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December 16, 2016
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January 13, 2005
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May 31, 1965
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Approved For%4;telease,2005/01/3SSE R- EP79T0047 01400050003-6 OCI No. 1740/65 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Office of Current Intelligence 31 May 1965 INTELLIGENCE MEMORANDUM Situation in the Dominican Republic Repport - _As oT74u _pm ED The Imbert government continues actively seek- ing to enlarge its political base of support, but no early success in this regard appears likely.. The Government of National Reconstruction yes- terday decided to enlarge its five-man ruling junta to nine members. According to their decision, the country's two largest political organizations-- Bosch's Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD) and Balaguer's Reformist Party (PR)--were each to be invited to name two of their members to the junta. 55 25X1 25X1 Special UN representative Jose Mayobre was scheduled to leave Santo Domingo today for two days of consultations with U Thant on the crisis in 25X1 Approved For Release 472A001400050003-6 001400050003-6 Approved For R (ease 7 general and on UN staffing problems in the Dominican Republic. lit does seem likely, however, that e possibility 01 further UN action in the Dominican situation will be discussed--especially since there appear to be no signs of a letup in the opposition of both the rebel and loyalist factions to Secretary General Jose Mora of the Organization of American States. The rebels have not broken off all relations with the Organization of American States, however: they appear to have been successful in their call for the organization:'s Human Rights Commission to come and investigate their charges that the Imbert government has violated human rights during the crisis, In Chile, commission president Manuel Bianchi is reported by the press to be ready to fly to the Dominican capital tomorrow to investigate the rebel charges. Rebel Radio Santo Domingo (Consititutionalist) continues its exhortations against the US and the Inter-American Armed Force (IAAF). This morning the station broadcast a protest note by the "Domini- can Lawyers Association" against the US and IAAF presence. The protest, which was cabled to the UN and nine governments, called for the recipients to "immediately negotiate the prompt evacuation of the criminal Yankee troops and those of their satellite governments." It went on to charge Jose Mora, Secretary General of the Organization of American States(OAS), and the members of the OAS with trying to "thrust upon us a dictatorship pursuant to the interests of the Yankee government or to prolong our crisis indefinitely with the presence of that transgressor army." Afterwards the station while excoriating the "foreign invader" stated that the rebels would not give one inch in regards to the 1963 constitution. Shortly before noon the station had worked itself into a state of high dudgeon and was railing about the "41,000" US soldiers that had "invaded" the Dominican Republic. It thus declared that "shortly the Consitutional Government will have to formally Approved For Releas 472A001400050003-6 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved FawRele 1A001400050003-6 declare war on the criminal government of the United States of America." Later on in the broad- cast the qualifier "if they continue to help the genocidal group at San Isidro" was added to the above "threat." Meanwhile, loyalist Radio San Isidro was broadcasting at 11:20 EDT this morning, that all the cease-fire agreements had been violated by the rebels and that "not long ago they attacked the National Palace and it cost them dearly." The station further added that the cease-fire truce was a setback to "Dominican democracy." Approved For Releas 72A001400050003-6 25X1 25X1