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December 20, 2016
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May 12, 2005
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Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP79T00937A000100030023-3 precisely this theoretical tenet that was the foundation for the Soviet policy of international cooperation. If coexistence of the opposite systems is inevitable at a specific historical stage, this means that in- ternational cooperation is not just a wish but a possibility the isple- mentation of which iaoust be fought for. The realisation of this possi- bility is extremely Important for the socialist state, for the countries of people's demamcaey which have embarked on the path of building so- adalism, and for such countries as China which are building a new society without yet setting as their direct task the building of socialism,.. '"The Stalinist policy of International cooperation was the foundation of the partisans of peace movement now growing so rapidly in all countries, of the inception and development of the organised peace front. The pre- requisite for the successes of this policy lies in its granite theoretical foundation, in the scientific Marxiet-Ieinist tenets, developed by Com- rade Stalin, regarding the possibility of coexistence of the two opposite social systems. "The Leninist-Stalinist tenets regarding the necessity of utilisation of the internal antagonisms of the capitalist system in the interests of peace and the struggle against imperialist military adventures are of most important significance for the foreign policy of the socialist state... "History has brilliantly confirmed the rightness of the Ieninist-Stalinist analysis of the concrete conditions of the material life of so- ciety and its importance for the foreign policy of the Soviet state. Thus, the antagonisms between the victor states in the first world war -- Britain, the USA and France -?- and vanquished Germarq were used by the Soviet state in the Brest period in order to win the respite vitally necessary for the young Soviet Russia. In the period of the foreign military intervention the Soviet state to use of the antagonisms between the dente and the USA, on one hand, and the 9ma3.1 states - on the other, as well as the Japanese-American and other antagonisms in order to weaken the onslaught of the Interventionists and to split up their camp. "In the following 20 years the Stalinist foreign policy of the Soviet Union made use of the antagonisms inherent in the imperialist system in order to delay a now wear, in order to avert an attack by the imperialists on the land of the Soviets in a united front..,. "Over a quarter of a century ago Comrade Stalin stressed that our Bolshevik Party is conducting a zgiextiffe policy, that its slogans are substantiated scientifically. The scientific ebaraoter of the Stalinist foreign policy of the Soviet Union determines its activeness, its creative character, its unprecedented consistency and staunchness. Yes and how can it be . otherwise? After all, the scientific foundation of this policy means that the Bolshevik Party and the Soviet Govermaent know exactly the route Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP79T00937A000100030023-3 .... Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP79T00937A000100030023-3 of the historical, development of society, the motivating forces of de- velopment, and always take into account the real correlation of these forces and the forces of imperialism, reaction, aggression and war which are opposing the progressive development of society. Inherent in the Stalinist foreign policy are clarity of purpose and persistency in the implementation of it... "Being in its very essence-creative, alien to dogmatism, Soviet foreign policy always displays the greatist actives. It per adopts the position of.passive defence and never t-mite idly for an attack by imperialist reaction. Soviet diplomacy is always on the offensive actively against the enemies of the. land of socialism, against the enemies of peace, the warmongersp the aggressors. It tirelessly exposes and catches them, it reveals their wiles and intrigues. Being extremely flexible and maneuverable, Soviet diplomacy remains at the same time loyal to the principles of oommism, to the general line of the Party, and always has before it the latter's basic aims and decisive tasks. Finding weak spots and cracks in the enei-'s camp, it deals blows effec- tively, always keeping the initiative... "Comrade Stalin is a great genius of science. This is why the mo- bilising, organising and transforming power of the Stalinist ideas is so great in the sphere of foreign policy too... "On the basis of a most profound analysis of international relations Comrade Stalin established that in the present conditions the new world war being prepared by.the American -British imperialists can be averted. The objective conditions for the averting of war are at hand. They have been created by the present stage of the general crisis of capitalism. They have been aaxltiplied 100 time by the weakening of the capitalist system which was the result of the victory of the socialist state over Hitleriiam and Japanese imperialism and the subsequent falling army from the. capitalist system of a number of countries of South-East Europe, Korea and China. The successes of the construction of communism in the Soviet Union strengthen the forces of the camp of peace, democracy and socialism throughout the world." Approved For Release 2006/10/19: CIA-RDP79T00937A000100030023-3