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December 16, 2016
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January 6, 2005
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March 7, 1975
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Approved for Release 2005/01/31 :CIA-RDP79~+1142A001900040019-5 SECRET THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS STATUS OF I~JORK I6~J PROCESS I, ~~FOR~ JSIB II, T PROJRCTS TRAIN 1. NIE 31-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR INDIA Status: New draft being prepared for dissemination USIB Target: March 2. NIE 58-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR LAOS Status: Drafter in field coordinating USIB Target.: March 3. NIE 93-1-75: BRAZIL Action Officer: being Status: State/INR revised draft USIB Target: April 4. NIE 94-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR CHILE Action Officer: Status: OCI revised draft sing reviews USIB Target: April 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20~~/~4E~IA-RDP79R01142A001900040019-5 Approved/For Release 2~~TCIA-RDP79142A001900040019-5 5. SNIE 35/36-1-75: ARA B-ISRAELI CONFLICT; SHORT-TERM PROSPECTS Action Of f icer Status: State/INR to ra. USIB Target: Mid-April 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 200~~11~3'f?:-`~H4-RDP79R01142A001900040019-5 Approve~or Release 20~1~~1A-RDP79RQ~'142A001900040019-5 III. OTHER ONGOING PROJECTS 25X1 STRATEGIC PROGRP~,MS - 1. Interagency Study: SOVIET STRATEGIC POLICIES AND FORCE OPTIONS UNDER THE VLADIVOSTOK UNDERSTANDING Status: At the printer. Target: Week of 10 March 2. Interagency Study: SOVIET CA PA BILITIES TO DEVELOP STRATEGIC LASER SYSTEMS Status: At the printer. Tar et: Week of 10 March 3. NSSM 191: POLICY FOR ACQUISITION OF US NUCLEAR FORCES Status: Agency coordination on NSSP~4 l91 Executive Sum- mary completed. Circulation of f final draft of entire report for agency review is awaiting OSD receipt of N5C Staff comments on the paper. Target: March 25X1 CONVENTIONAL FORCES 6. Interagency Memorandum: MBFR MONITORING CAPABILITIES Status: Meetings being held to discuss phase one report Target: March 25X1 Approved For Release 20g~1~'CIA-RDP79R01142A001900040019-5 Approve I~Fgr Release 2005~~7~~1~-RDP79R~42A001900040019-5 WESTERI~T EUROPE - 7. Interagency Memorandum: SPA IN: PROBLEMS OF THE SUC- CESSION Status: OPR Memorandum completed; representatives to meet for interagency phase mid-March Tar et: March-April 9. Memorandum: EXTREMISM IN WESTERN EUROPE Status: OCI drafting Target: March 11. Memorandum: EAST AND WEST GERMANY: AND ROLE IN EUROPE MUTUAL RELATIONS Status: OPR drafting Tar et: Open 12. Memorandum: POLITICAL AND MILITARY PROBLEMS FACING NATO Status: OCI and OSR drafting Target: April *13. Memorandum for the N5C Staff: BERLIN: POLITICAL SITUA TION Status: OCI draf ting Target: 11 March 14. Memorandum: PROSPECTS FOR FOREIGN WORKERS IN WESTERN EUROPE Status: OER, OCI drafting Target: April 25X1 25X1 - 4 - Approved For Release 2005/01 F~~~P79R01142A001900040019-5 Approv d~or Release 20Q~I,~ECjIA-RDP79~?142A001900040019-5 15. Interagency Memorandum: EAST AFRICAN MILITARY SITUATION Status: Draft completed; State chairing representatives' meeting. Target: Early March 18. Memorandum: MONITORING OF NON-MILITARY DEVELOPMENTS TN SYRIAN-ISRAELI DISENGAGEMENT AREAS Status: OGCR action, inputs from OCI, OSR, and IAS Target: Reports as developments .warrant 19. Research for the NSC Staff and State: SINAI, COLA N AND WEST BANK DISENGAGEMENT Status: Research, maps, reports Target: Open 20. Interagency Memorandum: PROBA BILITIES OF ARAB-ISRAELI HOSTILITIES Status: CIA/OPR organizing with CIA, State/ITdR, DIA, NSA, ACSI, AFI5 participation Target: First report in mid-March; bi-weekly thereafter 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 200~1~-RDP79R01142A001900040019-5 Approve,~or Release 20~'.1E~IA-RDP79~142A001900040019-5 ECOPIOMICS - 22. NS5M 209: POLICY ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF FUTURE URA NIUM ENRICHMENT' CAPACITY Status: NSC redrafting to incorporate interagency views Target: March 23. Interagency Memorandum: THE LIKELIHOOD AND CONSEQUENCES OF ARAB USE OF THE DIL WEAPON IN 1975 Status: Draft Part II completed and reviewed by NIO. Draft Part I received 21 February and under NIO review. Tar et; Redraft by 10 March JAPAN/PACIFIC - 24. N5SM 205: US POLICY TOWARD INDONESIA Status: New draft being prepared Target: March 25. Interagency Memorandum: ASIAN REGIONALISM Status: State/INR drafting Target: March 27. Area Study: THE CHILE-PERU BORDER REGION Status: OGCR preparing Target: March *28. Interagency Memorandum: PROSPECTS FOR ARGENTINA Status: Update requested by Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Inter-American Affairs, OCI drafting Target: March. 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/~~ATRDP79R01142A001900040019-5 Approv~or Release ~ffl~il~1~CIA-RDP79F1Dr~ 142A001900040019-5 IV. PROJECTS COMPLETES ~}~,~Rlk;,r~~FFiC Fs~r~INC 7 f~iARCH CONVENTIONAL FORCES -~ 1. MC 161/75: NATO MILITARY COMMITTEE ESTIMATES OF SOVIET BLOC STRENGTH AND CAPABILITIES Completed 27 February WESTERN EUROPE - 2. Intelligence Memorandum: THE ULSTER DILEMMA: PERMANENT SETTLEMENT STILL ELUSIVE Sent to NSC Staff 5 March MIDDLE EAST - 3. NSSM 217: SECURITY POLICY TOWARD OMAN Completed 3 March 4. Interagency Memorandum: GAPS IN THE EGYPTIAN MILITARY INVENTORY Completed 6 March SOUTH/SOUTHEAST ASIA - 5. Interagency Memorandum: COMMUNIST MILITARY AND ECO- NOMIC ATD TO NORTH VIETNAM, 1970-1974 (CZassifiedl Completed 3 March, disseminated 5 March 6. Interagency Memorandum: COMMUNIST MILITARY AND ECO- NOMIC AID TO NORTH VIETNAM, 1970-1974 (UneZas- si f2edJ Completed and disseminated 5 March JAPAN/PACIFIC - 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 200~~:~~-RDP79R01142A001900040019-5 Approved For Release~~,51~'1~3~: CIA-RDP79~1142A001900040019-5 V, SEiVSITIVE PROJECL 25X1 WESTERN EUROPE - 25X1 MIDDLE 25X1 25X1 LATIN 25X1 Completed 3 March 3. NIE 845-~~NCES OFNCERTAINACONTINGENT DEVELOPMENTSON Status: Assistant NIO drafting Tar et: April Vj, ~eidSITIVE PROJECTS COMPLETED USSR/EE - New Item comma.ssioned and completed/reported during this week. 25X1 Approved For Release 200~~17~31':`CI'A-RDP79R01142A001900040019-5