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December 20, 2016
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August 1, 2006
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February 17, 1967
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Appr'ovetd Eor41 ease 2007/04/02: CIA-RDP79T0082to 01600010073-8 No. 0795/67 INTELLIGENCE AGENCY crate of Intelligence 17 Pehruary 1967 4C:. R E W R $uam ary Options open to the US to Increase Its influence end prestige in Algeria are few. U`S relations with .1I- esri , are strained because of policy differences over Vietnam and Algeria's support of 'third world" positions in the United Nations which are contrary to over-all policy go.Is. Algeria's resentment stems from the lack of overt U support during the Algerian rebellion and from 1 eria.'a fears that US aid to Morocco and Tunisia is designed to "encircle" and subvert the Algerian re- giza. heless, the Us could probably obtain a toe- hold for the present- -primartly through economic aid-- with the possibility of a slow expansion over the longer tern. Even these options are limited however (1) by Al- erian and trench sensitivities to an American presence in Algeria, (2) by US legislation which compounds the difficulties of a oneluding a onomic aid negotiations, (3) by the failure to obtain Algerian commitment to investment guarantee agreement. DIA review(s) completed. Approved For Release 6AO01600010073-8 25X1 25X Approved Porpease 2007/04/02: CIA-RDP79T0082is 01600010073-8 I.. US relations with fl: ,eria have t,roved dif over since r M *ria became independent to July 1962. The the street seems inclined to friendly toward but the government and the 3 atio?~tal Liberation _ ) --the country', only titica1 party--remain ~picei Moreover, the AM-controlled press , radio, anu television are doNnrigbt hostile toward the US. This attitude originally was a. reaction to the resat or isaginod U support :for trance--particularly Vrnnce's use at such American ailite;ry equi t t during the eight-year ions b eve seen no corr+eso$ndin betterment in reltt- anted his diarerrerd for 'US menet- seettn; with President ten y during which potential US } aid was discussed, he fle* to Havana for an ostentatious visit with Castro. ''os 1462 to early 1965, US a hipmeentet to 60 percent for eovre st1-ratirs eager apt 3s artsnt factor in as retaining stability. open support or the ono retie lion to the US. With the overthrow of Son Bella in June 1905 and the tnstallr tIon of the dens regime, relations e. L to lust year, however, a now down- ward trend developed as 11311eri.n officals pressed for a favorable reply to their re.-,quest for more to .t and Al.. Ban propaganda agencies stepped asp their attacks on ything American--from policy and military activities in Vietnam to racial difficulties in the US. ueedi ne, while taking a more nti_Coui*t tack, continued Ran e policy of acceptim heavy Soviet atlitarv and Liberation Front of south Vietnam (N?`L Y--the Viet Long)! 4. Current frictions in US-Algerian relations ter primarily on Vietnam. Algeria supports the tat 25X1 25 Approved For Release 2007/041 0RDP79T00826A001600010073-8 Approved Fo lease 2007/04/02: CIA-RDP79TO08 001600010073-8 25X1 office in Algiers. The A the us aentativ Algeria struggle dray all some medical supplies which originated in lot Cons, and exchanges diplomatic repr vs that the U$ would aria the sixth Fleet to- can bases in both countries credible, but coo and Tunisia. The ;tl erians not only find numerous visiting delegntions with Hanoi. ituation in Vietnam with its own dance and demands that the US with- It is unlikely that this policy will ntly. ccand major source of friction is US military ether with the alleged basses to encircle Algeria and Wipe out its socialist regime. The French press and ce-rtain Tench residents of Al eri.a-,-who are antagonistic toward the US because they assu , the US wants to usurp France's_ ition in North & rica---bane nourished these tencirclemont" tears, G. In the United Nations Algeria invariably sides It forces opposed to aims, In some issues, such as dmission of R *d China, it takes the lead in opposing Other friction have involved the seizure of U t real estate in Algiers, the closure of the UU euter in Constantine on charges of subversion, onalize.tio r of time in which America" have ti- Brest, and duds that the US reduce the her of persons dtplem3aticislly accredited. 7. Suspicion of foruigsers is not limited to U, Most other esbneates have their own extensive siers of frictions with the Ailearians. No dl travel tar outside the city of his residence without obtaining advaeaco pt-rmtasion from the Algerian 3. spite ;x. hostile press, radio, and television there have been no mob attacks on .rican citiae facilities-such an has been experienced within the pas year by the Moroccan and Jordanian, embassies and a Soviet diplomat. Demonstrations which have occurred near US establishments have been carefully policed. 25X1 Approved For Releas 299:7~9410 14913:7 826AO01600010073-8 UNIUMPAN Approved forlease 2007/04/02: CIA-RDP79T008, 001600010073-8 25X1 Boumedilne i* i to cats its 11 mil l ios hungry, underemployed, and I argely illiterate people. It in, however, extremely ct if f icutt sources so that it may feed, provide work for, And 8. Algeria in -An. avowedly socialist state which aspires to leadership in the so-called "third vrorld." The Bounsdiene regime, nevertheless, to =ore ifterasted than was Van Bella in building yap the country domes- tically and is less inclined toward foreign adventures. 'A'LE re f 's primary concern it to develop Algeria's re zuct any business with the government. Over and Above the euspicton and distrust, the government lads able administrators, and government employees been arrested and imprisoned, within Algeria, although a.. tow of their followers have which engage primarily in it i--lioume d ens propaganda are based in urope and seen to have no appreciable follin regime to loath to delegate responsibility to the carable. foreign advisers it has employed. 10. There is little likelihood of a charge in gov- ernment, or of different outlook if A change should occur. The general Aura of instAbility which surrounds the - imediene regime atom in large part from reports of friction among its members rin* the development of antagonistic cliques. Despite these reports, the re: e appears to have a good deal of durability and is very slowly progressing toward administrative and agricul- tural reform. There is no effective opposition. Most politically experienced Algerians not collaborating with the regime seen to be sitting on the sidelines, waiting f