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December 12, 2016
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August 22, 2002
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April 30, 1965
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Approved For a 2002/09/03SELA79T0047200010016-6 OCI No, 1221/65 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Current Intelligence 30 April 1965 INTELLIGENCE MEMORANDUM Situation in the Dominican Republic S of 1. As of 0100 starshells were being fired over Santo Domingo. One loyalist aircraft had been flying over the city for the past hour or more. Around the US Embassy area, nothing worthy has occurred in the cast several hours. 2. A contingent of 2,500 US airborne troops began deplaning at San Isidro Air Base at 0215 EDT. These troops will assist the Marines in protecting US and foreign nationals in Santo Domingo, The deplaning process is expected to require about four hours to complete. 3. Ambassador Bennett has reported that former triumvirs Reid and Caceres telephoned the US Embassy earlier this evening. They were in cheery spirits and when the ambassador mentioned that the Embassy had been under fire, they seemed to feel that they had a safer asylum. 4. The OAS has now completed its session. The membership voted in favor of the resolution submitted by the US. The first paragraph reit- erated the earlier OAS appeal to all those in- volved in the conflict to take all possible measures for a ceasefire and suspension of hostilities. This was Approved by a. vote of 16 to 0, with four abstentions (Chile, Mexico, Venezuela, and Uruguay). The second paragraph 24 25X1 State Dept. review completed Approved For Release 2002/O CRtifDP79T00472A001400010016-6 Approved For a 2002/09/03 A 79T00472 1 00010016-6 ECfff called for an appeal to all those involved in the conflict-to'permit the immediate establishment of 'an international neutral zone of refuge in Santo Domingo in the general area of the'US and other foreign embassies. This was approved by a vote of 15 to 0 with five abstentions. (The above four plus the Dominican Republic). Approved For Release 2002/0 K DP79T00472A001400010016-6