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December 9, 2016
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July 31, 2000
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April 3, 1956
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VI-1-4 V/~/`/~~` NOT RELEASABLE TO / FOREIGN NATIONALS / CONTINUED CONTROL 0,000 s /os/29T5IQ; FAQ PAOO CURRENT. INTELLIGENCE j BULLETIN cv r~ i sr Mr, a,~a,,,s Copy No. 103 -- DOCUMENT N -- NO CHMIGE IN CLASS. " DECL~SSIFif.D CUSS. CHANULD TO: T' NEXT REVIEW DATE: AU IFI 372044 RE`11EWER: _ - xj DJ~t 11,0 6100 OFFICE OF CURRENT INTELLIGENCE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY This document contains information affecting the national defense of the United States within the meaning of the espio- nage laws, U. S. Code title 18, Sections 793, 794,and 798, the transmission or the revelation of the contents of which in any manner to an unauthorized person is prohibited by law. THIS DOCUMENT MUST BE KEPT IN COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE CHANNELS AT ALL TIMES It is to be seen only by U. S. personnel especially indoctrinated and authorized to receive COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE information. The security of this document must be main- tained in accordance with COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE REGULATIONS. No action is to be taken on any COMMUNICATIONS INTELLIGENCE which may be contained herein, regardless of the advantage to be gained, unless such action is first approved by the Director of Central Intelligence. Approved For Releas00/08/29: CIA-RDP79T00975A0025Q0001-5 Comments and interpretations in this publication are based on all sources, including COMINT, and repre- sent the immediate views of the Office of Current In- telligence. The classification of a comment is noted separately only when it is higher than that of the re- port commented on. Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79T00975A002500080001-5 25X1A Approved For Release. 2000/08/29 : CI 5A0025000?0001-5 CONTENTS 1. TURKEY REBUFFS LATEST SOVIET ECONOMIC AID OFFER- (page 3). 25X1A 2. MIKOYAN REACHES NEW TRADE AGREEMENTS WITH BURMESE - (page 4). 25X1A 3. SOVIET-AFGHAN CIVIL AIR AGREEMENT (page 5). 4. LAOTIAN PREMIER PLANS NEW APPROACH TO PATHET LAO-(page 6). 25X1A 5. PEIPING MINISTER OF FOREIGN TRADE VISITING SUDAN (page 7). THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION 25X1A (page 8) 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page .2 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : 75A002500080001-5 Approved For Releas 000/08/2 975AO0250 80001-5 25X1A 1. TURKEY REBUFFS LATEST SOVIET ECONOMIC AID OFFER Comment on: Turkish prime minister Menderes reportedly rejected Soviet first deputy premier Mikoyan's offer of unconditional economic assistance wen a two met in Pakistan in late March, on the grounds that a Turkish-Soviet rapprochement depended on an over-all improvement in East-West relations. None- theless, Turkish officials are alarmed at the persistent Soviet overtures accompanied by "brilliant" propaganda, which they fear will influence Turkish public opinion de- spite Turkey's historical animosity toward Russia. Ankara is aware of the danger of ac- cepting Soviet economic aid. However, relaxation of East- West tensions, persistent Soviet propaganda, and continu- ing economic deterioration in Turkey will increase Turkish susceptibility to unconditional Soviet offers of economic assistance. A Turkish Foreign Ministry official told the US embassy in mid-March that Turkey feels it necessary to consider relaxing its attitude on cultural exchanges with the USSR. 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 3 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 75AO02500080001-5 Approved For Releas00/08/29: 75A002500001-5 25X1A 2. MIKOYAN REACHES NEW TRADE AGREEMENTS WITH BURMESE Comment on: The USSR's latest move toward making Burma the "showcase" in its "competi- tive coexistence" campaign in Southeast Asia was made on 1 April by Mikoyan and his delegation of trade specialists in Rangoon. A new trade agreement of that date extends the three-year agreement of 1 July 1955 to a total of five years. The existing rice protocol was extended to four years and provides for the export of 400,000 tons of rice annually to the USSR--double the amount under the earlier agreement. The USSR thus will become Burma's largest customer. The Soviet Union is to ship "equipment, machinery, and other goods" to Burma in exchange for the rice. The Sino-Soviet bloc has now contracted for at least a third.of Burma's rice exports this year. According to press reports, Mikoyan also agreed to build a hospital and a theater, and to build and equip a cultural and sports center which will include a stadium, exhibition facilities, a conference hall and a hotel. These "show projects," which like the proposed technical institute are gifts to Burma, will have a maximum propa- ganda effect. (Concurred in by ORR) 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 4 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : A002500080001-5 Approved For Releas*000 002580001-5 3. SOVIET-AFGHAN CIVIL AIR AGREEMENT Comment on: Moscow's interest in inaugurating a Soviet air traffic route through the USSR from Europe to South and Southeast Asia was furthered by the signing of the Afghan-Soviet air agreement on 24 March. The agreement apparently will give the USSR landing rights at three Afghan airfields by July of 1956. Although in return the Afghans were granted landing privileges at four Soviet cities including Moscow, the USSR probably calculates that Kabul would be incapable of organizing an adequate air service without foreign assistance and would either ask for Soviet help or relinquish its rights. According to the American embassy in Kabul, the fare from Germany to Kabul on the new line is to be as low as $170, compared to the $680 first class and $470 tourist class Berlin-Kabul fare presently quoted by Western lines. With comparable low fares from Europe to points in Southeast Asia, the USSR would offer "cut-throat competition" to Western air lines operating between such points. Kabul would presumably be a major terminal on the main air route to the subcontinent. (Prepared by ORR) 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 5 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO02500080001-5 Approved For Releaso p00/08/29 975A0025Q80001-5 25X1A 4, LAOTIAN PREMIER PLANS NEW APPROACH TO .PATHET LAO Premier Souvanna Phouma has sent an envoy to ask his brother, Prince Petsarath, to return from his volun- tary exile in Thailand and has decided to enlist Petsarath's influence to persuade the Pathet Lao to surrender, according to the American embassy in Vientiane. Souvanna Phouma admitted that a few hundred Pathets might not respond but contended the vast majority would and that the movement would simply dissolve. If Viet Minh elements remained in the two northern provinces, they could be dealt with decisively thereafter by either diplo- matic or military. means. The premier regards Petsarath as a staunch nationalist who could be relied on not to offer the Pathets dangerous concessions. Comment Petsarath in Thailand has constituted a focal point of intrigue and conspiracy against the Laotian royal family and government for sev- eral years, and has been accused of consorting with the Pathet Lao. A previous attempt, in 1954, by Souvanna Phouma to persuade Petsarath to return to Laos apparently foundered on the latter's insistence on forming a coalition government including the Pathet Lao. Should Petsarath agree to return, the Pathet Lao would probably seize the opportunity of any resultant negotiations to press their campaign for par- ticipation in the government. 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 6 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/2 75A002500080001-5 Approved For Release;, 00/08/29 5AO02509480001-5 5.. PEIPINGS MINISTER OF FOREIGN TRADE VISITING SUDAN Communist China's minister of foreign trade and three members of his dele- gation were to leave Cairo for Khartoum on 1 April, 25X1X The visit is possibly related to Chinese interest in Sudanese cotton. Cairo press reports state that the question of establishing a permanent Chinese Communist trade office in Khartoum also will be discussed. Comment believed Sudanese prime minister Azhari "seriously desired" to establish diplomatic relations with Communist China. Fol- lowing Egypt's lead, the Sudanese might agree to the estab- lishment of a permanent Chinese Communist trade office in Khartoum, which would increase Peiping's chances for eventual recognition. Nationalist China is currently negotiating for diplomatic relations with the Sudan and has recently sent a six-man trade mission to visit Near Eastern countries in the hope of countering Peiping's efforts in the area. - 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Page 7 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : - A002500080001-5 Approved For Relea eW000/08/29: 975A00250^80001-5 THE ARAB-ISRAELI SITUATION (Information as of 17009 2 April) The Greek government has formally granted Israel landing rights for the transit of 12 French Mystere jet aircraft, according to the Israeli Foreign Ministry. 3 Apr 56 Current Intelligence Bulletin Pfge 8 Approved For Release 2000/08/29 : - 75AO02500080001-5