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December 15, 2016
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November 25, 2003
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January 23, 1954
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23 ~a~a~~?y 1954 5X1 olay ?o CURRENT INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN NO Ct SANGE IN CLASS. Lki ~__. / GLASS. CI-IAPJGEl7 TO: TS S C / NEXT REVIE.1~1 UA`fE: _.__._---~ ~"" AUTH: HR 7Q~~ _ _ 111EWEI3: HL ~ /5X1 . DATrw: , ~1 .. ___ _ 5X1 Office of Current Intelligence CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY X1 25X1 Approved Fir Release 2004/01/16 :CIA-RDP79T00975A001400 SUMMARY 25X1 FAR EAST 2. Communist planes attack UN aircraft off west Korean coast (page 3). 3. Large number of armored vehicles sighted in Canton area (page 4). NEAR EAST -AFRICA 4. Comment on stalemate in Soviet-Iranian border and financial talks (page 4). 5. ~Ienderson says supplementary financial aid to Iran will promote oil settlement (page 5). 6. Iranian government reportedly suspends balloting in five districts (page 5). EASTERN EUROPE 7. East German government fears antiregime demonstrations during conference- (page 6). WESTERN EUROPE 8. French government may change position on EDC (page 7). LATIN AMERICA 9. New threat seen to American-Chilean copper negotiations (page 7). 10. Peru reportedly may not attend Caracas conference (page 8). 25X1A Approved For Release 2004/01/16 :CIA-RDP79T00975A001400310001-1 25X1A Approved 1. 25X1 FAR EAST 25X1A 25X1 25X1 2. Communist planes attack UN aircraft off west Korean coasto On 22 January, 35 MIG-15'sg assumed to be Chinese, attacked a UN air patrol over Korea BayA approximately 40 miles south- west of Chongju. One MIG-15 apparently was downed. Commento Communist sensitivity to UN patrol action off the west coast has increased during the last few months, and on 30 December a. UN jet fighter was fired on in approxi- mately the same area. -3- 25X1A Approved For R ease - 0014003~g0~~,~1 54 25X1 25X1A Approved X4001400310001-1 25X1A While the 22 January attack apparently occurred outside the air space defined in the truce agreement, the Communists could charge that the UN Command was violating the agreement by flying over small islands in this area. 3. Large number of armored vehicles sighted in Canton areao and their armament appeared to be a six-poundero Also parked on the dock were four otherwise unidentified six-wheeled armored cars. the B ttish Bren gun carriere an open armored reconnaissance vehicle, AO merchant marine officer told the US army liaison officer at Hong Kong that he saw 72 "light tanks" parked on the Whampoa docks near Canton in South China on 27 December. These tanks looked like 25X1 Canton. seven 30-ton armored vehicles at Canton on 7 December. The vehicles were not further de- scribed but were said to belong to a public security unit located at Commento This is the first reliable report of substantial numbers of armored vehicles in South China. Their pres- enc~ at Canton suggests that an armored unit may have moved into the vicinity recently or that a new armored unit is being formed in the area. NEAR EAST -AFRICA 25X1A 4. Comment on stalemate in Soviet-Iranian border and f financial talks o Soviet-Iranian talks on border and financial problems have been temporarily suspended to allow the Soviet delega- tion to obtain instructions from Moscow, according to the chief of the Iranian delegation. The Soviet ambassador left for Moscow on 21 Janu- ary, apparently for consultation. -4- The liaison officer also reported 25X1 Approved For R25X1 A 001400~~gOg~,'~154 1~X'I H Approved F elease 2004/01/16 :CIA-RDP79T0097 ~ 001400310001-1 25X1A tates that the Iranian delegation asserted that it will not resume the talks until the USSR is ready to discuss them. Soviet delegation apparently has declined to discuss the latter. talks would deal alternately with border and financial issues9 the Although it was originally agreed that the financial concessions to the present Iranian government. It is unlikely that the USSR will make any significant border or Iran reportedly was prepared to make claims. for $389000,000 and to ask for a revision of the border which would return to Iran some areas now claimed by the Soviet Union. 5. Henderson says supplementary financial aid to Iran will promote oil settlement? more favorable to the success of oil negotiations and the durability of any resulting agreement. 25X1 25X1A Ambassador Henderson believes, and British charge Wright concurs9 that ex- tension of supplementary emergency finan- cial aid to Iran would produce an atmosphere Henderson points out that if a settlement were reached with Britain while the United States was refusing assist- ance to Iran, it would be an invitation to Iranian demagogues to contend that an agreement had been signed only under economic duress. Commento Since the beginning of the ail dispute with Britain9 many Iranians have maintained that the United States was withholding aid in-order to force an agreement. 6. Iranian government reported~.y suspends balloting in five districtso 25X1A ~ the Iranian government has been obliged to suspend balloting in five constituencies involving seven Ma,jlis seats. 25X1 25X1 25X1A Approved For Rel 001400~(~'It'154 Approved F~Rpipa~p ~nnain~i~a ? ~in_Rnp~aTnnai?~g001400310001-1 The suspensions are explained on the grounds of "procedural irregularitieso' The real reasons appear to be resistance to government attempts to rig the elections, indecision concerning candi- dates to be supported9 and conflicting political deals made by government- sponsored candidates without Tehran's knowledge. Commento The necessity of suspending balloting so early in the election period suggests that the government will not get a friendly Majlis as soon as it had expected. On the basis of this initial reaction, the elections will probably be drawn out, and the government may have to resort to even more obvious intervention in order to ensure the election of its candidates. EASTERN EUROPE 7. East German government fears antiregime demonstrations during conferenceo 25X1A have been strengthened, Precautions ordered by the East German authorities provide new evidence that they are concerned over possible antiregime demonstrations during the Berlin four-power conference. Police forces in East Berlin and special patrols have been set up. SED investigation of "enemy activities" designed to disrupt the conference has revealed open discussion of strike and demonstration plans in East Berlin factoriesg as well as "invitations" to nearby villagers to demonstrate against the regime during the conference. Comment: The East German government is facing an increasingly di ic~ult problem in the attempt to achieve a peaceful atmosphere in East Berlin while maintaining adequate police precautions against disorders. Antiregime demonstrations would seriously weaken the Soviet argument that a provisional all-German government must include representatives of the East German regime. Approved For 25X1A 014003~J~Of~ia~r154 25X1A Approved _ _ elease 2004/01/16 ~ CIA-RDP79T0097 WESTERN EUROPE 8. French government may change position on EDC o According to Defense Minister Pleven's executive secretary, Premier Laniel is 25X1 A ~ ~ investigating possibilities of making EDC more palatable to the ex-Gaullists as a preliminary to Assembly debate. The premier is at present dis- cussing with the ex-Gaullist ministers in his cabinet recent public statements by Pleven calling for less centralization of power in the EDC Commissariat and for a transition period iii the implementation of the treaty. Commento Laniel has publicly stated his intention to bring EDC before-' t~ he National Assembly as its first order of business after the Berlin talks. A bid for ex-Gaullist support along the lines reported9 however, would probably, as in the past9 weaken Assembly backing for EDC and lead to new demands far changes in the treaty. LATIN AMERICA 25X1A 9. New threat seen to American-Chilean copper negotiati?nso owned copper companies. Even if satisfactory legislation is presented9 the congress may fail9 as it did in 19519 to act on it. The American embassy in Santiago reports that the Chile~.n government may submit new copper legislation to congress contain- ing provisions unsatisfactory to the American- the Chilean foreign minister recently claimed to have receivec assurances that the United States will buy Chile?s stockpile of copper as soon as legislation is presented to the Chilean congress. Comment: In the prolonged negotiations. with Chile regarding the possible purchase of its 100,000mton stockpile of copper9 the United States has insisted on new Chilean legislation defining the status of the American companies. 25X1 25X1A Approved For Re 140031 0 1-1 2 an 54 Approved Release 2004/01/16 :CIA-RDP79T009 ~A001400310001-1 Any new delay in the negotiations would be almost certain to cause further deterioration in Chile's already pre- carious economic and political situation.. President Ibanez still insists that the copper will not be sold to the Orbit, but many Chileansn in- eluding the president of the Chamber of Deputies, who recently returned from Moscow, are now pushing for such sales. 10. Peru reportedly may not attend Caracas conferenceo 25X1A refuse to attend, according to the American embassy in Lima. Unless a solution for the Haya de la Torre case can be found prior to the opening in Caracas on 1 March of the Tenth Inter- American Conference, Peru will probably 25X1 Comments Peru's refusal to date to grant Haya de la Torre asafe-conduct and thereby end his five-year asylum in the Colombian embassy in Lima has been motivated primarily by the ruling families' bitter hatred of the Peruvian opposition leader. Approved For 25X1A 0014003~t30d~,~1 54