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December 16, 2016
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January 6, 2005
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February 7, 1975
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Approve or Release 2gVeVV3CIA-RDP791 '1142AO01900040023-0 THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS 7 February 1975 STATUS OF WORK ICI PROCESS I. BEFORE USIB None USIB PROJECTS IN TRAIN 1. NIE 31-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR INDIA Action Officer: I Status: Representatives meeting held February USIB Target: 6 March 2. NIE 57-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR CAMBODIA THROUGH 1975 (tentative title) Action Officer: I Status: Representatives meeting to be held 12 February USIB Target: 26 February 3. NIE 58-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR LAOS (tentative title) Action Officer: Status: Terms of reference meeting held 4 'February USIB Target: 20 March 4. NIE 93-1-75: BRAZIL Action Officer: Status: State/INR revising draft to include Country Team comments. USIB Target: March 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 SECRET Approved For Release 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP79R01142AO01900040023-0 Approv For Release 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP794fW 142A001900040023-0 SECRET Action Officer: Status: OCI revising draft comments. USIB Target: March Country Team 25X1 Approved For Release 2005 ffl8'l._; f If RDP79R01142A001900040023-0 Approved. For Release 2005/01/31: CIA-RDP79 1142A001900040023-0 .W. SECRET III. OTHER ONGOING PRO 1_ECTS STRATEGIC PROGRAMS - 1. Interagency Study: SOVIET STRATEGIC POLICIES AND FORCE OPTIONS UNDER THE VLADIVOSTOK AGREEMENT Status: USIB representatives met 5 February for c can-up of draft. Target: February 2. Interagency Study: SOVIET CAPABILITIES TO DEVELOP STRATEGIC LASER SYSTEMS Status: Being prepared for printing. Target: February 3. NSSM 191: POLICY FOR ACQUISITION OF US NUCLEAR FORCES Status: Agency coordination on NSSM 191 Executive Sum- mary completed. Circulation of final draft of entire report for agency review is awaiting OSD receipt of NSC Staff comments on the paper. Target.: February CONVENTIONAL FORCES - 4. Interagency Memorandum: MBFR MONITORING CAPABILITIES Status: Data being analyzed. Target: February 5. MC 161/75: NATO MILITARY COMMITTEE ESTIMATES OF SOVIET BLOC STRENGTH AND CAPABILITIES Status: NATO drafts have been reviewed and formal US comments agreed upon by USIB representatives. Target: USIB concurrence by telephone week of 9 Feb- ruary Approved For Release 2005/~1 ~ WDP79R01142A001900040023-0 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP7V01142A001900040023-0 Iwo, SECRET 7. Interagency Memorandum: SPAIN: CESSION Status: OPR drafting Target: February-March PROBLEMS OF THE SUC- 9. Memorandum: EXTREMISM IN Status: OCI drafting Target: Late February 13. Memorandum: EAST AND WEST GERMANY: AND ROLE IN EUROPE Status: OPR drafting Target: Open MUTUAL RELATIONS 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/e - +RDP79R01142A001900040023-0 'SE RV Appro end For Release 2005/01/31: CIA-RDP79Q91142AO01900040023-0 SECRET 14. Memorandum: POLITICAL AND MILITARY PROBLEMS FACING NATO Status: OCI and OSR preparing outline Target: April MIDDLE EAST - 15. Interagency Memorandum: EAST AFRICA Status: State/INR, OCI and DIA drafting Target: February 18. MONITORING OF NON-MILITARY DEVELOPMENTS IN SYRIAN-ISRAELI DISENGAGEMENT AREAS Status: OBGI action, inputs from OCI, OSR, and IAS Target: Reports as developments warrant 19. Research for the NSC Staff and State: SINAI, GOLAN AND WEST BANK DISENGAGEMENT Status: Research, maps, reports Target: Open 20. Interagency Memorandum: EGYPT'S MILITARY INVENTORY Status: CIA drafting Target: 11 February *21. Interagency Memorandum: PROBABILITIES OF ARAB-ISRAELI HOSTILITIES Status: CIA/OPR and NIO/ME organizing. Target: First report in mid-February and bi-weekly thereafter 25X1 - 5 - Approved For Release 2005/0gk1(~flt4f0P79R01142AO01900040023-0 Approvea.For Release 2005/01/31: CIA-RDP79RW142AO01900040023-0 SECRET 22. NSSM 209: POLICY ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF FUTURE URANIUM ENRICHMENT CAPA CITY Status: NSC redrafting to incorporate interagency views Target: February *23. Interagency Memorandum: THE LIKELIHOOD AND CONSEQUENCES OF ARAB USE OF THE OIL WEAPON IN 19?5 Status: Draft Part 2 completed; draft Part 1 to be com- pleted by 21 February Target: March JAPAN/PACIFIC - Status: New draft being prepared Target: February 25. Interagency Memorandum: ASIAN REGIONALISM Status: State/INR drafting Target: February 25X1 Talks: NORTH KOREAN DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN POLICIES Status: Draft being revised Target: 15 February 25X1 *28. Memorandum for State: THE SOVIET-CHINESE-KOREAN RELATIONSHIP Status: OCI drafting Target: Mid-February LATIN AMERICA 1 29. Area Study: THE CHILE-PERU BORDER REGION Status: OBGI preparing Target: February - 6 - Approved For Release 2005/ IR, VtRDP79R01142AO01900040023-0 ApproeFor Release 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP79ftl142A001900040023-0 SECRET