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December 16, 2016
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January 6, 2005
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January 24, 1975
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Approved Fo R'elease 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP79RO 2AO01900040025-8 SECRET THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE 24 January 1975 STATUS OF WORK I1 PROCESS I , BEFORE-USIB 1. SNIE 11/30-1-75: POSSIBLE SOVIET MILITARY INTER- VENTION IN A SYRIAN-ISRAELI WAR Action Officer: Status: Representatives to meet on draft 24 January USIB Target: 30 January II, USSIB PROJECTS IN TRAIN 1. NIAM 11/20-1-75: SOVIET POLICY TOWARD SELECTED COUNTRIES OF SOUTHERN EUROPE Action Officer: Status: Sent to USIB for telephonic concurrence USIB Target: January 25X1 25X1 Action Officer: Status: State/INR drafter TDY to Brazil to discuss draft with Country Team USIB Target: March Action Officer: Status: OCI drafter 7,137 to ___,__e to __tscuss draft with Country Team USIB Target: March 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20 &1A'EIA-RDP79R01I42AO01900040025-8 Approved FgjwRe lease gr, ff CIA-RDP79R`> 42AO01900040025-8 4. NIE 31-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR INDIA Action Officer: I Status: State/INR draft due 27 January USIB Target: 6 March 5. NIE 57-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR CAMBODIA THROUGH 1975 (tentative title) Action Officer: Status: OCI draft due 3 February USIB Target: 26 February 25X1 Approved For Release 20 ff/ J CIA-RDP79R01142AO01900040025-8 Approved Fdlelease 2 IA-RDP79R0'12A001900040025-8 III- OTHER ONGOING PROJECTS STRATEGIC PROGRAMS - 1. Interagency Study: SOVIET STRATEGIC POLICIES AND FORCE OPTIONS UNDER THE VLADIVOSTOK AGREEMENT Status: USIB representatives to meet 27 January on revised draft Target: January 2. Interagency Study: SOVIET CAPABILITIES TO DEVELOP STRATEGIC LASER SYSTEMS Status: Redrafted summary being reviewed by partici- ppat ng agencies. Target: February 3. NSSM 191: POLICY FOR ACQUISITION OF US NUCLEAR FORCES Status: Supplementary report on application of acqui- sition policy to key force issues, to accompany basic NSSM 191 study. Being prepared in final form for agency coordination during week of 27 January. Verification Panel meeting tentatively planned for week of 3 February. Target: February 4. NSDM 242: POLICY FOR PLANNING THE EMPLOYMENT OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS (Sub-study -- memorandum for DC.I coordination) Status: Final draft of memorandum for the President, forwarding a DOD report, Subject: "Targets Critical to Implementing United States Nuclear Policy," being coordinated with agency representatives. Target: 27 January CONVENTIONAL FORCES - 5. Interagency Memorandum: MBFR MONITORING CAPABILITIES Status: Data being analyzed for January meeting Target: February 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 26MR 'JCIA-RDP79R01142A001900040025-8 Approved F, yRelease CIA-RDP79Rf 42A001900040025-8 6. MC 161/75: NATO MILITARY COMMITTEE ESTIMATES OF SOVIET BLOC STRENGTH AND CAPABILITIES Status: A) Draft for US positions being circulated Tar et: February/March Status: B) NATO drafts received, being distributed for review Target: Representatives to meet week of 27 January USSR/EE - WESTERN EUROPE - 9. Memorandum: THE UN - RECENT TRENDS IN THE LIGHT OF THE 22 SEPTEMBER STUDY Status: OPR drafting Target : January 10. Interagency Memorandum: SPAIN: PROBLEMS OF THE SUC- CESSION Status: OPR drafting Target: February *12. Memorandum: EXTREMISM IN WESTERN EUROPE Status: OCI drafting Target: February 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20 _1Eg1A-RDP79R01142AO01900040025-8 Ta g : Reports as developments warrant Status: OBGI action, inputs from OCI, OSR, and IAS Approved Fol elease 2Q 1Rj - IA-RDP79R0N A001900040025-8 17. Interagency Memorandum: EAST AFRICA Status: State/INR, OCI and DIA drafting Target: February 20. MONITORING OF NON-MILITARY DEVELOPMENTS IN SYRIAN-ISRAELI DISENGAGEMENT AREAS 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 20 q.7,V P_1ETlA-RDP79R01142AO01900040025-8 Approved P Release 20V lTCIA-RDP79R 42A001900040025-8 21. Research for the NSC Staff and State: SINAI, GOLAN AND WEST BANK DISENGAGEMENT Status: Research, maps, reports being done by OBGI Target: Open *22. Interagency Memorandum: EGYPT'S MILITARY INVENTORY Status: CIA drafting Target: 11 February 23. NSSM 209: POLICY ON THE DEVELOPMENT OF FUTURE URANIUM ENRICHMENT CAPACITY Status: Study group report completed. Agency views submitted to NSC Staff 3 January Target: January JAPAN/PACIFIC -I 24. NSSM 205: US POLICY TOWARD INDONESIA Status: Second draft received for comment Target: January 25. Interagency Memorandum: ASIAN REGIONALISM Status: State/INR drafting Target: January 26. Memorandum Talks: NORTHeKOREANpDOMESTIC JANDnFOREIGNnPOLICIES Status: OCI drafting with contributions from OSR, OER, CRS, and FBIS Target: February 25X1 Approved For Release 200 jA-RDP79R01142A001900040025-8 Approved F elease 2 t1 r IA-RDP79R0' 2A001900040025-8 28. Area Study: THE CHILE-PERU BORDER REGION Status: OBGI preparing Target: January 25X1 Approved For Release 200 1. 1E'clA-RDP79R01142AO01900040025-8 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP79R01142AO01900040025-8 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/01/31 : CIA-RDP79R01142AO01900040025-8