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December 19, 2016
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January 5, 2005
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October 10, 1975
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Approved Apr Release SECRE 4: CIA-RDP79Rct 42A001900050012-1 T THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS 10 October 1975 STATUS OF lACR~K IE? PECCESS I, BEFORE USIB 1. NIE 11-5-75: THE SOVIET ASSESSMENT OF THE US Action Officer: Status: To USIB 9 October USIB Target: 9 October 2. NIE 85-1-75: CUBA'S CHANGING INTERNATIONAL ROLE Action Officer: I Status: Representatives met 2 October USIB Target: 16 October II. USIB PROJECTS IN TRAIN 1. NIE 11-10-75: SOVIET MILITARY POLICY IN THE THIRD WORLD Action Officer: Status: DIA drafting USIB Target: Fall 2. NIE 11-3/8-75: SOVIET FORCES FOR INTERCONTINENTAL CON- FLICT THROUGH THE MID-1980s Action Officer: I Status: Representatives' meetings un er way USIB Target: 23 October 25X1 Approved For Release 2Tt05T1 / 4~: CIA-RDP79R01142A001900050012-1 Approved qr Release 2 R1$TCIA-RDP79R0*42AO01900050012-1 3. Memorandum to Holders, SNIE 4-1-74: PROSPECTS FOR FURTHER PROLIFERATION OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS Status: Draft in preparation TTCTR maraet? October/November 5. Memorandum to Holders, NIE 24-1-74: OF THE ELECTION ITALY: IMPLIC ITUNb Action officer: sentatives' meeting Status: OCI draft circulated tor on 7 October Tar et: 23 October (will be ready for USIB discussion) 6. NIE 70-1-75: PROSPECTS FOR SOUTHERN AFRICA AND IMPLICATIONS FOR THE UNITED STATES Action Officer: Std- terms of reference circulated 8 October; OCI CIA drafting Target: November/December Approved For Release 2005/1SjjC-K DP79R01142AO01900050012-1 Approved Fwt Release 2 f lA-RDP79R0 2A001900050012-1 III, OTHER ONGOING PROJECTS 25X1 STRATEGIC PROGRAMS - 2. Interagency Memorandum: ASSESSMENT OF SOVIET SLBM SYSTEM ACCURACIES Status: GMAIC reviewing draft. Target: October 3. Interagency Memorandum: PROSPECTS FOR IMPROVEMENT IN LOW ALTITUDE AIR DEFENSE OF THE SOVIET UNION Status: Draft undergoing review Target: October 4. Interagency Memorandum: SOVIET DEPENDENCE ON SPACE SYSTEMS Status: Changes being made to revised draft. Target: October 5. Interagency Memorandum: MONITORING A SALT TWO AGREEMENT Status: Drafts of sections of the report being circulated for comments. Target: Mid-November CONVENTIONAL FORCES - 6. Interagency Memorandum: MBFR MONITORING CAPABILITIES Status: Draft Phase One report under review Target: October Approved For Release 2005/12/14: CIA-RDP79R01142A001900050012-1 SECRET Approved pr ReleaseSt3 T: CIA-RDP79R0'f142A001900050012-1 USSR/EASTERN STE L`? EUROPE - I OF 9. NSC-U-149B: SIGNIFICE OF SOVIET ACQUISITION WESTERN TECHNOLOGY Status: State preparing final draft Ta et: Fall CHIN.(- 10. Intelligence Memorandum: CHIAO KUAN-HUA AS FOREIGN MINISTER Status: Being drafted by OPR Tar et: October 11. Intelligence Memorandum: SUCCESSION LEADERSHIP IN THE PRC Status: Being drafted by OCI/CRS Tar et: October 12. Intelligence Memorandum: THE SOVIET UNION AND CHINESE LEADERSHIP Status: OPR/Outside Contractor Tar et: No completion date 13. Interagency Memorandum: PRC ILIT RYHOPTIONSSIN 1976 IN THE TAIWAN AREA AND Status: Being drafted. by DIA/DE Target: October Approved For Release 2005/' C'RDP79R01142A001900050012-1 Approved Release 2,SECR14TCIA-RDP79R0'1NW2A001900050012-1 WESTERN EUROPE -- 15. Memorandum: EAST AND WEST GERMANY: MUTUAL RELATIONS AND ROLE IN EUROPE Status: OPR drafting Target: Open 16. NSSM 222: US AND ALLIED SECURITY POLICY IN SOUTHERN EUROPE Status: Under Secretary of State to chair meeting soon on semi-final draft. Target: October 17. Interagency Memorandum: GREECE Status: Meeting of Agency representatives to review draft 9 October Target: October MIDDLE EAST t Approved For Release 20 gR4B-c'clA-RDP79R01142A001900050012-1 Approved frpf Release &BR CIA-RDP79ROi 2AO01900050012-1 21. Memorandum: MONITORING OF NON-MILITARY DEVELOPMENTS IN SYRIAN-ISRAELI DISENGAGEMENT AREAS Status: OGCR action, inputs from OCI, OSR, and IAS Target: Reports as developments warrant 22. Research for the NSC Staff and State: SINAI, GOLAN AND WEST BANK DISENGAGEMENT Status: Research, maps, reports Target: Open 23. NSSM 220: US POLICY IN THE MIDDLE EAST Status: Intelligence Community contributions completed; periodic meetings of Special NSC Ad Hoc Committee. Target: Indefinite 24. Interagency Memorandum: ARAB-ISRAELI HANDBOOK Status: Being printed Target: 14 October Status: Being drafted Target: October Status: CIA (OCI) drafting Target: Mid-October 27. Interagency Memorandum: LEBANON AT THE CROSSROADS Status: OCI drafting Target: Mid-October Approved For Release 2] LBTCIA-RDP79R01142AO01900050012-1 Approved for Release 2 I' .FTIA-RDP79R0 2A001900050012-1 *29. Briefing for Special Subcommittee on Investigations (House International Relations Committee) on Middle East Military Balance Status: OSR/OCI drafting Ta` rget: NIO/ME presentation 21 October SOUTH/SOUTHEAST ASIA - 30. NSSM 225: REVIEW OF US POLICY TOWARD THAILAND Status: Comments on final draft transmitted to State Target: Indefinite 31. Interagency Intelligence Memorandum: POSSIBLE DEVELOPMENTS IN THAILAND: IMPLICATIONS FOR THE US Status: Representatives' meeting scheduled for 14 October Target: JAPAN/PACIFIC - Week of 14 October 32. NSSM 205: US POLICY TOWARD INDONESIA Status: NSC draft under review Target: Indefinite 33. NSSM 218: US POLICY TOWARD US AND SOVIET MILITARY ACCESS TO SINGAPORE Status: Draft completed arget: Indefinite 34. NSSM 226: REVIEW OF US POLICY TOWARD KOREAN PENINSULA Status: Drafting Target: Indefinite Approved For Release 2005/la 4J] =]2DP79R01142A001900050012-1 Approved Fg,Release 20Sf$4.2U.TIA-RDP79R01 A001900050012-1 LATIN AMERICA - 35. Area Study: THE CHILE-PERU BORDER REGION Status: OGCR preparing Target: October 36. Interagency Memorandum: ETHOPIA: NEARTERM PROSPECTS AND IMPLICATIONS FOR UNITED STATES INTERESTS Status: INR/State drafting Target: October 37. Interagency Memorandum: THE SHORT-TERM OUTLOOK FOR ANGOLA Status: Representatives met on 8 October: new draft being prepared Target: October Approved For Release 200 5SfR-] 'i -RDP79R01142A001900050012-1 Approved Fc elease 20088L9IR. A-RDP79R017 TWA001 90005001 IV. PROJECTS COMPLETED DURING 1EEK ENDING 10 OCTOBER 25X1 MIDDLE EAST -1 *1. Intelligence Alert Memorandum: MOROCCAN INVASION OF SPANISH SAHARA Completed 3 October SOUTH/SOUTHEAST ASIA 2. Interagency Intelligence Memorandum: THE INDIAN EMERGENCY AND THE COUP IN BANGLADESH: REGIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL IMPLICATIONS Completed 3 October '4 New Item commissioned and completed/reported during this week. Approved For Release 2005a RhT-RDP79R01I42AO01900050012-1 Approved For Release SBG'D/ CIA-RDP79R I42A001900050012-1 Nwe ESTIIIP,TES PUBLISHED DUC:INC THE FIRST THREE fUARTERS OF 1975 DATE 00: WORLD WIDE 10: COMMUNIST STATES NIE 11-14-75 SNIE 11/30-1-75 NIAM 11/20-1-75 SNIE 14.2-1-75 Warsaw Pact Forces opposite NATO Possible Soviet Military Intervention in a Syrian- Israeli War Soviet Policy Toward Selected Countries of Southern Europe North Korean Military Capabilities and Intentions Toward South Korea 15 Sept 75 30 Jan 75 4 Feb 75 22 May 75 20: WESTERN AND SOUTHERN EUROPE 75 NIAM 27.1-1-75 Spain: Problems of the 15 May Succession 30:- MIDDLE EAST NIE 31-1-75 Near-Term Prospects for 22 May 75 India SNIE 30-1-75 Next Steps in the 27 Mar 75 Middle East 9 May 75 NIE 34-1-75 Iran SNIE 35/36-1-75 Arab-Israeli Conflict: Short-Term Prospects CANCELLED Approved For Release 2005/1SBCjC1A ;~DP79R01142A001900050012-1 Approved F Release 20c 5 944 - A-RDP79R0lWA001900050012-1 30: MIDDLE EAST (continued) NIAM 35/36-2-75 Memo to Holders SNIE 30-1-75 40: FAR EAST 50: SOUTHEAST ASIA Arab-Israeli Hostilities Next Steps in the Middle East NIE 52-1-75 Prospects for Thailand and Implications for the US 9 Jan 75 Prospects for Cambodia Through August 1975 13 Feb 75 SNIE 53/14.3- Assessment of the Situation 27 Mar 75 1-75 (mis- printed without "1") in South Vietnam Prospects for Indonesia 60: NORTH AND WEST AFRICA 70: SOUTH AND EAST AFRICA 80: CARIBBEAN AREA SNIE 84-1-75 90: AMERICAN STATES A Panama Canal Treaty: Likely Consequences of Certain Contingent Developments 18 Apr 75 NIE 94-1-75 Prospects for Chile NIE 93-1-75 Approved For Release 200WU&31K-RDP79R01142A001900050012-1