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November 9, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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Sanitized Approved For Release : CIA-RDP798S01008A000100060001-6 ? TR StJT I OM ' 337c D Is 25X1 A9 Over and ~bwe St'a~dard ;Diel'tributii OA rt C AiiiFICATIOII 25X 1 Aga "" . 1016 D Key Bldg- 11 Ail 25X1A9a DDP, tar 25X1A9a *With rotas Sent at uest of Approved or Release- VI 8A000l-00060001-6 for Mr. Janney, ISA Pentagon, 7024 H re. REQUEST FOR, PROJECT APPRO A DATE TO DIRECTOR, t / 1r0 -ti.twz$ 13 r 1M +W : CHIEF, GEOGRAPHY DIVISION, in trill SUL-ECT: REQUEST FOR APPROVAL OF PROJECT NUMBER 61.1 I.,SUBJECT OF PROPOSED PROJECT I M 10 MIA is five o 4 and& thins 2. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM So Mist" ft%jtwl.lit a AvmmW$ * di ei 1 Ie Urf*U fift' in t b o t t I 'i4*i MJA-v s01 BROGbOD* O *U" s ae4 b (bt.ne Cb wkvo to Eaa ? io 8s B ~tt~t sPs at up 01-it"" c this 1=14 it x'iro an o! ? AQ~Omw Inbs3it OOs 3. NAME OF REQUESTER 4. RES-ONSISL[ ANALYST S. {RANCH ?. :CO RDINAT REQUESTED FROM (Spaelly) 25X1A8a A. OTHER DIVISIONS B. OTHER CIA COMPONENTS / I D C. OUTSIDE CIA lot 7. ESTIMATED MAN-HOURS IN D/GG {. TARGET DATE FOR ISSUANCE PE OF 0/60 PUBLICATION S .TY YP 10.. RECOMMENDATION' FOR DISTRIBUTION OF FINISHED REPORT 1~1r M . 25X1 A9a I IS 1. sl b bitxhie t D to r t is VWUW` in the D RRsc *reh f' ,afI 1so4 m -um" *mum", in at t 11ti -. 'dbis rawu& to have ka Sash y' oM ,+wr,vb en the 4Sssi lew in Tibet. 25X1 A9a . 25X1A9a -PROVEDu 1 h~ DATE ?IEY'xt~y. t 4. DATE 130 ~y k 1 +a '' aR ro*M 111?.4 2361 Sanitized - Approved For Release : CIA-RDP79S01008A000100060001-6