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December 19, 2016
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January 5, 2005
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September 5, 1975
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Approved Fq.Release 2 IA/ CIA-RDP79R0I A001900050017-6 THE DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE OFFICERS 5 September 1975 STATUS OF d ORK Ili PROCESS I , L3EFORE liSlii NIE 11-14-75: WARSAW PACT FORCES OPPOSITE NATO Action Officer: Status: Draft awaiting USIB action USIB Target: 4 September II, SIB PROJECTS IN TRAIN 1. NIE 85-1-75: CUBA'S CHANGING INTERNATIONAL ROLE Action Officer: Status: Revised draft being reviewed USIB Target: September 2. NIE 11-5-75: THE SOVIET ASSESSMENT OF THE US Action Officer: 25X1 Status: Representatives' meeting scheduled for 11 September USIB Target: September 3. NIE 11-10-75: SOVIET MILITARY POLICY IN THE THIRD WORLD Action Officer: Status: DIA drafting USIB Target: Fall SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/14: CIA-RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6 Approved Fji ReleM514 : CIA-RDP79R01A001900050017-6 4. NIE 11-3/8-75: SOVIET FORCES FOR INTERCONTINENTAL CON- FLIC 'HRODUH THE MID-1980s Action officer: s on first Status: Representatives to egi g draft on 8 September USIB Target: October 5. Memorandum to Holders, SNIE 4-1-74: PROSPECTS FOR FURTHER NUCLEAR WEAPONS PROLIFERATION OF Status: Draft in preparation USIB Tam: 2 October Approved For Release 2908ii4TCIA-RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6 Approved ForoRelease 20/1-LTGIA-RDP79R011A001900050017-6 III QIHER ONGOING PROJECTS 3. Interagency Memorandum: ASSESSMENT OF SOVIET SLBM SYSTEM ACCURACIES Status: GMAIC reviewing draft. TTarge : September 4. Interagency Memorandum: PROSPECTS FOR IMPROVEMENT IN LOW ALTITUDE AIR DEFENSE OF THE SOVIET UNION Status: Revised draft to be circulated week of 8 September Target: September 5. Interagency Memorandum: SOVIET DEPENDENCE ON SPACE SYSTEMS Status: Revised draft to be circulated week of 8 September Target: September 6. Interagency Memorandum: MONITORING A SALT TWO AGREEMENT Status: Drafts of sect -ions of the report being circulated for comments Target: 1 October Irrv Approved For Release 20054)'F'4" iA RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6 Approved fpr Release 28Y1.8lA-RDP79RO1M2A001900050017-6 7. Interagency Memorandum: MBFR MONITORING CAPABILITIES Status: Draft Phase one report under review Target: September *10. Interagency Memorandum: ESTIMATED MANPOWER OF WARSAW PACT FORCES IN THE NATO GUIDELINES AREA Status: Being revised Target: 5 September USSR/EASTERN EUROPE - 11. NSC-U-149B: SIGNIFICANCE OF SOVIET ACQUISITION OF WESTERN TECHNOLOGY Status: State preparing final draft Target: Fall 12. Intelligence Memorandum: CHIAO KUAN-HUA AS FOREIGN MINISTER Status: Being drafted by OPR Target: September 13. Intelligence Memorandum: SUCCESSION LEADERSHIP IN THE PRC Status: Being drafted by OCI/CRS Target: 1 October Approved For Release 244ETClA-RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6 Approved Fpp'Release 205 2 ''IA-RDP79R0'k 2A001900050017-6 14. Intelligence Memorandum: THE SOVIET UNION AND CHINESE LEADERSHIP Status: OPR/Outside Contractor Target: No completion date 15. Interagency Memorandum: PRC MILITARY OPTIONS IN 1976 IN THE TAIWAN AREA AND IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA Status: Being drafted by DIA/DE Target: 15 September WESTERN 17. Memorandum: EAST AND WEST GERMANY: MUTUAL RELATIONS AND ROLE IN EUROPE Status: OPR drafting Target: Open Status: Under Secretary of State to chair meeting soon on semi-final draft. Target: September 19. Interagency Memorandum: GREECE Status: OCI drafting Target: September 20. Memorandum: ITALY: IMPLICATIONS OF THE ELECTION Status: OCI draft being revised Target: September SECRET Approved For Release 2005/12/14: CIA-RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6 Approved ipr Release 2 Y:I lA-RDP79R0 2A001900050017-6 24. Memorandum: MONITORING OF NON-MILITARY DEVELOPMENTS IN SYRIAN-ISRAELI DISENGAGEMENT AREAS Status: OGCR action, inputs from OCI, OSR, and IAS Target: Reports as developments warrant 25. Research for the NSC Staff and State: SINAI, GOLAN AND WEST BANK DISENGAGEMENT Status: Research, maps, reports Target: Open 26. Interagency Memorandum: THE LIKELIHOOD OF ARAB-ISRAELI HOSTILITIES Status: CIA/OPR managing with CIA, State/INR, DIA, USA, ACSI, AFIS participation Target: Bi-weekly reports Approved For Release 2005 IA-RDP79R01142A001900050017-6 Approved ` ReleasR&G51 Y14 : CIA-RDP79RO'W42A001900050017-6 28. NSSM 220: US POLICY IN THE MIDDLE EAST Comunity Status: Intelligence meetings of Target: Indefinite 29. Interagency Memorandum: ARAB-ISRAELI HANDBOOK Status: Being printed Target: 15 September SOUTH/SOUTHEAST ASIA - 30. NSSM 225: REVIEW OF US POLICY TOWARD THAILAND Status: Awaiting State's final draft Target: Indefinite 32. Interagency Memorandum: CHANGING RELATIONSHIPS IN SOUTH AS A Status: Oral discussion meeting 4 September Target: October JAPAN/PACIFIC - 33. NSSM 205: US POLICY TOWARD INDONESIA Status: NSC draft under review Target: Indefinite Approved For Release 20(cB(dI.E&A-RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6 Approved pr Releasst / 4 : CIA-RDP79RQ 42A001900050017-6 34. NSSMM. 218: TO US POLICY TOWARD US AND SOVIET MILITARY ACCESS SINGAPORE Status: Draft completed Target: Indefinite 35. NSSid 226: REVIEW OF US POLICY TOWARD KOREAN PENINSULA Status: Drafting Target: Indefinite LATIN AMERICA I 36. Area Study: THE CHILE-PERU BORDER REGION Status: OGCR preparing Target: September Approved For Release 28WRi TCIA-RDP79R01142A001900050017-6 Approved or Releas QRiI : CIA-RDP79R0`2A001900050017-6 IV, PROJECTS ~nMPLETED 1JURIN WEEK ENDING 5 Sentember WESTERN EUROPE - *1. Intelligence Alert Memorandum: /A STEP CLOSER TO CIVIL WAR Completed 29 August 1975 * New Item comm issioned and completed/reported during this week. Approved For Release 206~t'T2 CIA-RDP79R01142A001900050017-6 Approved fr Release '~@MN13rfCIA-RDP79RO 2AO01900050017-6 I I I A. S N s LTLyi---OA O I N G PRO E Czs 25X1 CHINA - 1. PRCLO and CHICOM UN Del.egations: SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES AND POLICY TRENDS Status: Being drafted by FBI Target: 15 October 3. Memoranda: CONCEPT FOR OPERATIONS AND ORGANIZATIONAL PROPOSALS FOR US MONITORING ORGANIZATION IN SINAI Status: Agency Committee chaired by A/NIO/ME Target: Continuing I VA. SENSIT V ._,P$OJESS___ComPLE;TED Approved For Release f WM&-F4TCIA-RDP79R01142AO01900050017-6