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December 9, 2016
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July 10, 2000
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September 15, 1953
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IyC Approved For` Release 0/(~ Qp101MOM 100040011-2 Septemdber 159 1953 The Speolal Assistant for Intel2igenoe9 Doper t of States p opoeea the tblloving ebaiges in 5E?51* Le, Paregrep 4. As 3.cng as the present cabinet Minis in porwex', the caman ats Id11 be in a position gradually to increase their int'luease. AUh*Vgb 0..~ a Indioatiops the Casnm$ seiv br?si1s-. to achie" a Ming poem in Asia tdae~?eet r ! . r~bin~ either through armed force or political action. Paragraph 17. (strike final sentence). Qrr-*he oc--fey-a-~ Paragraph 18, e &c -fie . e .,+~.. ha km Ag ra er Ewald MOU'a J& mat an C i f is w' 1 be in s tion uaIt~y to cis c t, Mamma On the basis of presont indications, the Communists ems, re Mt to - at-4411 achieve a dominating positI m in Indonesia Aurirg the acted life of this d , either through armed force or political action. CONFID f IAL: SECURED! INFORMATION State Dept paeclassiTicat onet~Orelease ins ruc~tions0on ~re01100 Approved For Release 20(Ifl8/29:CIA-RDP79S01011A0010040011-2 cl; 0 19 ~Q t-0- ~ ", ~_ f 0,. ;, ~-, C-j- /-- X-r- ~S t _Ie~_t I C~ d==6Q;4_ A=~ ? J2 1Lt ~, r~ ...-~ t Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79SO1 011 A901 100040011-2 rLi `QI RDP79S0101 lAO01100040011-2 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79SO1011A001100040011-2 Approved For Rele s 2000/0.8/29: IA-RDP79 010V 1 001100040011-2 JAKARTW. MDONESIA (AP)?.COMMUNICATIONS MINISTER ABMsm OSUJt "0 RESIGNED LAST NIGHT FROM INDONESIA'S SIX-WFEK?OLD RADICAL NALIST GOVERNMENT, HE WAS THE SECOND CABINET,MINITER TO QUIT N A WEEK. .R FATS AGO NATIONAL WELFARE MINISTER SUDIBIO QUIT THE CABINET, ' E!R STEP-DOWN WAS NOT EXPECTED TO THREATEN THE LIFE OF PREMIER ALI SASTROAMIDJOJO'S ADMINISTRATION HOWEVER, BOTH RESIGNATIONS OLLOVED `PERSONAL WRANGLES BETWEEN i'HF MEN AND THEIR UNITED MOSLEM ARTY. JAI059A 9755 C 0 R R E C T I 0 N TAEGU -- ARMSTRONG (40) FIRST GRAF MAKE ARMSTRONG FROM LOUIS'VILLEV KY (INSTEAD OF LEITCHV ILLS ) THE AP Approved For Release 2000/08/2& D$"7 %01011 A001100040011-2