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December 9, 2016
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November 9, 2000
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November 7, 1952
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Approved ForR)easT8/3 R ETT097500900240001-5 SECURITY iNFORMATION US OFFICIALS ONLY 7 November 1952 SC No. 04601 Copy No. 57 CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS CODE WORD MATERIAL Office of Current Intelligence ro OECLASS1FIED CLASS. CHANGED TO: TS DOCUMENT NO. ;14 NO CHANGE IN CLASS- NEXT REVIEW DATE: AUTH: HR 70.2 DATE? CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY {REVIEWER: _0_066_1_4,_ This document contains information within the meaning of Public Law 513 - 81st Congress. It is to be seen only by US PERSONNEL especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive Special Intelli- gence information. The security of this document must be main- tained in accordance with SPECIAL INTELLIGENCE SECURITY REGULATIONS. No action may be taken by any person on the Special Intelligence presented herein, regardless of any advantage which may be gained, unless such action is first approved by the Director of Central Intelligence. State Dept. declassification & release instructions on file TOP S RT'rr Approved For Relea / 3~ ,~ W975A000900240001-5 Approve FAR EAST 2. SUMMARY SOUTHEAST ASIA NEAR EAST - AFRICA 3. Mossadeq asks US to train Iranian naval officers in exchange for oil (page 5). 4. Prime Minister charges the United States with responsibility for Iran's fate (page 6). 5. British Foreign Office wants immediate approach to Iraq on MEDO (page 6). WESTERN EUROPE 6. Embassy fears "serious incident" in French-American relations over labor union issues (page 7). Approved Approv FAR EAST Comment. The 9th Air Army, which has units in both the Maritime Province and the Dairen area, has been converting its light bomber regiments in the Vladivostok area to jets since the spring of 1952. SOUTHEAST ASIA - has asserted that he was en route to Formosa to organize terrorists for the assassination of Chiang Kai-shek. further stated that he was affiliated with a Communist-controlled Chinese secret society in North Borneo and that he had helped to organize similar groups in other Southeast Asian countries. Approve 40001-5 25X1A .,. 'WANOV1 00 120 140 T60 14W 160 d 9 Q S` a ~a S s l r o k \ Z..q ~ ~;r'"~ ~ O Co SIBERIAN ` \ vF,~'\ } tiP NEW pN p 5 ~ Q,P Pc~ ,, ~E g1," \S~ ~ ? '~~ ~Fa `/1 0 ,c,bga~ ?s y~~d~ ~ tflE ~ ~gl \ ,~ " \~ p \ ! A S En~iif - . z9 ar Kor9nskaYe} / - \Vell VerkA (' t NISayt \ 1 ~ .rva Yakutsk ix lekmin k -t akhacbe 0yy,ya on ~ s , BPoa 13 y6c, AYnskiy~ Ala' U /- , ~-?F, / Alden 'r palana Okhotsk Mafia r A ~ e~ r Vat r VP 50 . e,` nsky s~NO f O L Ko 5 ~~ ( SEA O K H R ! Grt sS hita .1... '' zhahhd y ~ -~~ a ~n "S"ee t ~ t ? ~~ l v 1- ` topav I 1 Pa~ ~ ~ ~/ ?ye - ensk q ' ` Bq v..~?:.~ , qi ~ ~Ko1a evs c O - - ~ - Q 11.. ~ .~ .~-~~ .. tkal Kerulen ho.' y ?.-, -__-1 _ hchensk H o 6a/san '~ l `4~byarkov LoPa SAKHALIN - .. .~ t j O~o~ o L 1 N: Birobid / ` KARAFU70 ~+. ,ra.. n z ~^ a f : \.: n?~?"~ -' 'Sovetska~, y .L un .C i K~ -:; (u.s-S.A. Admin) $ Yuzhno- ~l1, Sakhallnsk 5' -~7 40 assk- D n~ Wakkana; 1 4 Y HOKK~I 'f huli `~ i f0 Kung GYRSVK ( rl ,tl6't 'C nigov D0 u) DEN /YOSTOK KUSHIRO fr; R ^~ _ \ ;Jr.RFgq SE /_ ~?~ d PA 11'. Kr tc'!n'~ yAf~ - TS HONSHU Some boundaries shown on this map are de facto boundaries (1952), not necessarily recognized NGTAOy SE l 0(f 17 = .~ ti SENDAI as definitive by the United States Government. .. . KANAZAWA 120 140 160 U. S. S. R. SOVIET FAR EAST Bases associated with recent IL--28 movements into the Manchurian area 6 Nov. 1952 -??- International boundary ? National capital ------- Road (selected) - - - Trail (selected) Railroad (selected) Scale 1:28,000,000 0 200 400 600 800 1000 Miles 0 200 400 600 80C 10'00 Kilometers BASE 11898 352 Rel QWQQQMAO C 6w& 1 Approved For Release 20 TOQx5,0090024000 1-5 rm 25X1 ppro Comment. Although both Indonesian and Philippine authorities have been concerned over the infiltration of Chinese Communist agents, such arrests are very rare. The Chinese Nationalists have periodically executed groups of alleged Communist agents, some of whom had come to Formosa from the mainland. NEAR EAST - AFRICA 3. Mossadeq asks US to train Iranian naval officers in exchange for oil: Prime Minister Mossadeq asked Ambassador Henderson on 5 November if the United States would complete the training of 24 Iranian officers in American naval schools and accept payment in oil. Mossadeq said that the officers had been studying in Great Britain, but that the rupture in diplomatic relations and the lack of foreign exchange make it necessary to withdraw them. The Ambassador warned Mossadeq that this method of payment might not be practical, and that there was also the question of available vacancies. Comment. A prime motive for this request would appear to be Mossadeq'sdesdesire to get American aid in breaking the British-unposed . oil blockade. Iran's lack of foreign exchange has, however, also forced a drastic curtailment in Iranian diplomatic activities and may have been in part responsible for the recent abandonment of a naval training program in Italy. Approved 4. Prime Minister charges the United States with responsibility for Iran's fate: Iran at this time, Mossadeq insisted, would make the United States just as culpable for Iran's collapse as would frank hostility. Mossadeq informed Ambassador Henderson on 4 November that the rupture in relations with Great Britain has focused Iranian attention on the United States and has made it even more responsible for Iran's fate. A passive attitude toward Comment: This is the most direct statement Mossadeq has yet made of his attitude toward the United States. British Foreign Office wants immediate approach to Iraq on MEDO: Foreign Secretary Eden is expected to insist that Iraq be the first Arab state informally approached on participation in the Middle East Defense Organization. The Foreign Office feels that the views of all the Arab states should be known before any decision is made on the next step., The American Ambassador in London believes that after discussing the subject with Iraqi officials, Britain will agree with the United States that the first official approach should be made to Egypt, Comment: American observers believe that Iraq would be unwilling to take the lead, and General Nagib has stated that he will not discuss the question until British troops have evacuated the Suez Canal zone. The British desire to approach Iraq : first probably arises from a disinclination to negotiate with Egypt on this subject at this time. The British Government favors setting up the organization whether or not Arab support is forthcoming. Approv 0240001-5 Approved ~~~~~~~~~40001-5 Appro The American Embassy in Paris warns that the growing antagonisms between French non-Communist labor leaders and American labor representatives in Europe might create a serious incident in French-American relations. WESTERN EUROPE 6. Embassy fears "serious incident" in French-American relations over labor union issues-. The French accuse the Mutual Security Agency, as well as its labor advisers, of complicity in recent "attacks" by CIO representative Victor Reuther on the majority leaders of the Socialist and Catholic federations., AF of L representative Irving Brown has also aroused resentment by his "outspoken recommendations" on French policy questions. Approved 0001-5