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December 9, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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March 17, 1952
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Approved For Release 2000/08/29: CIA-RDP79S01OA00060009 d-6 ?OP SECRET t? opy Bo. $19CURITt INFORMATION DRF CONTRIBUTION TO SE44: COW!UNIST CHARGES OF US USE OF BIOLOGIC _-- jkroh x?, 1962 State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file Division of Researoh for Far East OFFICE OF INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH Document Ho- Review of this document by CIA has TOP SECRET determined that SECURITY INFORMATION ^ CIA has no Ojeciion to declass ^ It contains information of CIA interest that must remain classified at TS S C Authority, HR 70.2 It contains nothing of CIA interest Approved For 14elease 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S0101194Q0O600050D96 her ? , Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S01011A000600050003-6 TOP SECRET S CURXTT DWORWITIO$ . na1 Chinese ComM.mist and North Women PrSpakada oa Bagbsriol4gtoal Warfare The' oarrent Communist oaWaign, charging the DS with large-scale : b~< r .oxa os operations against north Korea and Co mist China, began vi4h a Coosaaabint New China News Ageuoy report dated February 21 alleging ti` .t the US had used bacteriological warfare. (Sri) against north ]Lassa in the period .inns January 28. At this ttms no charge of BW against China itself was published. (A listing of alleged "air violations" of Manchuria by the US p2anoa during the first two months of 1952 broadcast by Peimpring an February 20 made no mention of BY#, although it charged that several localities in Manchuria were subjected to conventional bombing and strafing attao e.) The initial charge of February 21 was given an unusual prominence for a Communist charge of this type-on February 23 when Pak Honyong, the north lorean foreign minister, issued a length protest against the alleged American "atrocity." C the same day the various "democratic" groups and personages began to "ustoas-rily used is Chinese Commist propaganda oampaigns?issus "protests" ?against the alleged BIT operations. On February 26, Pei.p?ingre foreign minister thou In-alai speoifioally seconded Pak Honyong"a protest,, Ths campaign was quickly piolpad up in other satellite countries. In the Far East, the Vietminh radio broadcast tho charges as early as February 24, although, to date? 'it has not aWlified them into a major campaign. A new and ominous note was injected into the charge a on Kroh 6. when the Pbi.opsing radio charged that on February 29 the US had utilised bacteriological xoapons also against Wanohuria? This charge became the basis for statements by Chou alai and the official Pei-piling pee le?e Dam which charged that the US was using BN against Jknohuria with the "obvious aim of wrecking the arsdatioe talks in Korea? prolonging and expanding the aggressive war in Korean Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S01011A000600050003-6 Approved For Rel a 2000/08/29r '79SO1Q, 1A000600050003-6a SECURITY INFORWTICIi and the, instigating of now wars." These statements, subsequently asplified by other propaganda sources, threatened that American air?foros psrsonael captured while "invading" Chinese-territory would be dealt with as war *rim orals, The statements called upon "peaoe??loving people" to "rise, up" sad "-poo US "satellite" countries to protest against the "sinful designs" of the M Govsrnnnt. On March 14 the Pet.-p'ing radio extended its charges to China proper byr alleging that the US had dropped Infested inseotsin Shantung Province near Tsingtao on March 6 and 7, 19529 Charges of ON against China proper have not been further amplified to dais, Although Commomist.originated news dispatches have described epidemics of various diseases, including types involved in the B charges, in several north Korean provinces and in now areas of north, east, and central China, at no time has an existing epidemic been specifically litiosd to the alleged HK ossrpaign. The Com mist news dispatches give no indication :that the described ?pidemios are more than those periodically. expected in China and Following American proposals for an International Red Cross investiga- tion, radio Aeimp'ing issued a strong denial that tay epidemics had been caused by the alleged BVI, stating that "epidemics have so far been prevented by the se1,Yt action of the authorities and the public." Pai.p' g accused the E of trying to get the IBC into north Korea in order to "report on the effective- nose of germ warfare" and organised an International body of Communists to inspect and verify their charges. TOP SECRET SECURITY IEFOMTION Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S01011A000600050003-6 Approved For Relva a 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S01qVA000600050003-6 TOP BBCRET SECURITY IEFatucTIOU . Although the BR charges will have inevitable repercussions in the erase--firs negotiations, there has been no major effort to tie the charges into the propaganda concerning the talks, other than to charge that the US is delaying the talks in order to complete its alleged 1W experiseate and to state that the Chinese and Koreans must not bo dissuaded frci octitinved efforts to striloe *still heavier blows" against the American "aggressors." Nor has the Eff campaign been closely connected with the other themes of Communist ,ropsganda in Asia* There has been no effort to connect the B:: charges with the charges that the US is plotting ag,-ressicn in southeast Asia, nor have the Btii charges been linked to the Sino-Soviet alliance. The charges of Japanese complicity in American Bak research, that were prominent in MY.propaganda campaigns in 1950 and 1951, have been repeated but the Japanese have not been charged w th participating directly in the actual dropping or infested vermin or insects. The only Chinese Commmist propaganda statement that lialoed the 31 charges to the Sino-soviet alliance, was one Issued on March 10 by the Sino?Soviet Friendship Association in Pei-atiag,which stated that "under the unity of China and the Soviet Unica, any treacherous American scheme will be completely crushed." The absence of more prominent statements of this type in the present campaign is all the more remarkable in view of the extravagant emphasis given by Pei.-p'ing to the strategic aspects of the Sino-Soviet alliance on the occasion of the anniversary of the Sin*-Soviet treaty on February ,14. 11+e Chinese Communist and north Korean propaganda has emphasised that "preventive" measures are being; taken against the alleged BW campaign. Zr TOP SECRET SECURITY IAFORMATIaT Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S01011A000600050003-6 Approved For Rel?e 2000/08/29: CIA-RDP79S01 V A000600050003-6 TOP SECRET SECURITY ISFORIIATIOW north Korea the Commist liilitary Cosffittee on February 80 and 29 designated certain "danger sores" and Ordered widespread anti-epideado measures, including quarantine, ianoenlations, and sanitation measures, with oommamioa- tione priority for all "anti-epidemic information." In China "anti-epidemic tcaas" for Korea were organised in major cities, the first of vhioh was reported to have arrived in Korea on arch 3. Similar teams were apparently formed locally for use in the areas of China and Manchuria subjected to the alleged BN attacks. In addition a Chinese Commmist investigating commission has been dispatched to Korea, headed by lte. 14 Tehoohuan (Mrs. Fong Yu-hsiang). the Minister of Health of the Peiop?ing regime. The BW charges have received what is probably the heaviest and most continue propaganda coverage of any recent Chinese:Commanist propaganda campaign. Almost a quarter of all recently monitored items on the various regional Chinese radio services dealt with BPI charges. The treatment aooorded the sub3eat tl Fei-p? ing has apparently been roughly the same, whether directed at domestic or foreign audiences. The coverage in ntrth Korea has been similarly intensiveo TOP SECRET SECURITY INFORMATICE Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79S01011A000600050003-6 Approved For RelPe 2000/08/29: CIA-RDP79SO1QAOOO6OOO5OOO3-6 TOP SECRET SECURITY INFORMATION t RONOLOGY OF PRINCIPAL SINOrKOREAN PROPAGANDA BROADCASTS CZ BACT1 RIOLOGIO&L WARFARE February 21 First NONA"charge of 'BW used against Korea, itemising alleged attacks between January 28 and February 179 February 23 Statement by Pak Honyong, north Korean foreign ministers protesting against the alleged use of BW since January 28 against north Korea. First protests by Chinese Communist and pro.-Communist organizations and individuals against the alleged Bffg including the Red Cross Society of China. Editorial on BN in the Pei ?in Peoples .Da..ilyY Following this date, such protests became prominent in all Chinese Communist propaganda media. February 25 Statement by Chou En.2ai, Chinese Communist foreign minister specifically seconding Pak6 prottest* February 29 North Korean Military Committee published anti- epidemic measures, including "Decision 65," adopted February 20, 1962. reportedly iiaroh 3 First anti.epidswio teams/arrived in Korea from China. March 4 First mention of 3W artillery in Korea. March 6 First NCNA- report of alleged B< attack on Manchurian 1kroh a Chou Enmiai see 1e'e %117 atatremtants on BLit attack on Yana aA March" 12 SSFA issued protest on Bit with reference to Sinop Soviet "unity" ??., only statement of this type to date. arch 14 X4AA reported that diseaseoinfbated insects were dropped in Shantung near Taingtao an birch 6 and TOP STORNT SECURITY INFORNATIC , Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79SOlO11AO00600050003-6 nrnu r1 Fnr R?1?a$ FAA REIFI;F@5010=lj^eeeee00500t)3-0, SIGNATURE RECORD AND COVER SHEET 9s~ DOCUMENT DESCRIPTION REGISTRY SOURCE CIA CONTROL NO. 40 .. OM State - DOC. NO. 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