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December 14, 2016
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March 31, 2003
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July 23, 1963
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Approved For lease I J I16~ 0097 Qp07100330001-6 25X1 23 July 1963 25X1 Copy No. C ita roulff- 9-ov"Ll 25X1 State Dept. review completed GROUP 1 Excluded from automatic downgrading and declassification Approved For Release 16~R~~b0975A007100330001-6 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO07100330001-6 Approved For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO07100330001-6 j Approved For ase 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975 07100330001-6 25X1 23 July 1963 CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN CONTENTS . -es.n signs 1 East Wt Germany- Some West Germa of flexibility toward the bloc attract East German interest. (Page 1) 25X1 I 3. Congo: The withdrawal of UN troops could lead to serious disorders. (Page 3) 4? Venezuela., Four cabinet ministers resign to quali- fy as candidates in the November national elections. (Page 4) 25X1 25X1 6, Notes: Brazil- Cuba; Canada - Communist China; raq - Soviet 25X1 Bloc; (Page 7) Approved For Rele se - A007100330001-6 25X1 j Viii.Viaii Approved For 6fi CENTR j j j j j AL INTELLIGENCE BULLETIN 23July 1963 DAILY BRIEF East - West Germany: Recent signs of some West German interest in more flexible policies toward the bloc are attracting the attention of the Ulbricht regime. In a speech at Tutzing on 15 July, Berlin Mayor Willy Brandt called for a foreign policy of flexibility and initiative which concerned itself with German in- terests in the East. He claimed that reunification against the will of the USSR was manifestly impossible and that a new relationship between East and West was necessary. Earlier, Brandt's long-time confidant, West Ber- lin Senat Director Egon Bahr, had said in a public speech that German reunification could not be brought about by economic pressures. He called for Bonn's abandonment of the Hallstein doctrine, better relations with Moscow, and, implicitly, more contacts with the Ulbricht regime. Bahr argued that reunification was realizable as a process with many "steps and directions." The East German press has qualified its standard criticism of Brandt with something of a wait-and-see attitude and a challenge for him to match his words with deeds. The press has avoided direct comment on Bahr's speech, but has included extensive quotations-- particularly from those passages dealing with the need to abandon an "all or nothing" approach to reunification, the definition of reunification as a process having many stages, and the need for increased East - West German contacts, 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO07100330001-6 Approved For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO07100330001-6 j Approved For se 2003/05/16. CIA-RDP79T0097 ~a7100330001-6 25X1 Congo: Most US and UN officials in the Congo believe with rawal of all UN troops after December as planned by UN Secretary General Thant could lead to seriou disorders and further departures of foreign E nationals) M The director of UN civil operations privately state on 20 July that he feared the UN civilian tech- nical assistance program would collapse if the troops 25X1 were removed. He thought most of the 1,100 foreign nationals employed by the UN would not stay and find- ing replacements would be extremely difficult) CCongo Army (ANC) chief General Mobutu continues to voice optimism on the ability of the ANC to maintain order and sees no need for UN troops after December 1963. Local American observers see some recent improvements in ANC discipline and capabilities. They believe, nevertheless, that a minimum of two highly mobile UN battalions should be kept in the Congo until mid-1964. The multinational retraining program of the ANC is just getting under way, and the full im- pact of this is not expected to be felt by the end of the yeah) CUN troop strength in the Congo has dropped from a peak of 19,000 to the present 5,500 combat troops, almost all in Katanga. Despite the sharp reduction, the mere presence of UN troops has contained the en- demic tribal antagonisms and ANC rampages. The local European population has also been reassured by a UN presence. Added tensions and disorders are likely to arise out of the political struggles in the new parliamentary elections planned for early 1964,) I 23 July 63 DAILY BRIEF 3 25X1 NEI Approved For Re ease - 15A007100330001-6 25X1 Approved For ~..Atlse 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T0097 Jt7100330001-6 25X1 j j Venezuela: The ministers of Interior, Develop- ment, Agriculture, and Justice are preparing to re- sign before 3 August in order to become candidates in the national elections due in November. Three of the ministers are members of the Social Christian Party, and one is a member of President Betancourt's Democratic Action. Party, Article 140 of the Venezuelan constitution, prohibits election to the legislature of anyone who has held executive office within three months before an election. Betancourt is not expected to have any great dif - ficulty in finding replacements, except perhaps for the Interior Ministry. No appointments have been an- nounced as yet, but several prominent members of Betancourt's staff have been suggested as possible appointees. 23 July 63 DAILY BRIEF 4 Approved For Rel ase - 007100330001-6 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO07100330001-6 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975AO07100330001-6 Approved For ase 2003/05/16: CIA-RDP79T00975A00 100330001-6 25X1 j TES 25X1 VNI/ SO? 25X1 25X1 Brazil-Cuba: Brazil apparently has granted land- ing privileges to Cuban aircraft being sent to transport Latin American delegates to the 26th of July celebra- tions in Havana. several Cuban airplanes were to be sent to Rio de Ja- neiro to meet delegates from Chile9 Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and Peru. The southbound Cuban flights may carry Brazilians and other Latin American nationals who have received subversive training in Cuba. This has been done on previous occasions, as in early June when the aircraft carrying the new Cuban ambassador to Brazil also carried 26 non-Cubans returning to sev- Pral Latin American ana a - Communist China: responsible Canadian official is fairly hopeful that Canada will be able to con- clude a new grain deal with Communist China at least as large as the 1961 agreement, which called for the sale of up to five million tons of wheat and one million tons of barley over a two-and-a-half-year period. The main difficulties center around the price the Chinese want to pay, and the Canadians' desire for a five-year contract. The Chinese insist that Canada import more Chinese textiles, a demand on which Ottawa is willing to make onl minor concessions. uy Approved For ReI ase - 5A007100330001-6 25X1 / 25X1 e.......,.va F ~ .se ~e ~nnamsi~6: rono~ornnm uh 7100nna3nnms 25X1 Approved For 2003/05/1 CIA-RDP79T0097 30001-6 25X1 III Iraq--Soviet BloccThe Iraqi Government has de- 25X1 25X1 Glared five Bulgarian diplomats and an East German trade representative personae non gratae for alleged complicity in the 3 July abortive Communist coup at- Iraqis have expelled bloc diplomatic representatives. 11 S j 23 July 63 DAILY BRIEF 8 j Approved For Re ease 2003/05/16. CIA-RDP79TOO97 A007100330001-6 25X1 25X1 Approve 01 For Release 2003/05/16 : CIA-RDP79T00975A00710q THE PRESIDENT The Vice President Executive Offices of the White House Special Counsel to the President The Special Assistant for National Security Affairs The Scientific Adviser to the President The Director of the Budget The Director, National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Department of State The Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State The Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs The Deputy Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs The Counselor and Chairman of the Policy Planning Council The Director of Intelligence and Research The Treasury Department The Secretary of the Treasury The Under Secretary of the Treasury The Department of Defense The Secretary of Defense The Deputy Secretary of Defense The Secretary of the Army The Secretary of the Navy The Secretary of the Air Force The Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs) The Assistant Secretary of Defense The Chairman, The Joint Chiefs of Staff Chief of Naval Operations, United States Navy Chief of Staff, United States Air Force Chief of Staff, United States Army Commandant, United States Marine Corps U.S. Rep., Military Committee and Standing Group, NATO Supreme Allied Commander, Europe Commander in Chief, Pacific Commander in Chief, Atlantic The Director, Defense Intelligence Agency The Director, The Joint Staff The Director for Intelligence, The Joint Staff The Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, Department of Army The Director of Naval Intelligence, Department of Navy The Assistant Chief of Staff, Intelligence, Department of the Air Force The Department of Justice The Attorney General The Federal Bureau of Investigation The Director The Atomic Energy Commission The Chairman The National Security Agency The Director The United States Information Agency The Director The National Indications Center The Director Approve - 30001-6 25X1 Approved Fo IeasfQp5/5 T00975 507100330001-6 Approved For Releas I Vp5/15ft TT00975A007100330001-6