili* i.n paTticTilar rartiefir,ate beet ts communitk d.evelopmenta the Hindus atid the Imsto ifoleoTer, these differzonaoi .are net readily apparent to the African. Rreepti tho very ig t.30? 'toms, the African is Eatable to distingnisb, between tib41 va...r,sitttegg Maratk, Pansee and. nada insofar as their relative worth to test Africa ' ? donceraeiL and each distinctions are apt to be even less eenaldayed 0.114`.2xF-7c astionatige eventoally dosinates Tanganyikag* The position of the !Grope= in Tanganyika bac velar be a* as that of his contemporaries in Kercra. /Ms is principally- dile. tog , =h et:seller settler groupg ebsenglo t)f oresnice6. Vetviptut EtavIrove4T: etritergoaeat resistance to land alienation reIntSve flbeeWit IDAYeat, - pepalatien pressures. There is no nee to d.e other tit= clelineste theso factors bstlew. santrawklt there are row an estimated 18,000peans. A 'large 14-4,014 e these uork for,, or ?*re dependeta An, the ataniotratiori, for their and, any event, leave no intention og" ;*.m..ailling in the *eretog-7 winpz V.f=: earneros employment is terminatoi. Up to 1950 there was At eirrer.g ;30.ei*e sopsrl-v,rtee iz,elatre Nor theIM prod= Milt ha3 tg.t..,-91 eetteis.,4 tC taxl?*.t. A.t.et6f, Amapa= Con,lacil 1oompletay doertzfirAt?, filh* 1,,grs of the teats ocitav , Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 Pagerm,__of of Declassified and Approved For Release @ 50-Yr 2014/03/05 : CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 (Classification) Desp No From - .. - wte s sts Ira I settler policy in Kenya serv he collanse of hiupr this territory? in general, the Detriepeans in Tanganyika. 711V 50 Wad to be meekly following Governor Twinirgit laairtolgar1 a watt-racial foilS of ,r;overnin '. With the sole major exception of the 8genya Corridor olving the Meru. tribe, alienation of land to Pare:peens has not given rise to :den Cr political controversy in Tanganyika. The Consulate, e tieSpatelt NO., of December 7, 1955 revealed that even this problem has no wirtnally been tettiva. Racial segregation is not a factor in Tenganyika not legally at least? The Government le sincerely making an effort'to b atone the African to positione of influence as fast as poseible. C,overnment facilities - anAh. as schools, hospitals. ete, - are supposed to be open to a l races on the basis fit econosio cneiderations i e, if the higher eon-native taxes are paid. by se African or he pays the mach bier fees for better hoepital care, he is entitici to nee the better facilitiee As with the Royal Technieal College in #airobi, the Dar es Salaam Teel:mica Institute 4li be ftaty interracial in character free He inception, The same is trail Of the Trade Sohoel at Ifunda in Southern %blends Province and the 7161, Trade Schea to be -opened near shi jmos. On the side of 'Private intorPriee, Or course. the situation it serithet different, --No enettNi this far force the RerepeeikeeramtrciaI eroloYor to rellace hiS Selepeen, Sean. Asian or Seychelloie clerks with Afridans; and the African has One far lamentably felled to demonstrate that he is better etzipped far the job, Sere of the eeteend-class hotels are willing to permit Africans to stay in th04, lint the better hotels and restaurants still me4te every effort to freeze out the Africa* vaileese..4f coarse he is a guest at .a nixed racial soelal feesetto ai,'WhiehAlwinstablitheneni iss&-been 44)110ificaltr:aretl- 1h*- breakama . , tel.**, apeelerate. iThe diffidome of *014'156g. As far as is -known. influence in Tanganyika is non*erietent, ?DQ5 a b._ yika Government indicate that no communist cell has been eata ished here, Further, although the economic penetration activities eremating from the Soviet Czech and Yugoslav embassies in Ayidis Ababa may be of concern to the British colonies and protectorates to the north, no blandishments of this kind. bale yet been levelled at Tanganyika. The territory may well have its place in tho. Soviet timetable for the fature but at this stage *eh eetivities do not dircelly concern Tanganyika, This tees et 21/8874 to the ettentien of leosl when thee.) Ssiganyllemse treve2 to the Mated St4es. for caseation, local leader leas ?Tootle,' ralterited. SEM,. rinse are not gtgeilit is paeticele United Iingelea? RovaTort bellarad. Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 . Page ;La Tqe'of Declassified and Approved For Release @ 50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP9R01012A008200020029-0 From Mina' WSI ?.?) Desp. No (Chcation) From ea:to ney Ismael/dale Iwo* temaantstpaiopts. A *new of the itatevaates despaiaes 09, 911, expressed coacein ever the lack Of ismAginution Ka tared** the %mon- yika Soversasat in developing the territory at a paste 1k its economic, Political and Engel requiretents, A leo -conservative peltdir fdalrelepment, based primarily on ineone, has bee& adopted and no fteuviiii *at Or ("Pita," investment has been created. The Amanda of this territnry eetine sasial and economic aide are expected. to far out-strip the availability IS*ph and opPor- *nettle* Which are afforded by this overly modest 'Program. At Oil situation isvolvea the political temende of the nationalist leaders maw ba,ispected to become eve* more Soul thaw load be the ease if the /9C-01103110 ala social wants of their mipportely *ore Wing satisfactorily met. Prob1eseAthilz Altimagh tribe:Liam ic still frAke isionatber than the snoop them/IMO iludi likelihood lore naltausimationf lusts* a fact,* or is eekterell. !he largest Iribe the total p1 rwa niamillisse, in a. onently taatatafAmt Afriettest, color tribm-de soot likely*, once to imispandent destiny. Sams feer.itelaWiirinsme such as the sibegga? -are mon culturally and economically and ilan7 demand certain privileges and eafegnardo as Tangenyika Nonetheless, they ure not orceeted to make any effective snow bulelmitent rights Is the degreo now being damendad by the ltagaseba' In Tanganyika, uslaire Sew and ikesmda? the Sfeatili lestfying factor. Thronsis the years the AdsdnisterIve ently encouraged the 111110 or swain both by requiring that it be administrative officers and by lasinding it is the Africaa vainal from the lowest grade. 441 teaching is la Swahili up is the ?gratit, after that teaching is in Englieh with Swahili centime& as a separate The Cometaatels Despatch no. 51 of November 23, 1155? repotimpd- folmation of fipsktieasa Stud, adtmelf? by TOU homing as one of its a ovs&o4j the study and development of Swahili, *as Tanganyikas a national language.* recently confirmed to the reporting officer that he was using this as AO additional method of breardng down tribalism and creating a national conswieussese. On the other hands the African in Tangentrika, chile not as veciferes* more advanced Uganda African has absolutely no desire for a Pederatioa *at Africa. The ill-advised original statements by the Coprisora AMA* Sisatati regarding *federation* in last and Central Africa have also left a sink 'that ia* amount of disavowal will erase. The thinking Tanganyika African of teas, forward to a self-governing country within a vary few &cedes that 1* e without ties except for those consomaxt with membership in the Britifilitkeliiiim wealth. Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 v. ?Pa ;#11,705i14 f fglia of Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0 From- MU' " 514111a2 ) IOWN= Desp. No (Classificaticm) From ? ? ? Is spossuotts tior lavast4 sgi.f.oge oantaawii %mit ilistnebei entities an:thisegatinsot i4tOeco_ 1W is lariat, tee to Ow backearanoso $71.9.territerro iato lark of 0444* tdtilitereso. 40111-like romemieNdy anktektfloies 3strertok bolvirforriterg tite 4160400041 k07#441,74 . ? .. .? 'ih.iUoiliestion sea net, of Gesioe9 reoisio.ceasten*. .016111A, itersinporitnatt, local nittiosonliet loam; vtii beacon nor* windrowing! 'their aeiNgedike end the natural oar* of grants is the world sill 7141005sarilr beteg iseele:int .m14 stresses hers.. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? .1* e eg#111141? Ab****. )01111 101 10 31P thatgra tr iirg ** 4. *Wave* tcwortu.soliflowerasestg be vetoing& 10047 oat Vie side of Splio fos vorlAp,_ .301,:vilitox*** sonotaitikwir moitoltaito mown of intallti:, :.Agsalloo enoriresii took part of 0040ntsistorlog Aethoritrabe reetrainsit too rageokOiaki,aoutilitdo, - r r. ? 1, *** 4**11"1***11 *ilk Sal *halt 03thiave)i ? ? the SOO* 441414 440* ? ? tet of *s*1-foosi. ii*Am000itroge sere . ilevelOPMPAI two_est Owiostrokoso ofAneriosa /loresem yrkreSte ? otadd be an infiennee *MeV is ?ontireinar 'beneficial 1414# Soripeem, en4 tke best interests of %he Irniteit Stetes. . _10.44,tbe territoree peLitio4 awl .osensiti liaaerir ?- 14 meat be sesiassio iseor tbis sitnatioo irk issomessiSot Or tater* legeters &esoui earatel vcosillorstion of all IC loriSiptaiOst peotaose'iso isaleggiatamPli. 002,7 tes Nairobi Dopartatett repast .tet, London Pretoria Saltsbary Ungrese IMMO 4 ? 'I ? t ? ? ? , ''? - ? ? ???,; ? ,?? -ite*Mii;;? - ? ositigt-5' MX= ? f 0354 Declassified and Approved For Release @50-Yr 2014/03/05: CIA-RDP79R01012A008200020029-0