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December 20, 2016
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April 7, 2006
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May 5, 1965
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Approved For Recluse 2007/03/075[79T00472A1400030002-9 OCI No. 1590/65 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Current Intelligence 5 May 1965 Situation in the Dominican Republic (Report - Summary of i u5t o from 5:00 am - 9:00 pm EDT) 1. The military situation has remained static during the day with sporadic sniper fire being directed against US forces. There have been no US casualties during the day. 2. There has been little progress reported today toward the formation of a more broadly based government to replace the present loyalist mili- tary junta. Loyalist military leaders at San Isidro have agreed, however, to support General Antonio Imbert as head of such a government. Navy Chief of Staff Rivera Caminero returned this after- noon from Sam Isidro to tell embassy officials that the officers at San Isidro are now entirely in line and would support Imbert as well as anyone else needed to form a more broadly based regime. The problem, however, will be to find high caliber civilians who would be willing to accept positions in a new government. 3. Meanwhile, the rebel government of Colonel Caamano continues its effort to form an aura of legitimacy around itself. It issued a list of cabinet members today, including several respected personalities and only a few with records of Com- munist association or with otherwise unsavory repu- tations. Some of the more respected personalities named to the rebel cabinet may not have been aware of their appointments and there is no confirmation that such persons as Antonio Guzman, Silvestre State Dept. review completed Approved For Release 2A001400030002-9 055 Approved For Ruse 2007/03/&ECGR&BP79T00472A1W1400030002-9 Alba de Moya, or Jose Antonio Brea Pena have ac- cepted the posts to which they were said to have been appointed by Caamano. Hector Aristy, who has a long and unsavory record, is known to be with the rebel forces as "political advisor" to Caamano. Jottin Cury, the "foreign minister," was identified early this month as a member of the Dominican Popular Socialist Party (PSPD). In general, however, the rebel regime appears to be trying to create the im- pression that it is oriented toward the moderate, non-Communist left. There is some reason to believe that it has achieved some initial success in this effort abroad, particularly in Latin American countries where sympathy for "popular revolutionary movements" is strong. 3. While the rebel "government" apparently at- tempts to consolidate itself, there are indications that the fighting spirit of the rebels is temporarily 4. A US helicopter team visited the-San Francisco de Macoris area. The initial reception almost turned into a riot. The townspeople apparently thought it was an Organization of American States helicopter and they rushed the helicopter chanting pro-Bosch slogans. The temper of the crowd was definitely anti-loyalist and hostile to the US team. Sources of discontent seem to be food shortages, the failure of the government to pay salaries to government workers for some months, and a hatred of Approved For Release _ 2A001400030002-9 Approved For R&kease 2007/03/OSEEJR1P79T00472A 1400030002-9 the police going back to Trujillo days. Two army officers in the town believe the area to be a "leftist hotbed" and that the situation will be difficult. 5. The Council of the Organization of American States is scheduled to meet again tonight at 9:00 pm EDT. Ten Latin American nations were last reported favoring the US resolutions. Seven were opposed ,(Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Colombia). Venezuela's position is unclear and Colombia this morning submitted its own resolu- tion on a multilateral force. Approved For Release 2007/0 DP79T00472A001400030002-9